Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki

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HE's A Cheator

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  • What happened to Hagaromo's eyes?

    8 messages
    • Nagato wasn't original owner of the Rinnegan, even if he managed to use it quite effectie, only Madara could use it at the fullest extent, tha...
    • Elveonora wrote: Most likely destroyed, there is no indication he was buried. It seems weird to me that in a world where it's well known t...
  • Hamura as the Sage of Six Paths

    59 messages
    • LegionZero wrote: It would, but considering he had basically all the same abilities by the time he died there wouldn't seem to be much o...
    • I think Hamura is equivelant to post-Juubi Hagoromo. They both had 6 Paths chakra. Hagoromo just got the added power boost from the Juubi. If ...

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