Furido's 4-Man Team

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Furido's 4-Man Team
Furido's 4-Man Team
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #59
Appears in Anime
Team Info

A team led by Kazuma, who during the time beared the alias Furido (フリド, Furido), was formed to try to once again overthrow the Hokage, believing that the Land of Fire should have only one head of state, the daimyō. Kazuma resurrected four lightning-chakra users from the Twelve Guardian Ninja, intending to use Limelight to destroy Konoha. When one of the four resurrected was defeated, he released the others and tried to use his son, but that failed as well. All members of the team were ultimately killed by Konoha-nin.

Trivia Edit

  • All the member's names (though Kazuma's was an alias) begin with "Fu" ().
  • All four members possesses earth elemental chakra and can perform the Earth Release: Hiding in Rock Technique.
  • All four member's clothing has an identical yellow, black, and orange stripe running down the middle of their shirt or dress.
  • Other than Kazuma, all the members of this team are voiced by English actors who were also in Fullmetal Alchemist.

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