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hey...i am an naruto maniac....i research about naruto for 2 yrs...i always like to know more about them....and ive see a couple mistakes in the website...and where can i talk to the admin if a find any...the two mistakes are..

first: on team minato Rin is not dead, she is a former anbu, black ops, and as far as i can remember she appeared two times in the anime, first was during the final of the chunin exam she appear on the place where the third in entombedright after the village was invaded and right before they start the counter attack after evacuatin the civilians, she stayed for a bit there on next to the third's tomb and then she leaves with the rest of her anbu team, i believe that she talked briefly to kakashi around thos apisodes, and the second time she appear was when sora came in to konoha on shippuden with team kakashi after yamato, sakura, naruto and sai went to protect the fire temple from the tombs raiders, when sora follow asuma to the meeting point where every jonin where interrogatin the leader of anbu root and his subordinate, sora was hidin in the ceiling and after they say to kill sora he get shocked and then rin appear behind him with another anbu member and bring him down.

second: on the answer for the question "Why did naruto not get promoted to chunin rank?" on the forum said that "But, since he's in the level of experience of a Jonin, he does S-Rank Missions and A-Rank Missions mostly." he = naruto, on the shippuden movie the one shippuden when sakura, naruto, neji (as team leader), and lee (as a replacement for sasuske) ahd a mission to scourt this princess that have the power to seal this creature that come bak to life from a ritual that what seems to be a medical ninja did, and the only person with powers to seal the creature bak is this princess, right before they neji tells naruto that neji had to be the leader and stuff and that naruto was the only one there that didnt have as much experience as the others ON MISSIONS even though he is strong as a higher rank he doesnt have as much experiences on missions.

i would like to know more about this website, and help as i can to make it better, if i can, if anybody wants to help me around with this site (i dont know much about this site, im new here), and if anybody has question, if i can help...i have other websites sources, most in portuguese, and well i like the style of this one better... in any case my email is

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i thought this website was like a general information, but it goes with the recently situation accordling to the ignore what i said about rin...she is jsut presumed dead because of the attacks of ignore that...(^_^)§ā≈±ā≈ā —This unsigned comment was made by Zbuceta (talkcontribs) on 06:39, January 23, 2009.

First: the ANBU you are talking about is Yugao Uzuki.
Second: I don't really understand what you are after but the reson Naruto is still a genin is because he hasen't been abel to retake the chunin exam. Jacce 13:49, 23 January 2009 (UTC)

are u sure...a couple sites said taht that was rin...=S....and i know naruto didnt pass the chunin exam yet...what im sayin is that on the answer for the question says taht because of his experiences he is gettin high ranks mission and i disagree on that because of the 2 years and half that he was training with jiraya he didnt have any missions experiences, i know he is gettin high ranks missions for others reason no because his experiences...otherwise he would gettin genin mission bcuz of his experiences on missions §ā≈±ā≈ā —This unsigned comment was made by Zbuceta (talkcontribs) on 07:07, January 23, 2009.

the name hasen't been said in the manga or anime as far as I know, but it has apperently apperd in one of the databooks, most likley nr 2. And Naruto's high level experiences comes from the fact that he has completed some high-rank missions and showed he can do it. Jacce 15:03, 23 January 2009 (UTC)

yeah...well at least through ur answer we agree that he doesnt have experiences about amount of missions made...but i agre with u that he is capable of doin high rank.......w.e. just skip taht...and well even if u google rin anbu her picture is the first one to show up...and the places where i got this information...talks about things that havent come up on the manga yet...i think...and btw...if u go on yahoo answer and search "is kakashi the only one alive from his team?" something like taht...the answer is about rin...being the anbu lady that i said

sry i forgot the signature...§ā≈±ā≈ā —This unsigned comment was made by Zbuceta (talkcontribs) on 08:08, January 23, 2009.

By reading chapter 425 page 2, it sound more likley that Rin is dead. Jacce 15:21, 23 January 2009 (UTC)

yeah..true...well u might be right and i might be wrong...but everybody know taht obito is alive.. at the beginning it sounded like obit was dead remember??...but he is alive...and on the manga 425 page 2 he also said that he broke a promisse maybe he promised to protect something...that not necessary needs to be rin's life...i think we just need to wait a little longer to see what is goin on with kakashi...if he survive i think we will be able to understand more about him and his team.

sry again the signature §ā≈±ā≈ā —This unsigned comment was made by Zbuceta (talkcontribs) on 08:34, January 23, 2009.

Obito is dead, Rin is dead. Manga 425 page 2 was a flashback by kakashi, and you are reading far to many fan sources spreading false information.
Zbuceta, you get mislead by false information to easily, if you really want to help the wiki I suggest going around articles and doing cleanup work (change plot sections to in-universe past tense; improve the quality of various parts of articles; and cleanup the spelling and grammar issues on the wiki) Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:Cleanup should give you a good starting list. As it stands now if you try to "fix facts" on the wiki, you are just going to spread false information other fansites create on their own around the internet, the Narutopedia is trusted by many as an accurate source so that is an issue. ~NOTASTAFF Daniel Friesen (DanTMan, Nadir Seen Fire) (talk) Jan 23, 2009 @ 23:44 (UTC)