Goodbye Memory (さよならメモリー, Sayonara Memorī), performed by 7!! Seven Oops, is the twenty-fourth ending of Naruto: Shippūden. It began with episode 296 and ended in episode 306. Its replacement in the next episode is I Can Hear.



Hitomi tojite ko kyuu tomete kasa nari a e futatsu no kage yo
Hikare hikare hikare sayonara namida
Hitomi tojite...

Naki yamu koto no nai sora aoku tsutsumu machi wo
Itsuka futari de narande nagameteta
Mimi wo su maseba
Ima mo kimi no koe ga ki koeru
Mou ichido dake ano koro mitai ni
Dakiyo seteyo

Ne e waratte kocchi muite namae yonde ichido dake de ii
Hikare hikare hikare sayonara namida
Toki wo tomete negai komete ai wo tomenaide kon ya dake ha
Maware maware maware sayonara memorii

Hitomi tojite...


瞳閉じて 呼吸止めて 重ない合え ふたつの影よ
光れ 光れ 光れ さよなら涙

泣き止むことのない 空青く包む街を
いつかふたりで 並んで眺めてた

ねえ笑って こっち向いて 名前呼んで 一度だけでいい
光れ 光れ 光れ さよなら涙
時を止めて 願い込めて 愛を止めないで 今夜だけは
回 れ 回れ 回れ さよならメモリー


Close your eyes, stop your breathing, our two piled up silhouettes are getting heavy.
Shine, shine, shine! Goodbye my tears
and close your eyes...

The sky that can't stop crying, envelopes the town in shades of blue.
When the two of us gazed at each other, that other day.
If I listen carefully,
even now I can hear your voice grow louder.
Once more, I want to see that moment
embraces me, draws me nearer.

Smile back, a look at me, calling my name once more, would be enough.
Shine, shine, shine! Goodbye my tears.
Stop the time, grant my wish, don't stop loving me, just for tonight.
Turn, turn, turn! Goodbye my memory
and close your eyes...


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  • This is the second song by 7!! Seven Oops used in Naruto media, the first was "Lovers".
  • The two covers from chapter 10 and chapter 19 can be all seen in this ending.