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Gaku Inuzuka
犬塚ガク Inuzuka Gaku
Manga Volume #57, Naruto Chapter #542
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #282
Appears in Anime, Manga
Gender Gender Male Male
  • Part II: 31
Ninja Rank

Gaku Inuzuka (犬塚ガク, Inuzuka Gaku) is a jōnin from Konohagakure's Inuzuka clan.

Background Edit

Minato squad

Gaku, his ninken and their team confront the Kumo-nin.

Gaku, his ninken, Dōtō Akimichi and a fourth shinobi were part of a team which was led by Minato Namikaze during a conflict with Kumogakure. In his team, Gaku was responsible for short-range combat.[1] In one of the battles, his team clashed with Kumogakure's A–B Combo. During Minato's fight with A and Killer B, Gaku expressed his shock over the latter's jinchūriki transformation. Directly afterwards, Gaku and his comrades received a signal to retreat, leading him to inform Minato that they are pulling back for the moment.

Personality Edit

As the eldest of his team, he thought of Minato as a younger brother.[1]

Appearance Edit

Gaku is dressed in the usual Konohagakure flak jacket and has the distinctive Inuzuka's fang markings on his cheeks. He has swept-back brown hair with a beard of the same colour and black eyes.

Abilities Edit

Gaku served as the short-range combat shinobi of his platoon.[1] As an Inuzuka, it is very likely that he uses his clan's assorted techniques alongside his large-breed ninken while in battle.

Trivia Edit

  • "Gaku" can be written in several ways with several meanings in some cases:
    • "学" means "scholarship", "learning" or "knowledge".
    • "額" means "picture" or "amount of money".
    • "萼" means "calyx".

References Edit

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