Getting Angry with a Loud Voice…!!

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"Getting Angry with a Loud Voice…!!"
Chapter 263
(大声で怒れ…!!, Ōgoe de Ikare…!!, Viz: Rage…!!)
Chapter Info
Volume Granny Chiyo and Sakura (#30)
Previous "Raging Feelings…!!"
Chapter Naruto #263
Next "Sasori's Art…!!"
Arc Kazekage Rescue Mission
Anime Naruto Shippūden #18Naruto Shippūden #19
"Getting Angry with a Loud Voice…!!" (大声で怒れ…!!, Ōgoe de Ikare…!!, Viz: Rage…!!) is chapter 263 of the original Naruto manga.


Sasori and Deidara are instructed to deal with Team 7 and Team Guy and to capture Naruto, the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox's jinchūriki. Before they can break into the Akatsuki lair, Team 7 and Team Guy must bring down the barrier blocking their entrance. The five tags that create the barrier need to be removed simultaneously, so Team Guy splits up, locates the tags, and does so. They are immediately attacked by exact copies of themselves. Meanwhile, Team 7 breaks into the base and finds Sasori and Deidara with Gaara's body.

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