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Fubuki Kakuyoku
鶴翼フブキ Kakuyoku Fubuki
Movie Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow
Game Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2
Appears in Game, Movie
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Gender Gender Female Female
Status Deceased
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Fubuki Kakuyoku (鶴翼フブキ, Kakuyoku Fubuki) was a kunoichi from Yukigakure and a servant of Dotō Kazahana alongside his other servants Nadare Rōga and Mizore Fuyukuma.


Fubuki had green eyes and pink hair (that stuck out of her grey helmet). She also, like the other Dotō Kazahana's servants, wore Chakra Armour.


Fubiki was a proud and confident individual bordering on arrogant, near constantly smirking even while in combat, and reminding her opponent not to underestimate the Yuki Shinobi.


Fubuki, like the rest of her team, used Ice Release, though it wasn't a kekkei genkai as it requires the use of already existing ice; they also did not show usage of wind and water chakra, the elements that composes the Ice Release Haku uses. Fubuki used her ice to pull pillars of ice out of the ground to imprison her opponents or defend herself, or create flying ice needles. She also could throw Ice Bombs attached to kunai that explode into ice spikes.

She wore a Chakra Armour, which protected her from ninjutsu and genjutsu, as well as amplifying her own chakra. Hers, in particular has built in wings that allow her to glide at rapid speeds.

Plot Overview

As the new movie stared by Koyuki Kazahana was being filmed in Yukigakure, Fubuki and the rest of her team ambushed the filming squad. Team 7 began their mission, and fought against the Yuki shinobi. Fubuki took on Sasuke Uchiha, and was able to counter his Fire Release with Ice Release. Kakashi Hatake's clash with Nadare Rōga gave the filming squad and the Konoha shinobi the chance to retreat.

Fubuki, Nadare, and Mizore Fuyukuma were later sent to finish off the Konoha shinobi by Dotō Kazahana. Fubuki once again fought Sasuke, and was ultimately defeated, as she was sent plummeting towards Mizore. This caused their Chakra Armours to explode, killing her.


  • "Fubuki" (吹雪) means "snowstorm". "Kakuyoku" (鶴翼) means "crane wing".

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