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{{Looking for|the thief from the [[Land of Stone]]|the video game [[ninjutsu]] used by [[Sasori]]|Iron Sand Gathering Assault: Five Sun Nail}}
{{Looking for|the character|the ninjutsu|Iron Sand Gathering Assault: Five Sun Nail}}
{{translation|'''Gosunkugi'''|五寸釘|Gosunkugi}} is a thief who operates in and out of the [[Land of Stone]].
{{translation|'''Gosunkugi'''|五寸釘|Gosunkugi}} is a thief who operates in and out of the [[Land of Stone]].

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Please note that this is the Narutopedia's article on the character. If you are looking for the article on the ninjutsu then you should head to Iron Sand Gathering Assault: Five Sun Nail.
editGosunkugi browse_icon.png
(五寸釘, Gosunkugi)
Anime Naruto Episode #159
Appears in Anime only
Voice Actors
Gender Gender Male Male
  • Thief

Gosunkugi (五寸釘, Gosunkugi) is a thief who operates in and out of the Land of Stone.


He would kill anyone that stood in the way of what he wanted to steal. On one occasion, he murdered a family of three and left the blame on another man that he briefly fought upon departure. That man was the local blacksmith Tokichi (who became Sazanami) who fled from the vengeful villagers and became a bounty hunter to hunt down Gosunkugi.


Gosunkugi specialises in ninjutsu that manipulates nails. He can exhale a flying stream of hundreds of small nails from his mouth or after having the nails dig themselves into the ground he can pin the target to the ground or have them shoot out of the ground towards the opponent.

Part I

Bounty Hunter Arc

Tsunade dispatched Naruto Uzumaki, Kiba Inuzuka, Akamaru, and Hinata Hyūga to hunt down Gosunkugi when he stole an item from the Land of Tea's daimyō. After an encounter with Naruto and company, Sazanami caught up with Gosunkugi and his followers. Gosunkugi wounded Sazanami using a special nail jutsu and thought Naruto's multi-shadow clone jutsu was reinforcements for Sazanami before retreating.

After recuperating, Sazanami, Naruto, and the others pursued Gosunkugi and his followers when they target a ceremonial bell. When his henchmen are defeated, Gosunkugi seized the bell and a fight between the ninja and Sazanami occur. Despite being defeated by Naruto and Sazanami, Gosunkugi was seized by the bounty hunter Gatsu.

Moments later, Gatsu and the village elder announced to the villagers that Gosunkugi confessed to the murder of the family of three.


  • His name means "five-sun nail", five-sun measuring to six inches.
Facts about GosunkugiRDF feed
Appears inAnime +
Debut anime159 +
GenderMale +
Infobox IconLand of Stone Symbol.svg +
LoyaltyLand of Stone +
NameGosunkugi +
PictureGosunkugi +
SpeciesHuman +
StatusAlive +
Voice ActorsKōsei Hirota + and J.B. Blanc +

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