Handheld Kunai Launcher

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Handheld Kunai Launcher
Using kunai launcher
Movie Naruto Shippūden 2: Bonds
Appears in Movie

The ninja from the Land of the Sky use this type of projectile weapon to attack, by launching a barrage of kunai at high speed at opponents, similar to a machine guns. The Launcher can be used in conjunction with their Winged Mechanical Devices to perform aerial raids with devastating effects. This is achieved seemingly without diminishing precision.

The Launcher seems to be preferred by the shinobi of the Land of Sky over the more common kunai and shuriken despite their versatility, likely due to the rapidness of the barrages and precision making it easier for them to use during flight.


  • This weapon seemingly follows the regular design for Naruto projectile weapons, though still having heavy similarities with a machine gun, it launches kunai instead of bullets.

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