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This is the article on Takumi Village's Hōki. For another character named Hōki, head to Hōki.
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宝亀 Hōki
Anime Naruto Episode #216
Appears in Anime
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Gender Gender Male Male
Status Deceased
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Hōki (宝亀, Hōki) was a ninja from the Takumi Village and the leader of the Four Celestial Symbols Men.

Personality Edit

Hōki was very confident in his abilities and he also got easily annoyed.

Appearance Edit

Hōki had a slim face with a prominent jawline with a visible black line around the lower area of his eyes and brown hair that was swept to the back. He wore a light beige-coloured forehead protector with the Takumi Village insignia printed on, he also sported a purple jacket of sorts along with the rest of the Four Celestial Symbols Men and had a white sword strapped to his back.

Abilities Edit

Hōki had proven himself to be a capable opponent. He was an expert tactician and battle strategist. In terms of battle prowess, Hōki had shown that even in the midst of being cornered, he had many surprises, proving that he was able to think way ahead of the current situation.

Bukijutsu Edit

Hōki showed to be a weapon-specialist, mainly concentrating on bladed weaponry, being capable of easily fending off both Naruto and Gaara. When using the legendary weapons, Hōki could wield them all with expert precision. He wielded an unnamed black long sword that was able to emit and freely manipulate vast amounts of fire, capable of incinerating whatever is in its path.

Hōki, similar to Seimei, fused all of the tools together to create one weapon and floating orbs to allow flight and levitation.

Part I Edit

Sunagakure Support Mission Edit

He and his group abducted Matsuri, Gaara's student, to get access to Gaara's Shukaku powers to revive Seimei, Takumi Village's founder. He had a brief fight with Gaara in which he summoned all the weapons of his fallen team-mates and used them to attack Gaara with their combined attacks. Because of Gaara being short on chakra and his supply of sand had ran out, he was quickly defeated. Then, Naruto came to his defence, but he also wasn't strong enough to hold against the power of the combined might of the Takumi Village. Hōki was just about to finish Naruto off, but Gaara intervened and used the last of his chakra to protect him. Annoyed, Hōki turned his attention back to Gaara and trapped him in a sphere that siphoned off the remaining of Gaara's chakra. He sacrificed his body and life force, added with Gaara's chakra, to revive Seimei, but getting his chakra drained brought Gaara into his Shukaku form and he killed Seimei, making both deceased.

Trivia Edit

  • His name, meaning "treasured tortoise" comes from Genbu, the Black Tortoise of the North.

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