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Please note that this is the Narutopedia's article on chapter 258 of the Naruto manga. If you are looking for the article on chapter 506 then you should head to Guy vs. Kisame!!.
Guy vs. Kisame!!
Chapter 258
(ガイVS鬼鮫!!, Gai Bāsasu Kisame!!)
Chapter Info
Volume Kakashi vs. Itachi!!
Previous Kakashi's EXP
Chapter 258
Next Itachi's Power…!!
Arc Kazekage Rescue Arc
Anime Naruto Shippūden #14
None in this Chapter
EphemeralMorning PeacockWater Release: Five Feeding Sharks
None in this Chapter
Guy vs. Kisame!! (ガイVS鬼鮫!!, Gai Bāsasu Kisame!!) is chapter 258 of the Naruto manga.


Naruto attacks Itachi but finds that, despite his attempts to avoid it, he has been caught in a genjutsu. Elsewhere, Guy must fight Kisame alone, the rest of Team Guy having been captured. After Kisame attacks him, Guy realises that he must be serious with the battle. He opens the sixth of the Eight Gates and assaults Kisame with his Morning Peacock. Neji manages to free himself and his team just in time to see Kisame's defeat. Afterwards they examine the body but are confused by what they find.

Facts about Guy vs. Kisame!!RDF feed
ArcKazekage Rescue Arc +
Chapter number258 +
English nameGuy vs. Kisame!! +
Kanji nameガイVS鬼鮫!! +
NamesGuy vs. Kisame!! +, ガイVS鬼鮫!! + and Gai Bāsasu Kisame!! +
PictureChapter 258 +
Romaji nameGai Bāsasu Kisame!! +
Volume number29 +

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