"Good-bye Old Friend…! I'll Always Believe in You!" (さらば友よ…!それでもオレは信じてる, Saraba Tomo yo…! Soredemo Ore wa Shinjiteru) is episode 114 of the original Naruto anime.


With the second pill in his system, Chōji used the Super Multi-Size Technique to dramatically increase his size before throwing himself upon Jirōbō. To escape the crushing weight of Chōji's increased bulk, Jirōbō advanced to level two of his cursed seal, giving him the strength to lift Chōji and toss him aside. Outmatched, Chōji considered taking the last pill. While all of the pills he had taken thus far had been harmful to him, the third almost completely guaranteed death to the user. Faced with death either way, Chōji took the pill, allowing him to easily overpower and kill Jirōbō. His battle won, Chōji began to follow his friends' path, but fell unconscious before making it very far.