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ガタロ Gataro
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #226
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  • Pirate

Gataro (ガタロ, Gataro) is a pirate from an island somewhere in between the Land of Fire and the Land of Lightning.


Gataro and his pirates took over a small, peaceful island some time in the past, massacring the majority of its inhabitants and forcing the remaining ones to live underground in secrecy for decades.


Gataro is a cruel and uncaring man who readily attacks his own crew mates when they do not bring in enough loot or simply out of plain boredom. The later was seen after he was waiting for the ship from Konohagakure to resurface and told his crew to attack one of his own ships that had recovered the least amount of wreckage to entertain him until the Konoha ship resurfaced. He also had a peculiar laugh, that sounded somewhat like a bird cawing.


He has shoulder-length wavy, unkempt brown-coloured hair and three purple-coloured markings: one under each eye and the other running down the bridge of his nose. he also has two scars on either side of his face and wears a white ruffle shirt with a green vest over it, a pair of brown pants, grey gloves, a red trench coat and a pirate hat. He carries a sword that resembles a rapier tucked into the sash around his waist.


Gataro is a skilled swordfighter and easily withheld a powerful shinobi like Naruto Uzumaki. He is well versed in close-range combat and can surprise even a shinobi with his speed and strength, seen when he sent Naruto flying overboard with a quick kick to the chin. He seems to be quite vigilant and sharp-eyed as he quickly comprehends Naruto's ninja skills. The fact that he leads a whole group of pirates implies that he is quite powerful and has good leadership abilities.

Part II

Paradise Life on a Boat

He and his fleet attacked the Konohagakure ship and its crew as it was passing by their island. Thinking they had sunk it, he orders his crew mates to lower the nets and retrieve all the wreckage. As an enraged Naruto attacked him, Gataro disarmed him easily and took away his forehead protector. After that the ship resurfaced revealing that Yamato had turned it into a makeshift submarine using his Wood Release, Gataro orders his crew to attack the ship once again. Even after the ship had disappeared he ordered them to continue attacking. After some time passed, Naruto returns destroying the stationary cannons on the island and clashing with him once again to retrieve his forehead protector as well as avenge the native islanders. As he tells Naruto that he would kill him and his friends the same way he did the islanders, the Konoha ship comes flying out of the giant geyser on the island and sends a huge wave of water crashing into Gataro's ships. He is later seen defeated and tied up to a post on the island with his crew as the Konoha ship sets sail.