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editGiant Eagle Browse icon [1]
Giant Ninja Bird
Anime Naruto Episode #201
Appears in Anime
Species Eagle

The Giant Eagle is the personal summon of Gennō, and hails from the Land of Mountains.

Appearance Edit

This giant eagle has white fur around its body and purple fur around its head and neck, outer wings and tail. It also wears a light blue-coloured strap around its neck, It wears a greyish-coloured plane pilots hat on its head and it also has a yellow beak.

Abilities Edit

It could fly very fast and smoothly, it was also able to dodge a giant rock being thrown at it by Sakura in mid-air.

Part I Edit

Konoha Plans Recapture Mission Edit

Genno summoned it to help him fight Naruto and his teammates. Naruto tried to land a Rasengan on it, but Shikamaru ordered Hinata to use her Byakugan and help Naruto time the jump. Naruto missed, but Sakura threw a large rock at the bird, forcing the bird to dodge, which allowed Naruto to land the hit.


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