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#REDIRECT[[Ultra-Big Ball Rasengan]]
|image=Gallant Rasengan2.jpg
|unnamed jutsu=No
|romaji=Gōketsu Rasengan
|literal english=Gallant Spiralling Sphere
|game names=Gallant Rasengan
|parent jutsu=Ultra-Big Ball Rasengan
|jutsu classification=Ninjutsu
|jutsu class type=Offensive
|debut shippuden=No
|game debut=Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2
|jutsu media=Game
A lesser version of Ultra-Big Ball Rasengan, Jiraiya kicks the opponent in the air then jumps and forms a large Rasengan without the [[senjutsu]] chakra. Jiraiya can make it more powerful and larger if he uses the last of his remaining chakra.

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