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editHanzaki Browse icon
ハンザキ Hanzaki
Anime Naruto Episode #137
Appears in Anime
Voice Actors
Gender Gender Male Male
  • Leader of the Fūma clan

Hanzaki (ハンザキ, Hanzaki) is the leader of the Fūma clan.

Background Edit

He was one of the members of the Fūma clan who was not seduced by Orochimaru's promise of power.

Personality Edit

As the leader of his clan, Hanzaki participated in and led most of the clan's activities, including the robbing of random people, in these instances he proves to be willing to kill and steal in order to survive. He did however show some respect for his fellow shinobi, offering to let Jiraiya live in exchange for his money. This respect however turned to instant fear when he found out who it was he was dealing with. Hanzaki also harbours great resentment towards Orochimaru for seducing many of his clansmen.

Appearance Edit

He has dark eyes, as well as cheek-length dark-brown hair. He wears a red band around his head.

Abilities Edit

Hanzaki is a strong melee-based shinobi who fights with a giant sword called a zanbatō. He has showed to be rather resilient, being able to stand up immediately after having taken a direct Rasengan and subsequently being slammed through a wall.

Part I Edit

Land of Rice Fields Investigation Mission Edit

He first encounters Jiraiya alongside members of the Fūma clan when a female member lured him to them. Jiraiya managed to defeat him and then gain information from them. After the incident in Orochimaru's lair, Sasame and Kotohime were placed under his care by Jiraiya.

Trivia Edit

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