Four Legs Technique

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Four Legs Technique [1]
Kanji 四脚の術
Rōmaji Shikyaku no Jutsu
English anime Ninja Art of Beast Mimicry: All-Fours Jutsu
Alternative names Imitation Beast Ninja Art: Four Legs Technique (擬獣忍法・四脚の術, Gijū Ninpō: Shikyaku no Jutsu)
Manga Volume #9, Chapter #75
Anime Naruto Episode #44
Appears in Anime, Manga
Classification Ninjutsu, Fighting Style
Rank D-rank
Class Supplementary
Derived jutsu
Fang Rotating Fang

This technique grants animal-like accelerated fighting instinct and reflexes to the user. By enveloping their entire body in chakra and moving on all fours, they can obtain high speed movement and reflexes like that of a wild animal.

Taught only to the members of the Inuzuka clan, this technique forms the basis of a Inuzuka clan member's taijutsu fighting style, and will add even more to their feral-like appearances; their canine teeth, their finger and toenails grow to claw-like length, their eyes also become more wild with their pupils becoming slits.

When under the effects of this technique, an Inuzuka will display great feats of physical strength, speed, agility and endurance. The form is best suited for using and supporting the ferocious "hit-and-run" tactics that the clan is well known for, leaving the enemy barely any time to launch a counter attack.


  • Naruto Uzumaki is known to be prone to manoeuvring on all fours on occasion in his normal state, he also experiences a number of other changes similar to this technique when he goes through his initial jinchūriki form.
  • This technique was called also Imitation Beast Ninja Art: Four Legs Technique (擬獣忍法・四脚の術, Gijū Ninpō: Shikyaku no Jutsu).
  • Kiba was seen using the Tiger hand seal to activate this technique during an anime filler arc.


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