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Skeleton Crab
躯大蟹 Mukuro Ōkani
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #225
Appears in Anime
Species Crustacean
Status Presumed Deceased

The Giant Corpse Crab (躯大蟹, Mukuro Ōkani) was a giant crustacean that inhabited the waters somewhere between the Land of Fire and the Land of Lightning.


The Giant Corpse Crab once attacked and destroyed a ship which a young sailor named Hishaku sailed on, killing the whole crew.


The Giant Corpse Crab had razor sharp pincers, as well as an extremely hard shell. The barnacles on its shell could eat live humans. It had tentacle like appendages that could be used to grab its prey.

Part II

Paradise Life on a Boat

While the ship with Naruto, Aoba, Yamato and Might Guy on it was on route to the Land of Lightning from the Land of Fire, the crab attacked a seemingly abandoned ship that the shinobi had encountered out at sea taking Yamato captive. It was subsequently killed through the combined efforts of the shinobi and the ghost of Hishaku.

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