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Fuku ep192

(ふく, Fuku)
Anime Naruto Episode #192
Appears in Anime only
Voice Actors
Gender Gender Female Female

Fuku (ふく, Fuku; English TV "Princess Fortune") was once a beautiful, thin princess that highly resembled Ino Yamanaka.


She was stressed about meeting her new fiance, Prince Chikara of the Land of Noodles and gains weight, she enlists the help of Ino to impress him.

Part I

Thin Fuku
Fuku when she was thin.
File:Princess Fuku's mansion.JPG
Fuku's mansion.

She hires Ino as a body double for her as she once resembled her to make Prince Chikara fall for 'her'.

Princess Fuku is very stubborn, absolutely set on her plan working despite all of its flaws, and is very hard on Ino and Naruto, who comes with Ino to assist. In the end, her plan fails when she is revealed to Prince Chikara, but the Prince likes her new physique and the engagement is confirmed.

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