Hōzuki Clan

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Hōzuki Clan
Hōzuki Symbol
(鬼灯一族, Hōzuki Ichizoku)
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The Hōzuki clan (鬼灯一族, Hōzuki Ichizoku) is a group of ninja that originated from Kirigakure with the ability to turn their bodies into liquified form.

The members of this clan possess the ability to turn their bodies into liquid form using the Hydrification Technique. This ability however seems to require that they stay hydrated at all times and as such at least two known members are known to carry water bottles around with them.[1][2] Mangetsu and Suigetsu are very gifted swordsmen, and are known as the Second Coming of the Demon. It has also produced the Second Mizukage.


  • Hōzuki (鬼灯, Literally meaning: demon lantern) is the Japanese word for the "chinese lantern" or "winter cherry", a fruit which resembles Chinese paper lanterns. Like most surnames of members of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, it is based on a type of produce.


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