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  • Hyūga clan's ancestor

    4 messages
    • I view it this way- Hamura inherited two of Kaguya's abilities, the Byakugan and Shikotsumyaku (I admittedly have no concrete evidence for ...
    • I believe the movie, The Last (work of Kishi himself) makes it very clear that Hamura is the direct ancestor of the Hyuga clan. Yes, one may wa...
  • Did Hagoromo have the Mangekyo Sharingan?

    81 messages
    • Daywakler wrote: I'm just trying to make thing my own way in my head to satisfie this need for more information, don't ruin it guys, lol :P ...
    • I think we are using the term for his doujutsu too loosely. We say Sharingan, but is that accurate? Just like how Kaguya's Rinnegan was uni...

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