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Note: This topic has been unedited for 1186 days. It is considered archived - the discussion is over. Do not add to unless it really needs a response.

So, as many of the regular users know, our video game jutsu coverage is far from thorough, due to various reasons. For a while now, I have looked up and bookmarked several sites which provide moveset lists for various characters, in various games. Most of the ones I have are for the Ultimate Ninja series. I would have created the articles myself, but there's a problem in that. Those sites list only the name of the technique, and the commands for it. They give no description of what the technique does. I'd be creating several articles limited to saying name of the technique, user, and game debut, with my limited translation knowledge coming from, wiktionary and Google Translate. Maybe some jutsu classification, depending on the technique's name and user. Does anyone have access to Naruto games, who could fill out the description of the techniques? Movesets of Naruto games in general are available at YouTube, if you know how to look for it, and there are several browser extensions for downloading YouTube videos, so screenshots would be easy to get once you know what each technique is. Omnibender - Talk - Contributions 01:07, November 26, 2012 (UTC)

I myself own naruto ultimate ninja 1, 2, 3, and 4, as well as uzumaki naruto chronicles 2 (i used to have 1 as well), and naruto ultimate ninja heroes 1 and 3, and naruto shippuden ultimate ninja impact. I could help out with some, and i could help find some gameplay videos too. (talk) 01:41, November 26, 2012 (UTC) Yhwach

I've got Ultimate Ninja 4, Storm 1 & 2 and Uzumaki Chronicles 2. I can also ask around my friends to borrow a couple others like Chronicles 1 and one or two others. I'm not great with screenshots, have to take them with my phone and I don't always time it well, but I'm a half decent wordsmith and if you've got the footage I can write up articles just fine. --Hawkeye2701 (talk) 02:16, November 26, 2012 (UTC)

I'm pretty good with describing the techniques too. (talk) 18:22, November 26, 2012 (UTC) Yhwach

Ok. I would like to go through the games chronologically. I've seen a few of the lists, and there are overlapping techniques, so this way we have the least chance of getting a game debut wrong. Anon, you said you have UN1. While we see the movesets for UN2 (the earliest game I have movesets for), could you check if they match the ones from UN1? As far as all these games go, I recall seeing in a video about the games that they have a moveset list in the pause menu, so that's a way of seeing if they match. Another question, in these games, is it possible to change the audio and text to Japanese? This way we get cross check the English video game with the Japanese name. You may also consider making an account, since your IP can change, which would make it hard to contact you. Omnibender - Talk - Contributions 23:34, November 26, 2012 (UTC)

I'll check. Thank god UN1 doesn't have like forty charectors. Also yes alot of naruto games (especially the ultimate ninja games) have the choice to change the audio to japanese, but not the text. (talk) 23:48, November 26, 2012 (UTC) Yhwach
In the moveset list in the games, I believe they show the button sequences right? That can be checked to see if the name associated with the technique is different. Omnibender - Talk - Contributions 23:52, November 26, 2012 (UTC)
Yeah the button sequences can be shown. (talk) 00:00, November 27, 2012 (UTC) Yhwach

Ok. In this site, there are the movesets for Ultimate Ninja 2. Technically in that site they have stuff on Ultimate Ninja 1 to 3, but they only have movesets for 2. Character names in the middle row are very obvious. Omnibender - Talk - Contributions 22:41, November 29, 2012 (UTC)

Sorry i haven't gotten this done sooner, but with school and christmas/new years stuff and the fact that i don't know where i put ultimate ninja 2 at. So i looked up on that site called game facts and found the movelist for UN2. Also it turns out that the Japanese Audio thing started in ultimate ninja 2 and onwards, but i'm still looking for the raw traanslations of the attacks names. I only found like 5 or 6 technique from UN1 that werent in UN2. Should i just post the jutsu articles and clean them up when i got everything or do i wait t'ill i got everything and then post it? (talk) 19:31, January 1, 2013 (UTC) Yomiko-chan

As far as raw names are concerned, I think have all of UN2 here and here. Omnibender - Talk - Contributions 19:49, January 1, 2013 (UTC)

Also one of Zabuza's attacks could be re-named in UN2 but since i lost the game i can't tell if it's the same. If someone else could check Zabuza's movelist in the practice mode of the game for me it would be greatly appreciated. UN1 called it Death Slash where he delivers a low kick followed by 3 sword slashes, the last one smashing the enemy into the ground. There's a possibility that it was renamed as either Flying Turn Slash, Scatter Burst Slash, or Spinning Back Slash. (talk) 20:47, January 1, 2013 (UTC) Yomiko-chan

Ultimate Ninja 1

So, between all of the sources I mentioned, here's a list of all the named techniques from UN1. I'm excluding techniques we already have (though one or the other might slip in, I didn't fine comb it for duplicates). Format is as follows: Name as translated by me (or attempted, I need help in a couple odd ones), kanji, rōmaji (not sure of all of them), name as it appears in the English game. For the names I couldn't find kanji, I'll list them only as I found in the English game. Descriptions of almost all techniques can be found here. If my translation matches the game name, there'll be just thee entries in that technique's name. Regarding Ultimate Techniques, I was only able to find them by themselves in Japanese, so no English name games for them. I ASK THAT NO ONE CREATES ARTICLES ON THEM BEFORE THE TRANSLATIONS ARE CHECKED FOR ERRORS


Uzumaki Spinning Top (うずまき独楽, Uzumaki Koma) Naruto Spin
Uzumaki Rising Dragon (うずまき昇竜, Uzumaki Shōryū) Naruto Rising Dragon
Dive Bombing (急降下爆撃, Kyūkōka Bakugeki) Nosedive Bomb
Crown of the Head Split (脳天割り, Nōtenwari) Crown of the Head Cut
Bombshell (爆裂弾, Bakuretusdan) Exploding Shot
Fly Away!
Giant Swing (大車輪, Daisharin)
Great Windmill (大風車, Daikazaguruma) Giant Windmill
Bamboo Helicopter (竹蜻蛉, Taketonbo)
Naruto Combo (ナルト連弾, Naruto Rendan)
I overdid it!
Tadpole Appearance (おたまじゃくし登場, Otamajakushi Tōjō)
Gamakichi Appearance (ガマ吉登場, Gamakichi Tōjō)
Gamabunta Appearance (ガマブン太登場, Gamabunta Tōjō)
Mysterious Helper Arrives (謎の助っ人参上, Nazo no Suketto Sanjō) Mysterious Aid Arrives


Crushing Fire Stab (火砕突, Hisaitotsu) Fire Smash Thrust
Revolving Flame Foot (旋炎脚, Sen'enkyaku) Turning Flame Kick
Flame Flower Foot (炎華脚, Enkakyaku) Flaming Flower Kick
Sliding Back Foot (滑背脚, Katsuhaikyaku?) Sliding Back Kick
Knee Back Hit
Leaping Fire Kick (跳火蹴り, Chōka Keri)
Fire Dust Wild Dance (火塵乱舞, Hijin Ranbu) Wild Dance of Fire Dust
Raging Fire Wild Dance (烈火乱舞, Rekka Ranbu) Wild Dance of Raging Fire
Surging Fire Wild Dance (迸火乱舞, Hōka Ranbu) Wild Dance of Spouting Fire
Instant Breath Beheading? (瞬息斬, Shunsokuzan)
Mediator Bird Whirling? (媒鳥旋, Baichōsen)


Pervert Repulsing Combo (痴漢撃退コンボ, Chikan Gekitai Konbo) Repulsion Combo
Punishment Combo (折檻コンボ, Sekkan Combo)
Maiden's Latent Power? (乙女の底力, Otome no Sokodikara) Girl's/Maiden's Power (there are two different names between UN1 and UN2, but from control scheme, they might be the same)
Your feet are unguarded!
Annoying Guys Extermination Technique (ウザイ奴撲滅術, Uzaiyatsu Bokumetsu Jutsu) Beating up annoying guys Jutsu
Go Away!
Midair Murdering Method: Top (空中殺法・上, Kūchū Sappō: Ue?) Midair Strike: Top
Midair Murdering Method: Bottom (空中殺法・下, Kūchū Sappō: Shita?) Midair Strike: Bottom
Midair Murdering Method: Middle (空中殺法・中, Kūchū Sappō: Naka?) Midair Strike: Middle
Getting the Fairy Tale (メルヘンゲット, Meruhengetto) This fairy tale is for real!
Log Drop (丸太落とし, Maruta Otoshi)
Beware the Falling Rocks (落石注意, Rakuseki Chūi)
How could I lose! (負けるもんですか!, Makeru mondesuka!)
Love to Win! (愛は勝つ!, Aihakatsu!)


Tearing Air (裂空, Rekkū) Air Slice
Revolving Blade (旋刃, Senjin) Kunai Combo
Instant Beheading (刹那斬, Setsunazan) Instant Slice
Low Revolving Foot (下旋脚, Shimo Senkyaku/Kasenkyaku?) Lower Turn Kick
Ground Crawling (地這い, Jibai?) Ground Crawl
Marrow Murder (髄殺, Zuiya?) Back Stab
Soaring Swallow (昇燕, Shōen) Rising Swallow
Descending Swallow (降燕, Kōen) Falling Swallow
Flying Swallow (飛燕, Hien)
Ninken Summons (忍犬召喚, Ninken Shōkan)


Deer Hop/Leap? (鹿跳, Shikachō?) Deer Jump
Deer Revolving (鹿旋, Shikasen?) Deer Spin
Blow (当て身, Atemi) Knockdown Blow
Waiting Shadow Sweep (待影払い, Taiei Harai)
Shadow Cut (影刈, Kagekari)
Deer Thrust (鹿突, Shikatotsu) Deer Lunge
Rear Shadow Scoop (後影すくい, Goei Sukui)
Rising Shadow (昇影, Shōei)
Falling Shadow (落影, Rakuei)
Flying Shadow (飛影, Hiei)
Eat This!
Now, Choji!
I'll still go!?> (まだまだいくぜ!, Madamada Ikuze!)
Through the Portrait Technique? (真影拘りの術, Shin'ei Kakawari no Jutsu) (Not sure if there's a pun in this one)
Kill in a Blink (瞬目殺, Shunmokusatsu) (Actually performed by Asuma)
Chakra Vibrating Blade (チャクラ振動刃, Chakura Shindōha) (Actually performed by Asuma)

Rock Lee

Green Flash (碧い閃光, Aoi Senkō) Blue Flash
Strong Shoulder Breakthrough (剛肩突破, Gōken Toppa) Ferocious Shoulder Breakthrough
Falling Leaves Heavenly Dance (落葉天舞, Rakuyō Tenbu) Heavenly Dance of Falling Leaf
Whirlwind Violent Tear (旋風烈破, Senpū Reppa) Hurricane Destruction
??? Fist (練気拳/連気拳, Renkiken) Energy Fist (this is an odd since, since all the sites I got the Japanese were evenly split regarding the first kanji, and I wasn't sure which one to pick going by the game translation)
Green Roar (碧い咆哮, Aoi Hōkō) Blue Roar
Green Gust (碧い突風, Aoi Toppū) Blue Gust
Green Gale (碧い烈風, Aoi Reppū) Blue Storm
Green Swift Wind (碧い疾風, Aoi Shippū) Blue Gale


Revolving Rising Foot (旋昇脚, Senshōkyaku) Rising Turn Kick (Also used by Hinata, but might be a different technique, needs checking in description site above)
Small Thrusting Palm (小突掌, Shōtotsushō) Minor Palm Thrust
Heavenly Rising Palm (天昇掌, Tenshōshō) Palm of Rising Heaven
Revolving Falling Foot (旋落脚, Senrakukyaku) Downward Spiral Kick
Great Thrusting Palm (大突掌, Daitotsushō) Major Palm Thrust
Chakra Pathway Violent Attack (経烈撃, Keiretsugeki) Chakra Network Sever Strike
Heavenly Kick Wild Dance (天蹴乱舞, Tenshū Ranbu) Wild Dance of Heaven's Kick
Heavenly Fist Wild Dance (天拳乱舞, Tengen Ranbu) Wild Dance of Heaven's Fist
Heavenly Palm Wild Dance (天掌乱舞, Tenshō Ranbu) Wild Dance of Heaven's Palm
Gentle Fist Battering (柔拳乱打, Jūken Randa) Barrage of Gentle Fists (same situation as Revolving Rising Foot)
Hyūga Style Taijutsu (日向流体術, Hyūga Ryū Taijutsu) (same situation as Revolving Rising Foot)
Pressure Point Palm Strike (点穴掌打, Tenketsu Shōda/Shōtei?)


Double Palm Thrust
Heavenly Palm (天掌, Tenshō) Heaven's Palm
Revolving Falling Palm (旋落掌, Senrakushō) Downward Spiral Palm
Revolving Back Through Palm? (旋通背掌, Sentsūhaishō) Turning Back-Through Palm
Revolving Knee Attack (旋膝撃, Senshitsugeki) Turning Knee Strike
Hopping/Leaping? Rising Thrust (跳昇突, Chōshōka?) Jumping Rising Thrust
Stepping on Air Foot (踏空脚, Tōkūkyaku) Stepping on Air Kick
Twin Palms Air Attack (双掌空撃, Sōshōkūgeki) Double Palm Air Strike
Kiba Appearance (キバ登場, Kiba Tōjō) (Kiba performs Gatsuga)
Shino Appearance (シノ登場, Shino Tōjō) (Shino performs Parasitic Destruction Insect Technique)
Chakra Pathway Attack (経絡撃, Keirakugeki)
Gentle Fist Wild Dance (柔拳乱舞, Jūken Ranbu)


Thigh Drilling Bow (穿弓腿, Senkyūtai) Handstand Kick
Mirror Split (鏡割り, Kagamiwari) Mirror Breaker
Heavenly Running Foot (天駆脚, Tengukyaku) Running Heaven Kick
Flash Revolving Foot (閃回脚, Senkaikyaku) Turning Flask Kick
Revolving Gouging Beheading? (旋抉斬, Senketsuzan) Rotating Piercing Slash
Revolving Heavenly Beheading (廻天斬, Kaitenzan) Spinning Slash
Rising Flash Dance (昇閃舞, Shōsenbu/Shōsenmai?) Dance of Rising Flash
Falling Claw Dance (落爪舞, Rakusōbu/Rakusōmai?) Dance of Falling Claw
Aerial Revolving Dance (空旋舞, Kūsenbu/Kūsenmai?) Dance of Flying Rotation


Bone Boring Sword (骨抉剣, Koneguken?) Bone Piercing Sword
Death Slash
Wave Violent Beheading (波烈斬, Haretsuzan) Wave Blast Slash
Whipping Arm Attack (鞭腕撃, Benwangeki) Arm Whip Strike
Dragon Tail Foot (龍尾脚, Ryūbikyaku) Dragon Tail Kick
Throw (投捨, Nagesute)
Mist Combo Attack (霞連撃, Kasumi Rengeki)
Haze Combo Attack
Mist Shadow Combo Attack
Strike (叩撃, Kōgeki)
Beheading Forest? (斬林, Kirin/Zanrin?)


Waving Pursuit Sand (波追砂, Hatsuisa) Sand Wave Pursuit
Flowing Wall Sand (流壁砂, Ryūhekisa) Flowing Wall of Sand
Erupting Dust Sand (噴塵砂, Funjinsa) Erupting Sandstorm
Gripping Sand (握砂, Akusa) Sand Clutch
Waterfall Quicksand (瀑流砂, Bakuryūsa) Sandfall Flow
Waterfall Binding Sand (瀑縛砂, Bakubakusa) Sandfall Bind
Rising Waterfall Sand (昇瀑砂, Shōbakusa) Rising Sandfall
Falling Waterfall Sand (落瀑砂, Rakubakusa) Falling Sandfall
Aerial Waterfall Sand (空瀑砂, Kūbakusa) Flying Sandfall


Obliterating Katana (滅殺刀, Messatsugatana) Destruction Sword
Twin Darkness (双闇, Sōan) Double Darkness
Darkness Heavenly Dance (闇天舞, Yami Tenbu) Heavenly Dance of Darkness
Darkness Kagura (闇神楽, Yami Kagura) Sacred Dance of Darkness
Corpse Eating (躯食み, Mukuro Hami) Snake Trap
Murdering Blade (殺刃, Satsujin) Death Blade
Tearing Blade (裂刃, Retsujin)
Splitting Blade (割刃, Katsujin)
Get out of my face
Blade Technique
Dust Cloud Violent Wave (風塵烈波, Fūjin Reppa)
Killing Intent Blade (殺意の刃, Satsui no Jin)
Death Blade (死の刃, Shi no Jin)

Cursed Seal Sasuke

Slicing Punch
Neck Snapping Kick
Dark Flower Kick
Scythe Kick
Shatter Darkness Kick
Back Slash Blow
Spin Dance of Doomed Sky
Spin Dance of Imperial Flame
Spin Dance of Black Flame

Nine-Tails Naruto

Fox Barrage
Howling Fox Claw
Nine-Tailed Fox Rising Dragon
Feral Attack
Howling Fox Shot
Fox Tail Kick
Sweeping Leg Dance
Spin Kick
Triple Attack

Omnibender - Talk - Contributions 19:03, January 26, 2013 (UTC)

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