Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki

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HE's A Cheator

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  • What happened to Hagaromo's eyes?

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    • QuakingStar wrote: Because you need only a bit to trigger it, but Naruto started making his own Six Paths Chakra once he awakened SPSM. That d...
    • If you guys are still arguing about Hag and Ham vs Naruto and Sasuke, y'all got off topic xD. Whether Naruto and Sasuke have Hags powers or n...
  • Hagoromo's nickname sage of the six paths questions

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    • JouXIII wrote: @Munchvtec Probably using Google Translator or just Translator... Which is why I can't take this guy seriously. Yea i check...
    • How about we all ignore the troll, ya? :)

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