Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki

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HE's A Cheator

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  • Hamura as the Sage of Six Paths

    20 messages
    • AnonymousBlank wrote: But how did Hamura awaken his Tenseigan then? Because according to you he needed the Tenseigan power vessel to do it wh...
    • No Hamura awakened his Tenseigan and it was his Tenseigan that was used as a energy vessel. The energy vessel used in war was infact one...
  • Hagoromo+Hamura Otsutsuki Vs Shinobi World

    17 messages
    • Actionmanrandell wrote: SwordSlayer99 wrote: Both Hagoromo and Hamura are far, far more powerful than Naruto and Sasuke. Even if you put S...
    • It depends on how you define everything. We know: Naruto (6P) + Sasuke (6P) = Naruto + Sasuke + Hagoromo. 6P Naruto + 6P Sasuke > Mad...

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