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Note: This topic has been unedited for 1109 days. It is considered archived - the discussion is over. Do not add to unless it really needs a response.

So, as many of the regular users know, our video game jutsu coverage is far from thorough, due to various reasons. For a while now, I have looked up and bookmarked several sites which provide moveset lists for various characters, in various games. Most of the ones I have are for the Ultimate Ninja series. I would have created the articles myself, but there's a problem in that. Those sites list only the name of the technique, and the commands for it. They give no description of what the technique does. I'd be creating several articles limited to saying name of the technique, user, and game debut, with my limited translation knowledge coming from, wiktionary and Google Translate. Maybe some jutsu classification, depending on the technique's name and user. Does anyone have access to Naruto games, who could fill out the description of the techniques? Movesets of Naruto games in general are available at YouTube, if you know how to look for it, and there are several browser extensions for downloading YouTube videos, so screenshots would be easy to get once you know what each technique is. Omnibender - Talk - Contributions 01:07, November 26, 2012 (UTC)

I myself own naruto ultimate ninja 1, 2, 3, and 4, as well as uzumaki naruto chronicles 2 (i used to have 1 as well), and naruto ultimate ninja heroes 1 and 3, and naruto shippuden ultimate ninja impact. I could help out with some, and i could help find some gameplay videos too. (talk) 01:41, November 26, 2012 (UTC) Yhwach

I've got Ultimate Ninja 4, Storm 1 & 2 and Uzumaki Chronicles 2. I can also ask around my friends to borrow a couple others like Chronicles 1 and one or two others. I'm not great with screenshots, have to take them with my phone and I don't always time it well, but I'm a half decent wordsmith and if you've got the footage I can write up articles just fine. --Hawkeye2701 (talk) 02:16, November 26, 2012 (UTC)

I'm pretty good with describing the techniques too. (talk) 18:22, November 26, 2012 (UTC) Yhwach

Ok. I would like to go through the games chronologically. I've seen a few of the lists, and there are overlapping techniques, so this way we have the least chance of getting a game debut wrong. Anon, you said you have UN1. While we see the movesets for UN2 (the earliest game I have movesets for), could you check if they match the ones from UN1? As far as all these games go, I recall seeing in a video about the games that they have a moveset list in the pause menu, so that's a way of seeing if they match. Another question, in these games, is it possible to change the audio and text to Japanese? This way we get cross check the English video game with the Japanese name. You may also consider making an account, since your IP can change, which would make it hard to contact you. Omnibender - Talk - Contributions 23:34, November 26, 2012 (UTC)

I'll check. Thank god UN1 doesn't have like forty charectors. Also yes alot of naruto games (especially the ultimate ninja games) have the choice to change the audio to japanese, but not the text. (talk) 23:48, November 26, 2012 (UTC) Yhwach
In the moveset list in the games, I believe they show the button sequences right? That can be checked to see if the name associated with the technique is different. Omnibender - Talk - Contributions 23:52, November 26, 2012 (UTC)
Yeah the button sequences can be shown. (talk) 00:00, November 27, 2012 (UTC) Yhwach

Ok. In this site, there are the movesets for Ultimate Ninja 2. Technically in that site they have stuff on Ultimate Ninja 1 to 3, but they only have movesets for 2. Character names in the middle row are very obvious. Omnibender - Talk - Contributions 22:41, November 29, 2012 (UTC)

Sorry i haven't gotten this done sooner, but with school and christmas/new years stuff and the fact that i don't know where i put ultimate ninja 2 at. So i looked up on that site called game facts and found the movelist for UN2. Also it turns out that the Japanese Audio thing started in ultimate ninja 2 and onwards, but i'm still looking for the raw traanslations of the attacks names. I only found like 5 or 6 technique from UN1 that werent in UN2. Should i just post the jutsu articles and clean them up when i got everything or do i wait t'ill i got everything and then post it? (talk) 19:31, January 1, 2013 (UTC) Yomiko-chan

As far as raw names are concerned, I think have all of UN2 here and here. Omnibender - Talk - Contributions 19:49, January 1, 2013 (UTC)

Also one of Zabuza's attacks could be re-named in UN2 but since i lost the game i can't tell if it's the same. If someone else could check Zabuza's movelist in the practice mode of the game for me it would be greatly appreciated. UN1 called it Death Slash where he delivers a low kick followed by 3 sword slashes, the last one smashing the enemy into the ground. There's a possibility that it was renamed as either Flying Turn Slash, Scatter Burst Slash, or Spinning Back Slash. (talk) 20:47, January 1, 2013 (UTC) Yomiko-chan

Ultimate Ninja 1

So, between all of the sources I mentioned, here's a list of all the named techniques from UN1. I'm excluding techniques we already have (though one or the other might slip in, I didn't fine comb it for duplicates). Format is as follows: Name as translated by me (or attempted, I need help in a couple odd ones), kanji, rōmaji (not sure of all of them), name as it appears in the English game. For the names I couldn't find kanji, I'll list them only as I found in the English game. Descriptions of almost all techniques can be found here. If my translation matches the game name, there'll be just thee entries in that technique's name. Regarding Ultimate Techniques, I was only able to find them by themselves in Japanese, so no English name games for them. Also adding possible puns and wordplays given what I find for a translation. I ASK THAT NO ONE CREATES ARTICLES ON THEM BEFORE THE TRANSLATIONS ARE CHECKED FOR ERRORS


Uzumaki Spinning Top (うずまき独楽, Uzumaki Koma) Naruto Spin
Uzumaki Rising Dragon (うずまき昇竜, Uzumaki Shōryū) Naruto Rising Dragon
Dive Bombing (急降下爆撃, Kyūkōka Bakugeki) Nosedive Bomb
Crown of the Head Split (脳天割り, Nōtenwari) Crown of the Head Cut
Bombshell (爆裂弾, Bakuretusdan) Exploding Shot
Fly Away! (とんでけぇ!, Tonde ke!)
Giant Swing (大車輪, Daisharin)
Giant Windmill (大風車, Daikazaguruma)
Bamboo Helicopter (竹蜻蛉, Taketonbo)
Naruto Combo (ナルト連弾, Naruto Rendan)
I overdid it! (力みすぎた!, Rikimi Sugita!)
Tadpole Appearance (おたまじゃくし登場, Otamajakushi Tōjō)
Gamakichi Appearance (ガマ吉登場, Gamakichi Tōjō)
Gamabunta Appearance (ガマブン太登場, Gamabunta Tōjō)
Mysterious Helper Arrives (謎の助っ人参上, Nazo no Suketto Sanjō) Mysterious Aid Arrives


Fire Smash Thrust (火砕突, Kasaitotsu)
Revolving Flame Foot (旋炎脚, Sen'enkyaku) Turning Flame Kick
Flame Flower Foot (炎華脚, Enkakyaku) Flaming Flower Kick
Slipping Back Foot (滑背脚, Katsuhaikyaku?) Sliding Back Kick
Knee Back Strike (膝背打, Shitsuhaida) Knee Back Hit
Leaping Fire Kick (跳火蹴り, Chōka Keri)
Fire Dust Wild Dance (火塵乱舞, Kajin Ranbu) Wild Dance of Fire Dust
Raging Fire Wild Dance (烈火乱舞, Rekka Ranbu) Wild Dance of Raging Fire
Surging Fire Wild Dance (迸火乱舞, Hōka Ranbu) Wild Dance of Spouting Fire (pun 放火 arson/烽火 signal fire?)
Instant Breath Beheading? (瞬息斬, Shunsokuzan) Instant Breath Slash
Middle Bird Revolving (媒鳥旋, Baichōsen) Middle Bird Rotation

I can see! Too weak! Reason for existence!


Pervert Repulsing Combo (痴漢撃退コンボ, Chikan Gekitai Konbo) Repulsion Combo
Punishment Combo (折檻コンボ, Sekkan Combo)
Maiden's Latent Power? (乙女の底力, Otome no Sokodikara) Girl's/Maiden's Power (there are two different names between UN1 and UN2, but from control scheme and kanji, they are the same)
Your feet are unguarded! (足がお留守よ!, Ashi ga o rusu yo!)
Annoying Guys Death Beating Technique (ウザイ奴撲殺術, Uzaiyatsu Bokusatsu Jutsu) Beating up annoying guys Jutsu
Go Away! (あっち行け!, Atchiike!)
Midair Murdering Method: Top (空中殺法・上, Kūchū Sappō: Jō) Midair Strike: Top
Midair Murdering Method: Bottom (空中殺法・下, Kūchū Sappō: Ge) Midair Strike: Bottom
Midair Murdering Method: Middle (空中殺法・中, Kūchū Sappō: Chū) Midair Strike: Middle
Getting the Fairy Tale (メルヘンゲット, Meruhengetto) This fairy tale is for real!
Log Drop (丸太落とし, Maruta Otoshi)
Beware the Falling Rocks (落石注意, Rakuseki Chūi)
How could I lose! (負けるもんですか!, Makeru mondesuka!) I Won't Lose!
Love to Win! (愛は勝つ!, Aihakatsu!) Love Will Prevail!


Tearing Air (裂空, Rekkū) Air Slice
Revolving Blade (旋刃, Senjin) Kunai Combo
Instant Beheading (刹那斬, Setsunazan) Instant Slice
Low Revolving Foot (下旋脚, Kasenkyaku) Lower Turn Kick
Ground Crawling (地這い, Jibai? Chihai?) Ground Crawl
Marrow Murder (髄殺, Zuisatsu) Back Stab
Soaring Swallow (昇燕, Shōen? Nobori Tsubame?) Rising Swallow
Descending Swallow (降燕, Kōen? Ori Tsubame?) Falling Swallow
Flying Swallow (飛燕, Hien)
Ninken Summons (忍犬召喚, Ninken Shōkan)
The Origin of That Name (その名の由来, Sono Na no Yurai) The Origin of its Name


Deer Leap (鹿跳, Kachō) Deer Jump
Deer Revolving (鹿旋, Kasen) Deer Spin
Blow (当て身, Atemi) Knockdown Blow
Waiting Shadow Sweep (待影払い, Machi Kageharai)
Shadow Cut (影刈, Kagekari)
Deer Thrust (鹿突, Katotsu) Deer Lunge
Rear Shadow Scoop (後影すくい, Gokage Sukui)
Rising Shadow (昇影, Shōei)
Falling Shadow (落影, Rakuei)
Flying Shadow (飛影, Hiei)
Eat This! (これでも食らえ!, Kore demo kurae!)
Now! Chōji! (今だ!チョウジ!, Imada! Chōji!)
I'll still go!? (まだまだいくぜ!, Madamada Ikuze!)

Rock Lee:

Green Flash (碧い閃光, Aoi Senkō) Blue Flash (Taijutsu Naruto in UN2)
Strong Shoulder Breakthrough (剛肩突破, Gōken Toppa) Ferocious Shoulder Breakthrough (Taijutsu Naruto in UN2)
Falling Leaves Heavenly Dance (落葉天舞, Rakuyō Tenbu) Heavenly Dance of Falling Leaf (Taijutsu Naruto in UN2)
Whirlwind Destruction (旋風裂破?, Senpū Reppa) Hurricane Destruction (Taijutsu Naruto in UN2)
??? Fist (煉気拳/練気拳/連気拳, Renkiken) Energy Fist (this is an odd since, since all the sites I got the Japanese were split regarding the first kanji, and I wasn't sure which one to pick going by the game translation)
Green Roar (碧い咆哮, Aoi Hōkō) Blue Roar (Taijutsu Naruto in UN2)
Green Gust (碧い突風, Aoi Toppū) Blue Gust (Taijutsu Naruto in UN2)
Green Gale (碧い烈風, Aoi Reppū) Blue Storm (Taijutsu Naruto in UN2)
Green Hurricane (碧い疾風, Aoi Shippū) Blue Gale (Taijutsu Naruto in UN2)
Weight Release (ウエイト解除, Ueito Kaijo) Weight Removal
Front Lotus Commencement (表蓮華開始, Omote Renge Kaishi)
Reverse Lotus Commencement (裏蓮華開始, Ura Renge Kaishi) Hidden Lotus Start

Guy Exploding Hurricane Kick! (Guy performs this)


Revolving Rising Foot (旋昇脚, Senshōkyaku) Rising Turn Kick (Also used by Hinata, but might be a different technique, needs checking in description site above)
Small Thrusting Palm (小突掌, Shōtotsushō) Minor Palm Thrust (Hinata in UN2)
Heavenly Rising Palm (天昇掌, Tenshōshō) Palm of Rising Heaven (Byakugan Hinata in UN2)
Revolving Falling Foot (旋落脚, Senrakukyaku) Downward Spiral Kick
Great Thrusting Palm (大突掌, Daitotsushō) Major Palm Thrust (Byakugan Hinata in UN2)
Chakra Pathway Severing Attack (経裂撃, Keiretsugeki) Chakra Network Sever Strike (Byakugan Hinata in UN2)
Heavenly Kick Wild Dance (天蹴乱舞, Tenshū Ranbu) Wild Dance of Heaven's Kick (Byakugan Hinata in UN2, Hanabi in UN3)
Heavenly Fist Wild Dance (天拳乱舞, Tengen Ranbu) Wild Dance of Heaven's Fist (Byakugan Hinata in UN2, Hanabi in UN3)
Heavenly Palm Wild Dance (天掌乱舞, Tenshō Ranbu) Wild Dance of Heaven's Palm (Byakugan Hinata in UN2, Hanabi in UN3)
Gentle Fist Battering (柔拳乱打, Jūken Randa) Barrage of Gentle Fists (same situation as Revolving Rising Foot)
Hyūga Style Taijutsu (日向流体術, Hyūga Ryū Taijutsu) (same situation as Revolving Rising Foot)
Pressure Point Palm Strike (点穴掌打, Tenketsu Shōda)


Revolving Palm Attack (旋掌撃, Senshōgeki) Turning Palm Strike
Double Thrusting Palms (両突掌, Ryōtotsushō) Double Palm Thrust
Heavenly Palm (天掌, Tenshō) Heaven's Palm
Revolving Falling Palm (旋落掌, Senrakushō) Downward Spiral Palm
Revolving Back Through Palm (旋通背掌, Sentsūhaishō) Turning Back-Through Palm
Revolving Knee Attack (旋膝撃, Senshitsugeki) Turning Knee Strike
Leaping Rising Thrust (跳昇突, Chōshōtotsu) Jumping Rising Thrust
Stepping on Air Foot (踏空脚, Tōkūkyaku) Stepping on Air Kick
Twin Palms Air Attack (双掌空撃, Sōshōkūgeki) Double Palm Air Strike
Power of the Main House (宗家の力, Sōke no Chikara)
Chakra Pathway Attack (経絡撃, Keirakugeki)
Gentle Fist Wild Dance (柔拳乱舞, Jūken Ranbu)
Medicine… (お薬…, Oyaku…)


Drilling Bow Thigh (穿弓腿, Senkyūtai) Handstand Kick
Mirror Split (鏡割り, Kagamiwari) Mirror Breaker
Heavenly Running Foot (天駆脚, Tengukyaku) Running Heaven Kick
Flash Rotating Foot (閃回脚, Senkaikyaku) Turning Flask Kick
Revolving Gouging Beheading? (旋抉斬, Senketsuzan) Rotating Piercing Slash
Rotating Beheading (廻転斬, Kaitenzan) Spinning Slash
Rising Flash Dance (昇閃舞, Shōsenbu) Dance of Rising Flash
Falling Claw Dance (落爪舞, Rakusōbu) Dance of Falling Claw
Aerial Revolving Dance (空旋舞, Kūsenbu) Dance of Flying Rotation


Bone Boring Sword (骨抉剣, Kokketsuken) Bone Piercing Sword
??? (瞑殺斬, Meisatsuzan?) Death Slash
Wave Violent Beheading (波烈斬, Haretsuzan) Wave Blast Slash
Whipping Arm Attack (鞭腕撃, Benwangeki) Arm Whip Strike
Dragon Tail Foot (龍尾脚, Ryūbikyaku) Dragon Tail Kick
Throw (投捨, Nagesute)
Mist Combo Attack (霞連撃, Kasumi Rengeki)
Haze Combo Attack (朧連撃, Oboro Rengeki)
Mist Shadow Combo Attack (霧影連撃, Muei Rengeki)

You're slow! Decapitation Sword


Waving Pursuit Sand (波追砂, Hatsuisa) Sand Wave Pursuit
Flowing Wall Sand (流壁砂, Ryūhekisa) Flowing Wall of Sand
Erupting Dust Sand (噴塵砂, Funjinsa) Erupting Sandstorm
Gripping Sand (握砂, Akusa) Sand Clutch
Waterfall Quicksand (瀑流砂, Bakuryūsa) Sandfall Flow
Waterfall Binding Sand (瀑縛砂, Bakubakusa) Sandfall Bind
Rising Waterfall Sand (昇瀑砂, Shōbakusa) Rising Sandfall
Falling Waterfall Sand (落瀑砂, Rakubakusa) Falling Sandfall
Aerial Waterfall Sand (空瀑砂, Kūbakusa) Flying Sandfall


Obliterating Katana (滅殺刀, Messatsutō) Destruction Sword
Twin Darkness (双闇, Sōan) Double Darkness
Darkness Heavenly Dance (闇天舞, Yami Tenbu) Heavenly Dance of Darkness
Darkness Kagura (闇神楽, Yami Kagura) Sacred Dance of Darkness
Corpse Eating (躯食み, Mukuro Hami) Snake Trap
Murdering Blade (殺刃, Satsujin) Death Blade (pun 殺人 murder)
Tearing Blade (裂刃, Retsujin)
Splitting Blade (割刃, Katsujin)
Dust Cloud Violent Wave (風塵烈波, Fūjin Reppa)
Killing Intent Blade (殺意の刃, Satsui no Yaiba) Blade of Murderous Intent
Death Blade (死の刃, Shi no Yaiba) Blade of Death

Get out of my face!

Cursed Seal Sasuke:

Slicing Punch
Neck Snapping Kick
Dark Flower Kick
Scythe Kick
Shatter Darkness Kick
Back Slash Blow
Spin Dance of Doomed Sky
Spin Dance of Imperial Flame
Spin Dance of Black Flame

Nine-Tails Naruto:

Fox Barrage
Howling Fox Claw
Nine-Tailed Fox Rising Dragon
Feral Attack
Howling Fox Shot
Fox Tail Kick
Sweeping Leg Dance
Spin Kick
Triple Attack

Omnibender - Talk - Contributions 19:03, January 26, 2013 (UTC)

Ultimate Ninja 2

Now for UN2. There's a link in one of the previous sections to where I got the kanji from.


Super Violent Strike (超激打, Chō Gekiuchi) Super Crush Hit
Temari Kick (手鞠蹴り, Temari Keri) Temari Ball Kick
Clone Combo (分身コンボ, Bunshin Konbo)
Great Kick Rage (大蹴激, Daishūgeki) Giant Kick Fury
Crimson Rasengan (紅蓮螺旋丸, Guren Rasengan)


Rising Fire Foot (昇火脚, Shōkakyaku) Rising Fire Kick
Flame Combo (炎連弾, Enrendan)
Shoulder Throw (背負い投げ, Seoinage)
Peerless Hurricane Formation (無双疾風陣, Musō Shippūjin) Hurricane Formation
Sharingan Invocation (写輪眼発動, Sharingan: Hatsudō) (might be part of a UN1 ultimate)
Cursed Seal Invocation (呪印発動, Juin Hatsudō)
Chidori: Second Shot (千鳥・二発目, Chidori: Nipatsume) Chidori Second Shot
Forbidden Third Shot (禁断の三発目, Kindan no Sanpatsume) The Forbidden Third Shot
Cursed Fourth Shot (呪いの四発目, Noroi no Yonpatsume) The Cursed Fourth Shot


Rupture Combo (断裂コンボ, Danretsu Konbo)
Maiden's Anger (乙女の怒り, Otome no Ikari)
Kick Combo (足蹴コンボ, Ashige Konbo) Leg Kick Combo
Crook Repulsing Technique (悪漢撃退術, Akkan Gekitai Jutsu) Thug Repulsion Leg Jutsu
Rotating Murdering Method (回転殺法, Kaiten Sappō) Rotating Strike
??? (しゃーんなろー!, Shan'naro!)

Rock Lee:

Triple Strong Leg (三連剛脚, Sanren Gōkyaku) Triple Ferocious Kick
Eight Sages Combo (八仙連弾, Hassen Rendan) Eight-Hermit Barrage
Green Whirlwind (碧い旋風, Aoi Senpū) Blue Tornado (Taijutsu Naruto)


Heaven Falling Foot (天降脚, Tengokyaku)
Rotating Palm Strike (旋掌打, Senshōda) (Byakugan Hinata)
Colliding Back Twin Feet (衝背双脚, Shōhaisōkyaku) Colliding Back Both Feet (Double Back Kick)


Concealed Weapon Technique: Soaring Beheading (暗器術・翔斬, Ankijutsu: Shōzan) Concealed Jutsu: Soaring Slash
Concealed Weapon Technique: Passing Bullet (暗器術・通弾, Ankijutsu: Tsūdan) Concealed Jutsu: Piercing Shot
Concealed Weapon Technique: Colliding Steel (暗器術・衝鋼, Ankijutsu: Shōkō) Concealed Jutsu: Steel Impact
Concealed Weapon Technique: Thorn (暗器術・荊, Ankijutsu: Ibara) Concealed Jutsu: Thorn
Concealed Weapon Technique: Flight (暗器術・飛翔, Ankijutsu: Hishō) Concealed Jutsu: Soaring
Falling Smash Foot (降砕脚, Kōsaikyaku) Falling Smash Kick
Concealed Weapon Technique: Beheading Thrust (暗器術・斬突, Ankijutsu: Zantotsu) Concealed Jutsu: Slash Thrust
Medullary Attack (延髄撃, Enzuigeki) Medullary Strike
Concealed Weapon Technique: Wind Bind (暗器術・風縛, Ankijutsu: Kazeshibari) Concealed Jutsu: Wind Paralysis
Concealed Weapon Technique: Beheading Air (暗器術・斬空, Ankijutsu: Zankū) Concealed Jutsu: Air Slash
Concealed Weapon Technique: Steel Swing (暗器術・鋼振, Ankijutsu: Kōshin) Concealed Jutsu: Steel Swing
Concealed Weapon Technique: Direct Steel (暗器術・直鋼, Ankijutsu: Chokkō) Concealed Jutsu: Direct Steel
Ninja Tool Summoning (忍具口寄せ, Ningu Kuchiyose)


Deer Fall (鹿落, Karaku) Deer Drop
Rear Shadow Lift (後影拾い, Gokage Hiroi)
Rear Shadow Drop (後影落とし, Gokage Otoshi)
Shadow Imitation: Bomb (影真似・爆弾, Kagemane: Bakudan) Shadow Possession Blast
Shadow Imitation: Kunai (影真似・クナイ, Kagemane: Kunai)
Kill in a Blink (瞬目殺, Shunmokusatsu) Instant Eye Death (Actually performed by Asuma)
Chakra Vibrating Blade (チャクラ振動刃, Chakura Shindōha) Chakra Oscillation Blade (Actually performed by Asuma)


Angry Table Flipping (ちゃぶ台返し, Chabudaigaeshi) Low Table Reversal
Bale Crushing (俵崩し, Tawara Kuzushi) Bale Collapse
Tub Drop (たらい落とし, Tarai Otoshi)
Mochi Pounding (餅突き, Mochi Tsuki)
Human Dango Bullet (肉弾子, Nikudango) Meat Ball (pun: 肉団子 Nikudango)
Floating Arrival (浮来, Furai)
Fried (空揚, Karaage) Deep Fry
Tempura (天怖羅, Tenpura) maybe 天麩羅?
Falling Star (落下星, Rakkasei)
Fleeing (遁足, Tonsoku) maybe 遁走/Tonsō? Flee
Great Mix (大混, Daikon)? Daikon
Shrimp Rotation (海老転, Ebiten) Shrimp Spin
Super Fly Swatter (超ハエたたき, Chō Haetataki)


Cattleya Dancing in the Wind (風に舞うカトレア, Kaze ni Mau Katorea)
Eucalyptus Wind (ユーカリの風, Yūkari no Kaze)
Amaryllis Dance (アマリリスの踊り Amaririsu no Odori)
Achillea Step (アキレアのステップ, Akirea no Suteppu)
Liatris Feelings (リアトリスの想い, Riatorisu no Omoi)
Dancing Star Lily (踊るヒメユリ, Odoru Himeyuri) Dancing Lily
Rose Blow (バラの一撃, Bara no Ichigeki) Rose Strike
Impatiens Rejection (ホウセンカの拒絶, Hōsenka no Kyozetsu)
Clover Promise (クローバーの約束, Kurōbā no Yakusoku) Promise of the Clover
Cyclamen Scent (シクラメンの香り, Shikuramen no Kaori) Cyclamen Fragrance
Soaproot Flight (カスミソウの飛翔, Kasumisō no Hishō) Flight of the Soaproot
Sadness Marigold (悲しみのキンセンカ, Kanashimi no Kinsenka) Sadness of the Marigold
Nerine Riding the Wind (風に乗るネリネ, Kaze ni Noru Nerine)
Shinobi Flower Wolfsbane (忍花鳥兜, Shinobi Hanatorikabuto) Ninja Wolfsbane


Soaring Fang (翔牙, Shōga)
Combo Claw (連爪, Renzume) Fang Combo
Swift Foot (疾脚, Shikkyaku/Hayashi?) Swift Kick
Akamaru Combo Attack (赤丸連撃, Akamaru Rengeki) Akamaru Combo
Swift Claw (疾爪, Shizume) Swift Fang
Claw and Fang (爪牙, Sōga) Tooth and Claw
Beast Electricity (獣電, Jūden) Beast Lightning
Rising Twin Feet (昇双脚, Shōsōkyaku) Rising Double Kick
Rotating Twin Feet (転双脚, Tensōkyaku) Rolling Double Kick
Heavenly Tearing Claw (天裂爪, Tenretsusō) Slicing Fang of Sky
? Beast Foot (戯獣脚, Gijūkyaku) Transient Beast Kick (maybe 擬獣脚?)
Beast Kick Rage (獣蹴激, Jūshūgeki) Beast Crush Kick


Revolving Circle Insects (旋円蟲, Sen'enchū) Turning Circle of Insects
Colliding Insects (衝突蟲, Shōtotsuchū) Impact Insects
Insect Revolving Foot (蟲旋脚, Chūsenkyaku) Insect Spiral Kick
Insect Wave Fist (蟲波拳, Chūhaken)
Heavenly Insect Murder (天蟲殺, Tenchūsatsu)
Crawling Insects (這面蟲, Shamenchū)
Insect Fist Strike (蟲拳打, Chūkenda) Insect Fist Hit
Instant Insect Attack (瞬蟲撃, Shunchūgeki) Instant Insect Strike
Raiding Insects? (襲降蟲, Shūkōchū) Raid of Insects
Heavenly Soaring Insects (天翔蟲, Tenshōchū) Soaring Insects of Sky
Insect Falling Foot (蟲降脚, Chūkōkyaku) Insect Drop Kick
Shaking Insects (震振蟲, Shinshinchū) Throbbing Insects
Insect Binding Technique (蟲縛りの術, Mushi Shibari no Jutsu) Insect Paralysis Jutsu
Parasitic Destruction Insect: Swarm (寄壊蟲・簇, Kikaichū: Zoku)


Double Assault (両突撃, Ryōtotsugeki) Double Thrust Strike
Palm Twin Strike (掌双打, Shōsōda) Double Palm Hit
Revolving Palm Combo Dance (旋掌連舞, Senshō Renbu) Turning Palm Dance Barrage
Rotating Back Palm (転背掌, Tenhaishō) Rolling Back Palm
Overcompensation Medicine (超回復薬, Chōkaifukuyaku)


Soaring Formation Sand (翔陣砂, Shōjinsa) Soaring Sand Formation
Binding Falling Sand (縛落砂, Bakurakusa) Falling Sand Paralysis
Binding Leaping Sand (縛跳砂, Bakuchōsa) Splashing Sand Paralysis


Puppet: Windhole (傀儡・風穴, Kugutsu: Kazaana) Puppet: Hole of Wind
Puppet: Haze Spinning Top (傀儡・朧独楽, Kugutsu: Oborogoma) Puppet: Hazy Spin
Puppet: Confession (傀儡・懺悔, Kugutsu: Sange)
Puppet: Mist Spinning Top (傀儡・霞独楽, Kugutsu: Kasumigoma) Puppet: Misty Spin
Puppet: Judge (傀儡・裁, Kugutsu: Sabaki) Puppet: Judgment
Puppet: Flowing Blade (傀儡・流刃, Kugutsu: Ryūjin)
Puppet: Reverse Handcart (傀儡・逆手車, Kugutsu: Sakate Guruma) Puppet: Revert Pushcart (pun)
Puppet: Reverse Flying Handcart (傀儡・逆手飛車, Kugutsu: Sakate Hisha) Puppet: Revert Flying Pushcart (pun)
Puppet: Nothingness Beheading (傀儡・無斬, Kugutsu: Muzan) Puppet: Slash of Nothingness (pun無残 cruelty/atrocity/tragedy/misery)
Puppet: Twin Wail (傀儡・双哭, Kugutsu: Sōkoku) Puppet: Double Scream
Puppet: Manji Cannon (傀儡・卍砲, Kugutsu: Manjihō) Puppet: Manji Shot
Puppet: Dark Bind (傀儡・闇縛, Kugutsu: Anbaku) Puppet: Dark Paralysis


Dance of the Wind God (風神の舞, Fūjin no Mai) Fujin's Dance
Fan Whirlwind (扇旋風, Sensenpū) Fan Tornado
Breath of the Earth Dragon (地龍の息, Jiryū no Iki)
Rotating Fan Blade (回扇刃, Kaisenjin) Spinning Fan Blade
Windstorm Rising Wall (暴風昇壁, Bōfū Shōheki) Rising Tempest Wall
Axe Fan Falling (斧扇降, Fusenkō) Falling Fan Axe
Hurricane Blade (疾風刃, Shippūjin) Gale Blade
Dream Fan Dance (夢扇舞, Musenmai) Dance of the Dream Fan
Phantom Fan Dance (幻扇舞, Gensenmai) Dance of the Phantasm Fan
Rotating Fan Blade (転身扇刃, Tenshin Senjin)
Axe Fan Helmet Splitter (斧扇兜割, Fusen Kabutowari) Axe Fan Helmet Break
Fan Flash (扇一閃, Ōgi Issen)
Fan Wind Roaring Wall (扇風轟壁, Senpū Gōheki) Rumbling Fan Wind Wall


Slipping Foot (滑脚, Kakkyaku) Sliding Kick
Bare Thrust (素突, Sototsu)
Sky Tomoe (空巴, Sora Tomoe) Air Somersault


Ascension Upper (昇天アッパー, Shōten Appā) Rise-to-Sky Uppercut
Hot-Blooded Straight (熱血ストレート, Nekketsu Sutorēto) Hot-Blooded Straight Right
Steel Kick (鋼鉄キック, Kōtetsu Kikku) Kick of Steel
Heart and Soul Body Blow (入魂ボディーブロー, Niyūkon Bodīburō?)
Ascension Kick (昇天キック, Shōten Kikku) Rise-to-Sky Kick
Steel Chop (鋼鉄チョップ, Kōtetsu Choppu) Chop of Steel
Hot-Blooded Kick (熱血キック, Nekketsu Kikku)
One-Legged Batting Form (一本足打法, Ippon'ashi Dahō) One-Legged Hit Style
Rolling Throw (ローリング・スロー, Rōringu Surō)
Rolling Shoot (ローリング・シュート, Rōringu Shūto)
Burning Beat (バーニング・ビート, Bāningu Bīto)
Greatest Hit (グレイテスト・ヒット, Gureitesuto Hitto)
Ningame Rotating Attack (忍亀回転撃, Ningame Kaitengeki)


Adamantine Technique: Wild Strike (金剛術・乱れ打ち, Kongōjutsu: Midareuchi) Adamantine Jutsu: Wild Strike
Expanding Staff? (伸身如意, Shinshin Nyoi) Elastic Nyoi
Playing Monkey Foot (遊猿脚, Yūenkyaku) Playful Monkey Kick
Revolving Monkey Foot (旋猿脚, Sen'enkyaku) Turning Monkey Kick
Jaw Split (顎割り, Agitowari) Jawbreaker
Adamantine Technique: Earth Splitting (金剛術・大地割り, Kongōjutsu: Daichiwari) Adamantine Jutsu: Earthbreaker
Fangs of the Monkey King (猿王の牙, En'Ō no Kiba)
Adamantine Technique: Fishing with a Pole (金剛術・一本釣り, Kongōjutsu: Ipponduri) Adamantine Jutsu: Single-Rod Fishing
Adamantine Technique: Great Strike Descend (金剛術・大打降し, Kongōjutsu: Daidakudashi) Adamantine Jutsu: Great Prang
Adamantine Technique: Great Launch (金剛術・大打上げ, Kongōjutsu: Ōuchiage) Adamantine Jutsu: Great Launch
Adamantine Technique: Cranium Crusher (金剛術・頭蓋砕き, Kongōjutsu: Zugai Kudaki) Adamantine Jutsu: Cranium Smash
Adamantine Technique: Under Thrust (金剛術・裏突き, Kongōjutsu: Uratsuki) Adamantine Jutsu: Under-Thrust
Staff Adamantine Bind (如意金剛縛, Nyoi Kongōbaku)
Soul Beheading (魂魄斬, Konpakuzan)
Soul Bisection (魂魄両断, Konpaku Ryōdan)


Sunshine Bright Flash (陽明閃, Yōmeisen) Flash of Light
Spiralling Palm (螺旋掌, Ransenshō) Spiral Palm
Sage Attack Fall (仙襲落, Senshūraku) Raid of the Mountain Hermit
Permanent Ferocity Song (悠猛歌, Yūmōka) Song of Eternal Ferocity
Lion Dance (獅子舞踊, Shishi Buyō) Dance of the Lion
Magnificent Breeze? (和風堂々, Wafū Dōdō)
Love's Prisoner Rushing Madly Ahead (虜惚猛進, Ryokotsu Mōshin) Prisoner of Love Rushes Headlong
Comet Strike (彗叩, Suikō)
Lightning Depth (雷底, Raitei) The Depths of Lightning
Bamboo Shoot Scratching Stab (筍掻突, Shunsōtotsu) Scratch Thrust of the Bamboo Shoot
Falling Leaves Hammer (落葉槌, Rakuyō Tsuchi) Hammer of Falling Leaves
Passing Years' Palm (歳流掌, Sairyūshō?) Palm of the Passing Years
Underworld Toad Dance (黄泉蝦蟇踊り, Yomi Gama Odori)
Technique Left by the Fourth (四代目の遺した術, Yondaime no Nokoshita Jutsu)


Bush Clover Boar (萩猪, Hagii)
Peony Butterfly (牡丹蝶, Botanchō)
Pampas Moon (薄月, Usutsuki)
Crimson Leaves Deer (紅葉鹿, Kōyōka) Deer of the Autumn Leaves
Pine Crane (松鶴, Shōkaku) Crane of the Pine
Chrysanthemum Cup (菊盃, Kiku Sakazuki) Chrysanthemum Goblet
Poulownia ??? (桐笥籠, Kirikego) Poulownia Bowl
Crimson Iris (紅菖蒲, Benishōbu)
Wisteria Cuckoo (藤杜鵑, Tōtoken)
Plum Bush Warbler (梅鶯, Baiō) Plum Warbler
Willow Swallow (柳燕, Ryūen)
Cherry Blossom Curtain (桜幕, Sakura Maku) Curtain of the Cherry Blossom
Super Heel Drop (超かかと落とし, Chō Kakato Otoshi)
Gambling Shoot (博打撃ち, Bakuchi Uchi)
Super Forehead Poke (超デコピン, Chō Dekopin) Super Slap
Nerve Chaos (神経混乱, Shinkei Konran) Nerve Confusion
Katsuyu Summons (カツユ召喚, Katsuyu Shōkan) Giant Slug Appears


Palm Wave (掌波, Shōha)
Combo Blade (連刃, Renba)
Stabbing Foot (刺脚, Shikyaku) Stabbing Kick (pun 刺客 assassin)
Cold Needles (凛針, Rinshin) Piercing Needles
Spirit Foot (心脚, Shinkyaku) Spirit Kick
Flowing Blade (流刃, Ryūba)
Rising Blade (昇刃, Shōba)
??? (受劈, Juheki) Cleaving
Revolving Blade (旋刃, Senjin) (different from Kakashi)
Abandon Stab (棄刺, Fujin) Stabbing Renunciation
Palm Sharp (掌尖, Shōsen) Sharp Palm
Wheel Fall (輪落, Rinraku) Wheel Drop
Rotating Beheading (転斬, Tenzan) Rolling Slash (different from Itachi)
Positive Releasing Technique: Style One/Two/Three??? (解陽術・一式/二式/三式, Kaiyōjutsu: Isshiki/Nishiki/Sanshiki) Light Release Jutsu: Style One/Two/Three

Sealed Orochimaru:

Demon Wail Blade (鬼哭の刃, Kikoku no Yaiba) Blade of the Lamenting Demon
Sword of the Dead (亡者の剣, Mōja no Tsurugi) Sword of the Deceased
Corpse Mow Down (屍薙, Shitei) Corpse Mow-Down
Grudging Demon Fence (怨鬼の柵, Enki no Saku) Fence of the Vengeful Demon
Snake Tongue of Hell (奈落の蛇舌, Naraku no Jazetsu) Snake Tongue of Underworld
Hades Blade (冥府の刃, Meifu no Yaiba) Blade from the Center of Hades
Snake Rope (蛇綱, Jazuma)
Soft Neck Throw (軟の頸投/軟の頚投?, Nan no Keitō)
Snake Arrival (蛇来, Jarai) Snake Grip
Blade of Love and Hate (恩讐の刃, Onshū no Yaiba)
Blade of Mark of Grudge (怨痕の刃, Enkon no Yaiba) Blade of the Vestige of Vengeance (pun 怨恨 enkon enmity/grudge)
Dazzling Rotation (眩回, Genkai)
Snake Tongue Sucking Choke? (舌蛇吸咽, Zetsuda Kyūin) Snake Tongue Sucks In
Manda: Underworld Canter (マンダ・黄泉駆け, Manda: Yomigake) Giant Snake: Underworld Dash
Trained Soul Release: Stage One/Two/Three (練気開放・壱段/弐段/参段, Renki Kaihō: Ichidan/Nidan/Sandan)


Paralysis Weight (痲錘, Masui) Anesthesia Weight (pun: 痲酔/Masui/Anesthesia)
Puncture (穿刺, Senshi)
Critical Kick (臨蹴, Rinshū)
Instant Soul (心刹, Shinsetsu)
Clarity Invasion (冴侵, Gojin) (pun 誤診 misdiagnosis)
Steep Blow (陀撲, Dahoku) Fierce Blow (pun 打撲 body blow)
Instant Bone (骨刹, Kossetsu) (pun 骨折 bone fracture)
Abandoned Blaspheme (棄涜, Kitoku) (pun 危篤 Critical Illness/close to death)
Decisive Instant (決刹, Kessetsu/Kessatsu) (pun 結節 kessetsu (tuberculosis/stuff between bone and ligament)/結紮 kassetsu ligature)
Rotating Deceased (回亡, Kaibō) Reformed Death (pun 解剖 dissection/autopsy)
Interment Frolic/Play (葬戯, Sōgi) Funeral Game (pun 葬儀 funeral service)
Cut Interment (切葬, Kessō) Cutting Burial (pun 切創 knife wound)
Negative Releasing Technique: Style One/Two/Three??? (解陰術・一式/二式/三式, Kai injutsu: Isshiki/Nishiki/Sanshiki) Shadow Release Jutsu: Style One/Two/Three


Rising Drill (昇穿, Shōsen) Rising Blast
Instant Thrust (瞬突, Shuntotsu)
Falling Cut (降刈, Kōkai) Dropping Cut
Twin Moon (双月, Sōgetsu) Double Moon
Floating Moon (浮月, Fugetsu)
Lying Moon (臥月, Kagetsu)
Rotating Kick (転蹴, Tenshū) Rolling Kick
Fluttering Peregrine Falcon (翻隼, Honshun) Soaring Falcon
Falling Peregrine Falcon (落隼, Rakushun) Dropping Falcon
Revolving Beheading (旋斬, Senzan) Turning Slash
Rotating Beheading (転斬, Tenzan) Rolling Slash (different from Shizune)
Dancing Kick (舞蹴, Mushū) Dancing Slash
Shadow Clone: Smash (影分身・砕, Kage Bunshin: Sai)
Shadow Clone: Haze (影分身・朧, Kage Bunshin: Oboro)
Swift Water (迅水, Jinsui)
Hazy Moon (朧月, Oborozuki) (different from ANBU Kakashi)


Consistent Beheading (一貫斬り, Ikkangiri) Consistent Slash
Reverse Roaring Strike (裏轟打ち, Rigōuchi) Back Roaring Hit
Kick In (蹴込み, Kekomi)
Great Ruler? Drop (大矩おろし, Ōgane Oroshi) Giant Rectangular Drop
Necessary Shaving (要削り, Kaname Kezuri) Necessary Slashing
Forgiveness Piercing Drop? (怒貫おろし, Dokkan?Shokan Oroshi)
Kick Slipping (蹴滑り, Kesuberi) Kick Slide
Back Beheading (背斬り, Segiri) Back Slash
Discard Strike (捨打ち, Suteuchi) Dump Hit
Abatis Beheading (逆茂斬り, Sakamogiri) Reverse Trimming (pun 逆茂木)
??? (落掛け, Otoshigake?) Crossbar
Great Dance Beheading (大舞斬り, Ōmaigiri) Giant Dance Slash
Scrapping Destruction Wild Dance (削滅乱舞, Sakumetsu Ranbu) Mad Dance of Annihilation
Scrapping Beheading? (削ぎ斬り, Sogigiri?Kosogigiri) (pun 削ぎ切り) Diminishing Slash
Hungry Beheading? (喰気斬り, Kukigiri?Kurokigiri) Appetite Slash


Rotating Back Beheading (転背斬, Tenhaizan) Spinning Back Slash
Scattering Tear Beheading (散裂斬, Sanretsuzan) Scatter Burst Slash
Flying Revolving Sword (飛旋剣, Hisenken) Flying Turn Slash
Beheading Abandon (斬捨, Kirisute) Discard Slash (pun: 斬捨て御免 kirisutegomen)
Cranium Drilling (頭蓋穿, Zugaisen) Skull-Crusher
Hiding in Mist Combo Attack (霧隠連撃, Kirigakurengeki) Mist-Shrouded Pummeling
Strike (叩撃, Kōgeki) Pounding Strike
Beheading Forest (斬林, Kirin/Zanrin?) Forest Slash


Ice Dance Performance (氷演舞, Hyōenbu) Theatre of Ice
Soaring Revolving Senbon (翔旋千本, Shōsen Senbon) Soaring Turn Senbon
Soaring Flying Foot (翔飛脚, Shōkikyaku) Soaring Kick


Dark Rotation (闇回, Ankai)
Snake Dance Revolving (蛇踊旋, Jayōsen) Snake Dance Turn
Snake Stroke (蛇撫, Jabu) Snake Caress
Dance of the Sword (剣の舞, Ken no Mai/Tsurugui no Mai) Blade Dance
South Gate and East Gate (南門東門, Nanmon Tōmon)
West Gate and North Gate (西門北門, Seimon Hokumon)

Doto Kazahana:

Heavenly Amazement Flying Elegance? (天仰翔雅, Tengyō Shōga)
Flowering Violence Hegemonic Kick (花烈蹴覇, Karesshūha)
Jewelled Necklace Hegemonic Trample (瓔珞踏覇, Yōraku Tōha)
Twin Hegemonic Kick (双蹴覇, Sōshūha)
Surging Waves Elegance (怒涛雅, Dotō Miyabi)
Flash Hegemonic Kick (閃蹴覇, Senshūha)
Perpetual Motion (永久機関, Eikyūkikan)
Majestic Flower (威風花, Ifū Hana)
Shining Radiance Fly (耀輝飛, Yōkihi)
Gleaming Grace (煌典雅, Kōtenga)
Spledorous Heavenly Fall (華天落, Katenraku)
Gracious Rising Hegemony (雅昇覇, Gashōha)

ANBU Kakashi:

Double Beheading (斬二連, Zanniren) Two-Shot Slash
Armour Drilling Thrust (突甲穿, Tokkōsen) Armor Drill Thrust
Beheading Circle Flash (斬円閃, Zanensen) Round Light Slash
Double Mow Down (薙二連, Naginiren) Two-Shot Mow-Down
Kick Blade Attack (蹴刃撃, Shūjingeki) Kick Blade Strike
Twin Blade Attack (双刃撃, Sōjingeki) Double Blade Strike
Slipping Kick (滑蹴, Katsushū) Sliding Kick
Fluttering Kick (翻蹴, Honshū) Soaring Kick
Air Rotation (空回, Kūkai) Air Spin
Combo Kick (連蹴, Renshū) Kick Combo
Falling Kick (落蹴, Rakushū) Drop Kick
Rotating Blade Attack (回刃撃, Kaijingeki) Spinning Blade Strike
Young Fang (若き牙, Wakaki Kiba)
???: Awakening Technique (甲式/乙式/丙式・覚醒術, ???: Kakuseijutsu) First/Second/Third Style: Awakening Jutsu

Nine-Tails Naruto:

Insentient Kick (無心蹴り, Mushin Keri) Arcadius Kick
Great Iron Fist (大鉄拳, Daitekken) Giant Iron Fist
Great Strong Foot (大剛脚, Daigōkyaku) Giant Ferocious Kick
Instinct of the Beast (野獣の本能, Yajū no Hon'nō)
Red Chakra Release (赤いチャクラ解放, Akai Chakura Kaihō)
Red Chakra Explosion (赤いチャクラ炸裂, Akai Chakura Sakuretsu)

Taijutsu Naruto:

Iron Fist Barrage (鉄拳連打, Tekken Renda) Iron Fist Flurry
Green Impact (碧い衝撃, Aoi Shōgeki) Blue Impact (Rock Lee in UN3)
Attacking Thrust Fist (撃突拳, Gekitotsuken) Smashing Fist
Ultimate Ninja Entry (ナルティメットエントリー, Narutimettoentorī) Ultimate Entry
Naruto Lotus (ナルト蓮華, Naruto Renge) Primary Lotus
Courage One Shot! (勇気の一発!, Yūki no Ippatsu!) A Blow of Bravery!
Fighting Spirit One Shot! (気合の一発!, Kiai no Ippatsu!) A Blow of Fighting Spirit!
Guts One Shot! (根性の一発!, Konjō no Ippatsu!) A Blow of Mettle!

Byakugan Hinata:

Revolving Rising Strike (旋昇打, Senshōda) Turning Rising Strike
Revolving Combo Foot (旋連脚, Senrenkyaku) Turning Flurry Kick
Earth Cutting Palm (地刈掌, Jigaishō) Earth Cutter Palm
Elbow Crash Strike (肘墜打, Chūtsuida) Elbow Drop Hit
??? (壮経・壱/弐/参の態, Sōkei: Ichi/Ni/San no Tai) Meridian: Fist/Second/Third State

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Ultimate Ninja 3

And now for UN3. Kanji mostly from here and rōmaji from faqs from gamefaqs. Kanji from Hanabi's I also got from gamefaqs. A couple characters I got from a few random sites, if you don't find it in the link above, just Google it in quotation marks and you'll find it. This person has videos on the moveset of every character in the game. Just search for Naruto in his videos.


Anti-Figure (反姿, Kaeshi) Warped Figure
Sashimi (刺身)
Strike Track (叩軌, Tataki) Track Strike
Open Track (開軌, Hiraki) Track Open
Bullet Dango (弾子, Dango) Bullet Child
Rice Sesame (米胡麻, Beigoma)
Donburi Throw (曇撫離投げ, Donburi Nage) (garaigo?)

Taijutsu Naruto:

Green Revolving Attack (碧い旋撃, Aoi Sengeki) Green Whirling Attack

Butterfly Chōji:

Blue Heavenly Dance (蒼天舞, Sōtenbu) Blue Sky Dance
??? (空?砲, Kūtenhō) Empty Cannonball
Twisting Axe (捻転斧, Nentenfu)
瞬?? (Shunshinkō) Instant Smash
??? (空天翔?, Kūtenshō) Flying Heaven
Falling Dragon Spear (降龍槍, Kōryūsō) Falling Dragon Spear
Comet Thrust (彗星突, Suiseitotsu) Shooting Star Thrust
??? (???, Tenku'u) Pegasus Wing
Air Pressure Beheading (空圧斬, Kūatsusen) Air Pressure Slash
Flying Revolving Foot (飛転脚, Hitenkyaku) Flying Spin Kick
Tearing Air Rising (裂空昇, Rekkūshō) Rising Air Slice
Beheading Heavenly Axe (斬天斧, Sentenfu) Slashing Heaven Axe
Butterfly ? Angry Throw (蝶抜怒投, Chōhatsu Dotō) Butterfly Rage Throw
Butterfly Bullet Exploding (蝶弾爆裂, Chōdan Bakuretsu) Butterfly Bomb Sever

Shukaku Gaara:

Sand Heaven (砂天, Saten) Sand Sky
Sand Arm Attack (砂腕撃, Sawangeki) Sand Arm Blow
Heavy Sand Tail (砂重の尾, Sajū no O) Sand Tail
Violent Sand (烈砂, Retsusa) Fierce Sand
Raving Sand Erupting Dust? (暴砂噴塵, Bōsafunjin) Sand Erupting Dust
Running Sand Chewing Bullet (轢砂噛弾, Rekisagōdan) Sand Bullet
Sand Tanuki Body Cannon (砂狸躯砲, Sarikuhō) Sand Cannonball
Quicksand Scrapping Attack (流砂削激, Ryūsasakugeki) Sand Blast
Shoot to Heaven? (放天, Hōten) Heaven Release
Erupting Sand Waterfall Bullet (噴砂瀑弾, Funsabakudan) Erupting Sand Bullet
Angry Sand (怒砂, Dosha) Raging Sand (pun土砂)
Waterfall Flow Calamity Pebbles (瀑流禍礫, Bakuryūkareki) Pellet Stream


Circle Rising Strike (輪昇打, Rinshōda) Rising Circle Strike
Cannon Charge (砲突撃, Hōtotsugeki) Cannonball Charge
Below Heaven Crumbling Attack (下天崩撃, Getenhōgeki) Earth Destruction Attack
Revolving Palm (旋回掌, Senkaishō) Whirling Palm
Heavenly Thrust Repeating Palm (天突連掌, Tentotsu Renshō) Heaven Thrust Repeating Palm
Lake Surface Twin Feet (湖面双脚, Komen Sōkyaku) Lake Surface Twin Kick
White Explosive Chakra Palm (白爆経掌, Byakubakukeishō)
Leaping Back Both Feet (跳背両脚, Chōhai Ryōkyaku) Jumping Double Back Kick
Heaven Seizing Cannon Palm (天掴砲掌, Tenhaku Hōshō) Seizing Heaven Cannonball Palm
Violent Flower? Palm (烈華掌, Rekkashō) Fierce Palm
Windmill (風車, Kazaguruma)


Blue Sky Sublimation Foot (蒼空昇華脚, Sōkū Shōkakyaku) Rising Blue Sky Kick
Tearing Pathway Triple Attack (破経三連撃, Hakei Sanrengeki) Chakra Network Triple Attack
Blue Burial Striking Combo Attack (蒼葬襲連撃, Sōsō Shūrengeki) Blue Burial Attack
Striking Heaven Crumbling Attack (襲天崩撃, Shūten Hōgeki) Collapsing Heaven Attack
Instant Pathway Combo Thrust (瞬経連突, Shunkei Rentotsu) Instant Charka Network Barrier
Infinite Pathway Thrust (無限経突, Mugen Keitotsu)


Rising Fang (昇牙, Shōga)
Whirlwind Fang (旋風牙, Senpūga)
Typhoon Claw (台風爪, Taifūsō)
Hundred Animal Claws Attack (百獣爪襲, Hyaku Jūsōshū) 100 Animal Claw Attack


Vagabond Ruffian (風来無頼, Fūrai Burai)
??? (千両躍者, Senryō Yakusha) Energetic One (pun 千両役者)


Rock Throw (岩投, Gantō) Stone Throw
Releasing Strike (放打, Hōda)
Punishing Palm (伐掌, Basshō) Cutting Palm
Strong Thrust (剛突, Gōtotsu) Heavy Thrust
Lightning Greatness (雷豪(轟?), Raigō) Lightning Roar
Violent Cannon (暴砲, Bōhō) Violent Cannonball
Rising Lightning (昇雷, Shōrai) Rising Thunder
Falling Attack (落撃, Rakugeki) Drop Attack
Falling Body (落体, Rakutai) Body Drop

Cursed Seal Jirōbō:

??? Elbow Attack (?肘撃, Gōchūgeki) Elbow Strike
Earth Severing ??? (地断?, Jidanda) Earth Severing
(Earth and Heaven?)??? Heaven Cannon ((土天砲?)?天砲, Dottenbō?Dotenbō) Earth and Heaven Cannonball (rōmaji I found for this has two t, but I can't find any kanji that would make sense like that based on the English translation)
Stomp Pressure (踏圧, Tōatsu)
Heavenly Attack (天撃, Tengeki) Heaven Attack


Camellia (椿, Tsubaki)
Deutzia (空木, Utsugi)
Alder (夜叉五倍子, Yashabushi)
Honeysuckle (吸葛/忍冬?, Suikazura)
Willow (, Yanagi)

Cursed Seal Kimimaro: (there's an image for one of his techniques listed here that we already use wrongly for one of the techniques of him we already have, I think it's Nejirihana)

Drooping Flower? (枝垂れ華, Shidarehana)? Hanging Flower
Trifoliate Orange (, Karatachi)
Alpine Clematis (深山半鐘, Miyama Hanshō)
Sonchus Oleraceus (鬼野芥子, Oninogeshi)
Uncaria (???, Kagikazura)
Vine (, Tsuru) Creeper
Frog (剣山, Kenzan)
Heavenly Flower (天華, Tenka)
??? (???, Rikka) Standing Flower
??? (???, Hōkihana) Shooting Flower
Vine and Flower (蔓と花, Tsuru to Hana)


Spider Leg Return (蜘蛛足返し, Kumoashi Gaeshi) Spider Leg Counter
Sticky Gold Thorn (粘金棘刺, Nenkin Kyokushi) Malleable Metal Stab
Sticky Gold Biting Jaw (粘金咬顎, Nenkin Kōkaku) Malleable Metal Jaw Bite
Spider Leg Claw Cut (蜘蛛足爪裁, Kumoashi Sōsai) Spider Foot Claw Cut
Spider Revolving Axe (蜘蛛旋斧, Kumosenfu) Spider Spiral Axe
Spider Sticking Spit: Dancing Bird Capture (蜘蛛粘吐・舞鳥捕獲, Kumo Nento: Maidori Hokaku) Spider Gum: Dancing Bird Capture
Spider Sticking Spit: Crawling Insect Capture (蜘蛛粘吐・這虫捕獲, Kumo Nento: Haimushi Hokaku) Spider Gum: Crawling Insect Capture
Spider Sticking Spit: Halfway Around the Earth (蜘蛛粘吐・天下半周, Kumo Nento: Tenka Hanshū) Spider Gum: Halfway Around the Earth
Spider Sticking Spit: Wrapping Thread (蜘蛛粘吐・纏糸, Kumo Nento: Tenshi) Spider Gum: Clad String
Spider Rising Spear (蜘蛛昇槍, Kumoshōsō)
Ceiling Crawl Fall (天井這落, Tenjō Sharaku) Ceiling Crawl Drop
Eight Boats Spider Leg (八艘蜘蛛足, Hassō Kumoashi) 8 Ship Spider Leg

Cursed Seal Kidōmaru:

Spider War Bow: Shot (蜘蛛戦弓・放射, Kumo Senkyū: Hōsha) Spider Bow: Shot
Spider War Bow: Wagtail (蜘蛛戦弓・鶺鴒, Kumo Senkyū: Sekirei) Spider Bow: Wagtail
Spider War Bow: Falling Shot (蜘蛛戦弓・降射, Kumo Senkyū: Kōsha) Spider Bow: Dropping Shot
Spider War Bow: Peerless Shot (蜘蛛戦弓・無双放射, Kumo Senkyū: Musōhōsha) Spider Bow: Ultra Shot
Spider War Bow: One Point Shot (蜘蛛戦弓・一点放射, Kumo Senkyū: Ittenhōsha) Spider Bow: One Point Shot
Spider War Bow: Cloud Dragon Shot Hunt (蜘蛛戦弓・雲龍射猟, Kumo Senkyū: Unryūsharyō) Spider Bow: Cloud Dragon Bow Hunt
Spider War Bow: Sea Surface Parting Shot (蜘蛛戦弓・海面割射, Kumo Senkyū: Kaimenkassha) Spider Bow: Sea Parting Shot
Spider War Bow: ??? Shot (蜘蛛戦弓・?経?射, Kumo Senkyū: Jōkeisosha) Spider Bow: Chakra Shot
Heavenly Spider Binding (天蜘蛛縛り, Amagumo Shibari) Heaven Spider Web Net
Obliterating ? Bow (滅殺強弓, Messatsu Gōkyū) Destruction Power Bow


Instant Rotating Rising Kick (瞬転昇蹴, Shuntenshōshū) Instant Rising Kick
Shooting Light Flash (射光閃, Shakōsen) Shooting Flash
Radiant Blade Flash (輝刃閃, Kijinsen) Shining Blade Flash
Triple Light Flash (三光閃, Sankōsen) Triple Flash
Rising Lightning Flash (昇雷閃, Shōraisen) Rising Thunder Flash
Light Particle Foot (粒光脚, Ryūkōkyaku) Light Particle Kick
Swift Light Bullet (疾光弾, Shikkōdan) Lightning Bullet
Homecoming Light Flash (帰光閃, Kikōsen) Returning Light Flash
Falling Lightning Blade (落雷刃, Rakuraijin)
Thunderclap Flash (迅雷閃, Jinraisen) Lightning Flash
Instant Light (瞬光, Shunkō)

Konohamaru: (while looking for this, I might have removed some characters that seemed to be just phonetic indicators, kinda like his -kore, to be able to get a proper translation)

Konohamaru Corps Theatre (木ノ葉丸軍団劇場, Konohamaru Gundam Gekijō) Konohamaru Ninja Squad Theater
You Can't See Me! (見えないだろ!, Mienaidarō!)
Spin, Spin, Bam! (ぐるぐどか~ん!, Gurugurudokkan!)
I Got You! (かかったな!, Kakattana!)
Fly Away! (飛んでけ!, Tondeke!)
Jump Over! (飛び越えろ!, Tobikoero!)
Keep Away From Me! (こっち来るなコレ!, Kotchikurunakore!)
Go Away! (あっち行けコレ!, Atchiike kore!)
Thump (ごっつんこ!, Gottsunko!)
Slam! (ぴった~ん!, Pittan!)
Ninja Tool ??? (忍具ぽいぽい!, Ningu Poipoi!)

Manda (Orochimaru Summon):

Snake Tail Mow Down? (蛇尾薙?, Dabinagi)
??? (軍陀羅?, Gundara)
Gods? (神々, Kamigami)

Katsuyu (Tsunade Summon):

Flexibility (柔軟, Jūnan)?
Bone Oil (骨油, Kotsuyu)?


Hot-Blooded Front Lotus (熱血表蓮華, Nekketsu Omote Renge) Hot-Blooded Primary Lotus


Ring Snake Rotating Foot (輪蛇転脚, Rinjatenkyaku) Ring Snake Kick
Hidden Shadow Snake Hands: Snake Thrust/Stab (潜影蛇手・蛇突, Sen'eijashu: Jatotsu) Striking Shadow Snake: Snake Thrust
Hidden Shadow Snake Hands: Snake Fall (潜影蛇手・蛇降, Sen'eijashu: Jakō) Striking Shadow Snake: Snake Fall
Blade Snake Hidden Shadow (刃蛇潜影, Haja Sen'ei) Blade Snake Shadow
Pursuing Snake Foot Rising (追蛇脚昇, Tsuijakyakushō) Pursuing Snake Rising Kick
Hidden Shadow Snake Hands: Snake Whip (潜影蛇手・蛇鞭, Sen'eijashu: Jaben) Striking Shadow Snake: Snake Whip
Crawling Snake Drilling Foot (這蛇穿脚, Hajasenkyaku) Slithering Snake Thrust Kick
Hidden Shadow Snake Hands: Snake Bind (潜影蛇手・蛇縛, Sen'eijashu: Jabaku) Striking Shadow Snake: Snake Capture
Snake Bind Rotating Foot (蛇縛転脚, Jabakutenkyaku) Snake Capture Rolling Kick
Hidden Shadow Snake Hands: Snake Amazement? (潜影蛇手・蛇仰, Sen'eijashu: Jagyō) Striking Shadow Snake: Snake Cult
Hidden Shadow Snake Hands: Snake Pursuit (潜影蛇手・蛇追, Sen'eijashu: Jatsui) Striking Shadow Snake: Snake Pursuit
Revolving Snake Kicking Foot (旋蛇蹴脚, Senjashūkyaku) Spiral Snake Kick
Fierce Snake Trample (猛蛇蹂躙, Mōjajūrin) Snake Stomp
Destruction Wild Snake (撃滅乱蛇, Gekimetsu Randa) Wild Snake Destructive Attack


Demon Arrival (鬼来, Kirai) Demon Slash


Fawn Return (子鹿返り, Kojikakaeri)
Shadowless Concealment (無影潜, Mueisen) Shadowless Conceal
Shadow Releasing Stab (影放刺, Kagehōshi) Released Shadow Pierce
Shadow Dredge (影渫い, Kagesarai) Shadow Eradication
Exploding Style Shadow Concealment (爆式影潜, Bakushiki Eisen) Explosive Style Shadow Conceal


Rising River Drilling Foot (昇河穿脚, Shōkasenkyaku) Rising River Thrust Kick
Water Palm Blade (水掌刃, Suishōjin)
Hydrate (抱水, Hōsui) Water Return
Running Water Beheading (流水斬, Ryūsuizan) Flowing Water Slash
Falling Heel (転落踵, Tenrakushō) Heel Drop
Instant Water (瞬水, Shunsui)
Swirling Current Foot Rage (渦流脚激, Karyūkyakugeki) Whirlpool Kick
Waterfall Basin Drop (滝壺落とし, Takitsubo Otoshi) Water Basin Drop
Spreading Water Foot (氾水脚, Hansuikyaku) Flood Kick
Lion Water (獅水, Shisui)
Spray Combo Foot (飛沫連脚, Himatsu Renkyaku) Spray Kick Barrage

One-Tailed Naruto:

Crimson Whirlwind (紅蓮旋風, Guren Senpū) Blazing Whirlwind
Crimson Claw ??? (紅蓮爪?, Guren Sōka) Blazing Claw Dash
Crimson Claw Dance (紅蓮爪舞, Guren Sōbu) Blazing Claw Dance
Crimson Dust Cloud (紅蓮風塵, Guren Fūjin) Blazing Dust
Crimson Air Dance (紅蓮空舞, Guren Kūbu) Blazing Air Dance
Crimson Vibrating Bullet (紅蓮震弾, Guren Shindan) Blazing Vibrating Bullet
Crimson Drop? (紅蓮倒落?, Guren Tōraku) Blazing Drop
Crimson Flying Flowing Attack (紅蓮飛流撃, Guren Hiryūgeki) Blazing Flying Strike
Crimson Whirlwind ? (紅蓮旋風?, Guren Senpūjin) Blazing Whirlwind (blade?formation?swift?dust?)
Crimson Quaking Attack (紅蓮震撃, Guren Shingeki) Blazing Tremor Attack
Crimson Claw Attack (紅蓮爪撃, Guren Sōgeki) Blazing Claw Strike
Crimson Revolving Flower (紅蓮旋花, Guren Senka) Blazing Whirling Flower


Dark Rotation: Abyss (闇回・淵, Ankai: Fuchi)
Cruel Carving? Kagura (惨刻神楽, Zankoku Kagura) Cruel Sacred Dance (pun 残酷/惨酷)
Sickle Neck (鎌首, Kamakubi)


Multiple Connected Expanding Horn Feet (多連伸角脚, Tarenshinkakukyaku) Multi Growing Horn Kick
Multiple Connected Dark Life Fists (多連暗生拳, Tarenanshōken) Multi Dark Life Fists
Multiple Connected Demon Claw Feet (多連鬼爪脚, Tarenkisōkyaku) Multi Demon Claw Kick
Multiple Connected Cruel Wind Feet (多連惨風脚, Tarensanpūkyaku) Multi Cruel Wind Kick
Multiple Connected Wailing Dragon Feet (多連哭龍脚, Tarenkokuryūkyaku) Multi Howling Dragon Kick
Multiple Connected Prison Stabbing Feet (多連獄刺脚, Tarengokushikyaku) Multi Imprisoning Stabbing Kick
Multiple Connected Dead Hand Fists (多連亡手拳, Tarenmōshuken) Multi Dead Hand Fist
Multiple Connected Diabolical Crying Fists (多連(閻?)閣鳴拳, Tarenenmeiken) Multi Diabolical Shouting Fist
Multiple Connected Imprisonment Feet (多連投獄脚, Tarentōgokukyaku) Multi Imprisoning Kick
Multiple Connected Pursuing Carrier? Feet (多連追般脚, Tarentsuihankyaku) Multi Pursuing Kick
Multiple Connected Demon Beckoning Feet (多連鬼招(客?)脚, Tarenkishōkyaku) Multi Demon Calling Kick
Multiple Connected Evil Running Fists (多連魔走拳, Tarenmasōken) Multi Evil Dash Kick
Exploding Destruction Method Formation (爆滅法陣, Bakumetsu Hōjin) Explosive Destruction Formation
Left Dusting Palm, Right Tearing Foot (左塵掌・右裂脚, Sajinshō: Uretsukyaku) Left Dust Strike, Right Severing Kick

Cursed Seal Sakon:

Alpha Omega Pursuit Rising Attack (阿吽追昇撃, Auntsuishōgeki) Alpha Omega Rising Pursuit Attack
Alpha Omega ? Colliding Strike (阿吽?衝打, Auntsuishōda) Alpha Omega Collision Strike
Alpha Omega Heaven and Earth Smash (阿吽天地砕?, Auntenchidōsai) Alpha Omega Heaven & Eater Crush
Alpha Omega Fierce? Attack (阿吽猛(兇/凶/梟)襲, Aunmōkyōshū(Aunkyōmōshū?)) Alpha Omega Fierce Attack
Multiple Connected Rising Fists (多連昇拳, Tarenshōken) Multiple Rising Fists
Alpha Omega Mirror Facing? Strike (阿吽(對?)鏡打, Auntsuikyōda) Alpha Omega Mirror Strike
Alpha Omega Pursuit Barrage (阿吽連追打, Aunrentsuida) Alpha Omega Pursuing Barrage
Alpha Omega Twin Strike Cannon (阿吽(雙/双)打大砲, Aunsōdataihō) Alpha Omega Twin Cannonball
Alpha Omega Demon Beanbag (阿吽鬼手玉, Aunonitedama)
Alpha Omega Air Tearing Claw (阿吽空裂爪, Aunkūretsusō) Alpha Omega Air Severing Claw
Multiple Connected Converging Fists (多連収束拳, Tarenshūsokuken) Multiple Bundle Fist
Multiple Connected Prison ? Fists (多連獄(窓?)拳, Tarengokusōken) Multiple Hell Imprisoning Fist
Multiple Connected Comet? Rising Feet (多連(彗?)昇脚, Tarensuishōkyaku) Multiple Shooting Kick


Flashing Air Fierce Falling Attack (閃空猛墜撃, Senkū Mōtsuigeki) Flashing Air Fierce Attack
Flying Fist Boxer (飛翔拳闘士, Hishōken Tōshi) Soaring Boxer
Iai (居合い抜き, Iainuki) Quick Draw
Magnificent One-Two Shot (華麗なる壱弐発, Kareinaru Ichi Nitotsu)
??? (掴身投崩, Kakushin Tōhō) Body Throw
Air Drop (宙空落とし, Chūkū Otoshi)
Exploding Air Kick (爆宙蹴り, Bakuchū Keri) Exploding Suspension Kick
Leg Axe Kick (足斧蹴り, Sokufu Keri)
Twin Attack (双撃, Sōgeki) Twin Strike
Flying Swallow: Sky Drill (飛燕・空穿, Hien: Kūsen) Flying Sparrow Thrust


Heavenly Tree of Pain (痛天樹, Tsūtenju) Heavenly Forest of Pain
Leaf Wind Formation (木ノ葉風陣, Konoha Fūjin) Hidden Leaf Wind Formation
Peerless Foot (無双脚, Musōkyaku) Ultra Kick
Adamantine Fist (金剛拳, Kongōken)
Golden Lotus Blossom (黄金蓮咲, Kogane Renshō)
True Elbow Strike (真肘打, Shinchūda) Elbow Strike
Adamantine Throw (金剛投げ, Kongōnage)
Tengu Return (天狗返り, Tengu Gaeshi) Tengu Turn
Strong Heavenly Punishment (剛力天誅, Gōriki Tenchū) Heaven's Punishment
Whirlwind Dance (旋風舞い, Tsumuji Mai)

Twin-Headed Wolf Kiba:

Fang Wolf Fang: Inexhaustible Beast King (牙狼牙・獣王無尽, Garōga: Jūōmujin)?

Drunk Lee:

Whirling Amazement Drink Kick? (旋転仰飲蹴, Sentengyoinshū)
Triple Twin Attack: ?Demon Killer? (三連双撃・鬼殺し, Sanrensōgeki: Onigoroshi)
Whirling Earth Cup (旋転地杯?, Sentenchihai) Whirling Earth Goblet
Reverse Barrel Turn (逆樽回し?, Sakadaru Mawashi) Reverse Barrel Spin
??? (月牙?撃?, Gekka Chōgeki) Moon Fang Strike
Double Kick (二本蹴, Nihonshū)
Boiling (Inflating?) Air Flying Heavenly Cannon (騰空飛天砲, Tōkūhitenhō) Boiling Air Flying Cannonball
Ordinary Flow Kick (常流蹴, Jōryūshū) Ever-Flow Kick
Dancing Throw Kick (舞投蹴, Butōshū)
Sunshine Bright Kick (陽明蹴, Yōmeishū) Chirping Kick
Soaring Air Foot (翔宙脚, Shōchūkyaku) Flying Kick
Cup Drop (杯落とし, Sakazuki Otoshi) Goblet Drop
Protrusion (突き出し, Tsukidashi) Shove
Drunken Lotus (酔蓮華, Suirenge) Loopy Lotus
Drunken Eight Whirlwinds (酔八旋風, Suihassenpū)


Demonic Flute: Chain Sound (魔笛・鎖音, Mateki: Sain) Demon Flute: Chain Sound
Demonic Flute: Sound Wings (魔笛・音羽, Mateki: Otoha) Demon Flute: Sound Wings
Demonic Flute: Dropping Sound (魔笛・滴音, Mateki: Tekiin) Demon Flute: Drop Sound
Demonic Flute: Circular Sound (魔笛・円音, Mateki: Enin) Demon Flute: Circle Sound
Demonic Flute: Moon Sound (魔笛・月音, Mateki: Getsuin) Demon Flute: Moon Sound
Demonic Flute: Footsteps Sound (魔笛・跫音, Mateki: Kyōon) Demon Flute: Footstep Sound
Demonic Flute: Wave Sound (魔笛・波音, Mateki: Hain) Demon Flute: Wave Sound
Long Silence (無音, Buin) Silence
Fluteless (無笛, Muteki) No Flute
Demonic Flute: Ring Sound (魔笛・環音, Mateki: Kanin) Demon Flute: Ring Sound
Demonic Flute: Cold Sound (魔笛・凛音, Mateki: Rinon) Demon Flute: Clear Sound
Demonic Flute: Hollow Sound (魔笛・虚音, Mateki: Kyoin) Demon Flute: Hollow Sound
Illusionary Warriors Manipulating Melody: Tied Madness (幻武操曲・絆狂, Genbusō Kyoku: Hankyō) Musical Manipulation: Tied Madness
Illusionary Warriors Manipulating Melody: Single Interment (幻武操曲・独葬, Genbusō Kyoku: Dokusō) Musical Manipulation: Single Burial

Cursed Seal Tayuya:

Illusionary Warriors Manipulating Melody: Claw Revolving Beheading (幻武操曲・爪旋斬, Genbusō Kyoku: Sōsenzan) Musical Manipulation: Claw Turning Slash
Illusionary Warriors Manipulating Melody: Claw ? Thrust (幻武操曲・爪?突, Genbusō Kyoku: Sōkatotsu) Musical Manipulation: Claw Thrust
Illusionary Warriors Manipulating Melody: Twin Claw Thrust (幻武操曲・双爪突, Genbusō Kyoku: Sōsōtotsu) Musical Manipulation: Twin Claw Thrust
Illusionary Warriors Manipulating Melody: Claw Smash (幻武操曲・爪砕, Genbusō Kyoku: Sōsai) Musical Manipulation: Claw Crush
Illusionary Warriors Manipulating Melody: Claw Rising Beheading (幻武操曲・爪昇斬, Genbusō Kyoku: Sōshōzan) Musical Manipulation: Claw Rising Slash
Illusionary Warriors Manipulating Melody: Claw Beheading Attack (幻武操曲・爪斬撃, Genbusō Kyoku: Sōzangeki) Musical Manipulation: Claw Slash Attack
Illusionary Warriors Manipulating Melody: Claw Heavy Attack (幻武操曲・爪重撃, Genbusō Kyoku: Sōjūgeki) Musical Manipulation: Heavy Claw Attack
Illusionary Warriors Manipulating Melody: Club Strong Strike (幻武操曲・棍剛打, Genbusō Kyoku: Kongōda) Musical Manipulation: Heavy Club Strike
Illusionary Warriors Manipulating Melody: Club Instant Strike (幻武操曲・棍瞬打, Genbusō Kyoku: Konshunda) Musical Manipulation: Instant Club Strike
Illusionary Warriors Manipulating Melody: Club Drilling Strike (幻武操曲・棍穿打, Genbusō Kyoku: Konsenda) Musical Manipulation: Club Thrust Strike
Illusionary Warriors Manipulating Melody: Kick Rising Revolving (幻武操曲・蹴昇旋, Genbusō Kyoku: Shūshōsen) Musical Manipulation: Rising Kick Spiral
Illusionary Warriors Manipulating Melody: Kick Pursuing Attack (幻武操曲・蹴追撃, Genbusō Kyoku: Shūtsuigeki) Musical Manipulation: Pursuing Kick Attack
Illusionary Warriors Manipulating Melody: Kick Ring Revolving (幻武操曲・蹴輪旋, Genbusō Kyoku: Shūrinsen) Musical Manipulation: Ring Kick Spiral


Great Fanning Wind Roaring Wall (大扇風轟壁, Daisenpū Gōheki) Severe Hurricane Wall


Twin Swallow Cut (双燕刈, Sōenkai)


Sun God (日神, Hi no Kami) The Sun God


Hidden Iron Claw (潜鉄爪, Sentessō)
Hurricane Foot (疾風脚, Shippūkyaku) Gale Force Kick
Blazing Wings (炎上羽, Enjōhane) Flame Wing
Straight Flower Foot (直華脚, Chokkakyaku) Direct Kick
Revolving Flame Attack (旋炎撃, Sen'engeki) Whirl Flame Attack/Strike
Fire Circle Falling Foot (火円落脚, Kaenrakukyaku) Flame Circle Drop Kick

Cursed Seal Sasuke:

Flying Flame Hurricane (飛炎疾風, Hienshippū) Flying Flame Gale
Whirlwind Roaring Swiftness (旋風轟迅, Senpūgōjin) Super Speed Whirlwind
? Interment Flame Dance (後葬炎舞, Kōsōenbu) Burial Flame Dance
Whirlwind Flaming Swiftness (旋風炎迅, Senpūenjin) Rapid Flame Whirlwind
Roaring Wind Flame Flying Fall (轟風炎飛落, Gōfūenhiraku) Roaring Wind Flame Drop
Hurricane Flame Frolic (疾風炎戯, Shippūengi) Gale Flame Prank
Flying Falcon Hell (飛隼奈落, Hishun Naraku) Flying Falcon Abyss
Dashing Flow Interment Swiftness (疾走流葬迅, Shissōryūsōjin) Rapid Burial Dash
Hurricane Soaring Flame Swiftness (疾風翔炎迅, Shippūshōenjin) Flying Gale Flame
Twin Flying Heavenly Feet (双飛天脚, Sōhitenkyaku) Twin Flying Kick
Flying Flame Flowing Dance (飛炎流舞, Hienryūbu) Flying Flame Dance


Special Attack Kick Strike (特攻蹴撃, Tokkōshūgeki) Charging Kick
Leaping Bombing (跳爆撃, Chōbakugeki) Jumping Explosion
Clone Crown of the Head Split (分身脳天割り, Bunshin Nōtenwari) Clone Jutsu: Crown of the Head Cut
Leaping Shadow Attack (跳影撃, Chōeigeki) Jumping Shadow Strike
Uzumaki Great Revolving (うずまき大回転, Uzumaki Daikaiten) Uzumaki Spin
Clone Revolving Kick (分身旋回蹴り, Bunshin Senkaikeri) Clone Jutsu: Whirling Kick
Clone Special Attack Bullet (分身特攻弾, Bunshin Tokkōdan) Clone Jutsu: Charging Bullet
Clone Uzumaki Rising Dragon (分身うずまき昇竜, Bunshin Uzumaki Shōryū) Clone Jutsu: Uzumaki Rising Dragon


? Colouring Foot (符彩脚, Fusaikyaku) Plate Coloring Kick
Withered Autumn Leaves (枯秋葉, Kareakiha) Withered Fall Leaves
Flower Zenith (華天頂, Katenchō) Floral Peak

Omnibender - Talk - Contributions 17:05, February 23, 2013 (UTC)

Ultimate Ninja 4

Pretty much got everything from here and here as far as kanji go, and faqs from gamefaqs for rōmaji. Depending how the English name in the game was, there were a few techniques where I considered a kanji change when the meaning of the kanji didn't match, and I was capable of finding a similar looking kanji, that could be explained through typos on the source's part. The first link is for UN4 and the second one is UN5, but the movesets for characters who are present in both games is the same, barring different awakenings if they exist. This guy has moveset videos for both the English game (just search for NUN5 moveset) and the Japanese game (search for accel moveset), added bonus that they have the names of the techniques, even the Japanese, so if anyone is really good at identifying kanji, feel free to check for errors.

Chiyo (taijutsu):

Two Hare Scales (二兎天秤, Nito Tenbin) Two Hare Balance
Advancing Traverse (起進踏破, Kijin Tōha) Advance Traverse
Lower Limbs Prospering Blaze (下肢盛焔, Kashi Sei'en) Lower Limbs Blaze
Leaping Mount Body (跳乗体躯, Chōjō Taiku) Hopping Mount
Twin Rising Feet (双昇脚, Sōshōkyaku) Double Rising Kick
Rotatory Palm (輪転掌, Rintenshō)
Hidden Advance Foot (潜進脚, Senshinkyaku) Submerged Advance Kick
Selflessness and Self-Respect (無我自尊, Muga Jison)
Sudden Hand (不意手, Fuishu)
Stiff Shoulder Thrust (肩硬突, Kenkōtotsu) Shoulder Thrust
Diagonal Fall/Drop (斜落, Sharaku) Slant Drop
North Smash (北砕, Hokusai) North Clash
Bottom Flash (底閃, Teisen)
Wind Stabbing (風刺, Fūshi) Wind Pierce
Skilful Manner (熟練作法, Jukuren Sahō)
Thousand ??? Drizzle (千与時雨, Chiyo Shigure) 1000 Autumn Shower
Son's Enemy?! (息子の仇?!, Musuko no Kataki?!)

Veteran Mode Chiyo:

Atmosphere to Seek? (仰ぐ大気, Aogu Taiki)
Beyond?Excessive Years (過ぐ歳月, Kagu Saigetsu?)
??? (降り作札, Furi Sasatsu?)
Severing Demise (絶ち終焉, Tachi Shūen)
Dancing Flying Bird (舞い飛鳥, Mai Hichō)
Bequeathing? Mole (遺い土竜, Nokoi? Mogura)
Human Stance: Repulse (人の構え・斥, Hito no Kamae: Seki?) Human Stance: Avoid
Earth Stance: Conceal (地の構え・掩, Chi no Kamae: En)
Heaven Stance: Murder (天の構え・殺, Ten no Kamae: Satsu?) Heaven Stance: Pillar
Stabbing Scarlet Sound (刺し朱音, Sashi Shuon?) Scarlet Sonic Pierce (not sure how to pronounce last two kanji)


Exploding Art: Rising Sequential Work? (爆破芸術・昇~連作~, Bakuha Geijutsu: Shōrensaku)
Exploding Art: Attacking Sequential Work? (爆破芸術・撃~連作~, Bakuha Geijutsu: Gekirensaku)
Exploding Art: Hoisting Sequential Work? (爆破芸術・揚~連作~, Bakuha Geijutsu: Yōrensaku)
Exploding Art: Retreating Sequential Work? ( 爆破芸術・退~連作~, Bakuha Geijutsu: Tairensaku)
Explosive Clay: Bird (起爆粘土・鳥, Kibaku Nendo: Tori)
Explosive Clay: Bird Flutter (起爆粘土・鳥翻, Kibaku Nendo: Torihon)
Explosive Clay: Spider (起爆粘土・蜘蛛, Kibaku Nendo: Kumo)
Exploding Interment (爆葬, Bakusō)
Exploding Interment~Sky~ (爆葬~空~, Bakusō~Kū~)
Midair Exploding Art: Heaven (空中爆破芸術・天, Kūchū Bakuha Geijutsu: Ten)
Midair Exploding Art: Pair (空中爆破芸術・双, Kūchū Bakuha Geijutsu: Sō)
Midair Exploding Art Trilogy (空中爆破芸術三部作, Kūchū Bakuha Geijutsu Sanbusaku)

Clay Bird Deidara:

Large (Scale) Bird Clay: Soaring (大型鳥粘土・翔, Ōgatatori Nendo: Shō)
Large (Scale) Bird Clay: Attack (大型鳥粘土・襲, Ōgatatori Nendo: Shū)
Large (Scale) Bird Clay: Thrust (大型鳥粘土・突, Ōgatatori Nendo: Totsu)


Death Beating Combo (撲殺コンボ, Bokusatsu Konbo) Fatal Beating Combo
Superhuman (Strong) Punch怪力パンチ (Kaikiri Panchi) Herculean Power Punch
Falling Flower Star (落華星, Rakkasei) Shooting Flower Star
Scorpion Needle (蠍針, Sasori Bari)
Obliterating Combo (滅殺コンボ, Messatsu Konbo) Destruction Combo
Asura Drop (阿修羅落とし, Ashura Otoshi)
Maiden's Fang (乙女の牙, Otome no Kiba)
Comet Bullet (彗星弾, Suiseidan)
Blasting Fist Strike (爆砕拳打, Bakusai Kenda) Explosive Smashing Fist
Ascension Combo (昇天コンボ, Shōten Konbo) Rising Heaven Combo
Maiden's Strong Fist (乙女の剛拳, Otome no Gōken) Maiden's Ferocious Fist
Maiden's True Feelings (乙女の本心, Otome no Honshin) Maiden's True Heart
Medical Ninjutsu: Strong Flash (医療忍術・剛閃, Iryō Ninjutsu: Gōsen) Medical Ninjutsu: Ferocious Flash
Superhuman (Strong) Earth Smiting (Strike/Attack) (怪力地面強打撃, Kaikiri Jimen Kyōdageki)
Mid-Spring Strike (春中打, Shunchūda) Killer Spring (UN5 technique)


Soaring Swallow (翔燕, Shōen) Flying Swallow
Rotating Fang (転牙, Tenga) Rolling Fang
Melody Drill (曲穿, Kyokusen) Bending Drill
Bequeathing? Foot (遺脚, Hoikyaku?) Crawl Kick
Hammer Edge (槌尖, Tsuisen) Sharp Hammer
Flash Sweep (閃払, Senbu)
Revolving Bite (旋咬, Senkō) Spiral Bite
Instant Rotation (瞬転, Shunten) Instant Conversion
Back Foot (背脚, Haikyaku) Back Kick
Sharp Kick (尖蹴, Senshū)
Drilling Heart (穿心, Senshin?) Heart Drill
Leaping Fang (跳牙, Chōga) Hopping Fang
Ninken Summoning (忍犬口寄せ, Ninken Kuchiyose)
Lightning Cutter Drop (雷切堕とし, Raikiri Otoshi) Lightning Blade Drop


Water Release: Whirlpool Wrapping (水遁・渦纏い, Suiton: Uzumatoi) Water Style: Clinging Whirlpool
Dropping Rotation (おろし回旋, Oroshi Kaisen) Grating Spin
Great Demolition Crush (大壊崩し, Daikai Kuzushi) Grand Destruction
Samehada Trample (鮫肌蹂躙, Samehada Jūrin) Shark Skin Infringe
Samehada Rotation (鮫肌回旋, Samehada Kaisen) Shark Skin Spin
Back Attack Shaving (背討削り, Seuchi Kezuri) Back Attack Shave
Wave Shave Breakthrough (波剃突破, Hateitoppa/Haseitoppa?) Wave Break
Samehada Demolition Upper (鮫肌壊上, Samehada Kaijō) Shark Skin Upper
Shark Starving Fall (鮫?落下, Kōjin? Rakka) Hungry Shark Drop
Wide Open Beheading (大開斬り, Daikaigiri) Wide Open Slash


Diagonal Heavenly Palm (斜天掌, Shatenshō) Slanted Heaven Palm
Flying Combo Thrust (飛連突, Hirentotsu) Flying Thrust Barrage
Leaping Dance Palm (跳舞掌, Chōbushō) Hopping Dance Palm
Crumbling Attack Flash (崩撃閃, Hōgekisen) Demolition Attack Flash
(Sky/Air) (Striking/Attacking) Palm (空撃掌, Kūgekishō) Air Strike Palm
Sky Smashing Palm (空砕掌, Kūsaishō) Sky Smash Palm
Gentle Flash Thrust (柔閃突, Jūsentotsu)
Back Attack Crumbling (背撃崩, Hagekihō) Back Attack Collapse
Heavenly Rising Foot (天昇脚, Tenshōkyaku) Heavenly Rising Kick
Palm Shoot Down (掌撃墜, Shōgekitsui) Palm Attack Fall
Drilling ??? Palm (穿(列?)掌, Senretsushō) Dignified Drill Palm


Puppet: Neglect (傀儡・怠慢, Kugutsu: Taiman)
Puppet: Scattered Beheading (傀儡・散斬, Kugutsu: Sanzan) Puppet: Scattered Slash
Puppet: ??? Spinning Top (傀儡・妖独楽, Kugutsu: ? Koma) Puppet: Demonic Spin
Puppet: ??? (傀儡・剥刺錆, Kugutsu: ???) Puppet: Piercing Rust
Puppet: ??? (傀儡・惨懺波, Kugutsu: ???) Puppet: Cruel Wave
Puppet: Six Mountain Pass (傀儡・六本峠, Kugutsu: Roppon Tōge)
Puppet: ??? (傀儡・仇車, Kugutsu: ???) Puppet: Enemy Wheels
Puppet: ??? Beheading (傀儡・研斬, Kugutsu: Kenzan) Puppet: Grinding Slash
Puppet: Black Kite Hurricane (傀儡・鳶疾風, Kugutsu: (Tobi/En)Shippū) Puppet: Black Kite Gale
Puppet:??? (傀儡・骸鳥, Kugutsu: ???)
Black Secret Technique: Three Great ??? (黒秘技・三大狂言, Kurohigi: Sandai Kyōgen)
Puppet: Demon Castle Mask (傀儡・鬼城の面, Kugutsu: Kijō no Men)


Sand Explosion Erupting Thrust (砂爆噴突, Sabaku Funtotsu) Sand Fountain Thrust
Little/Small Quicksand Waterfall Flow (小流砂瀑流, Koryūsa Bakuryū) Little Sand Tsunami
Sand Cloud Circle (砂塵円, Sajinen) Sand Dust Circle
Erupting Interment Dust (噴葬塵, Funsōjin) Fountain Burial Dust
Sand Waterfall Area Interment (砂瀑域葬, Sabaku Eisō) Sand Area Burial
Sand Cruel Pursuit Interment (砂惨追葬, Sazan Tsuisō) Sand Pursuit Burial
Desert Ball: Narrow (砂漠球・狭, Sabakukyū: Ei) Sand Coffin: Narrow
Pressuring Sand Cloud (圧砂塵, Atsusajin) Sandstorm Pressure
Falling Vortex Interment (落渦葬, Rakkasō) Maelstrom Burial
??? (羅惨塵, Rasanjin) Cruel Dust
Sand Cloud Purgatory (砂塵煉獄, Sajin Rengoku)

Midair Gaara:

Desert Attack: Pressure Interment (漠撃・圧葬, Bakugeku: Atsusō) Sand Attack: Crush Burial
Desert Attack: Destruction Interment (漠撃・滅葬, Bakugeki: Metsusō) Sand Attack: Ruin Burial
Desert Attack: Heavenly Interment (漠撃・天葬, Bakugeku: Tensō) Sand Attack: Heaven Burial
Great Sand Downpour (豪砂甚雨, Gōsajin'u) Fierce Sand Downpour


Flash Shadow (閃影, Sen'ei)
Instant Beheading (瞬斬, Shunzan) Instant Slash
Twin Dance (双舞, Sōbu) Double Dance
Soaring Beheading (翔斬, Shōzan) Soaring Slash
Drill Kick (穿蹴, Senshū)
Calamity Flame Hot Flash (禍炎火照, Kaen Hoteri) Flame of Disaster: Fire Shine
Heavenly Dance (天舞, Tenbu)
Flying Falcon (飛隼, Hishun) Flying Peregrine
Rising Rotation (昇旋, Shōsen) Rising Spin
Beheading Falcon (斬隼, Zanshun) Slashing Peregrine
Crashing Kick (墜蹴, Tsuishū) Falling Kick


Flying Shadow Rising Attack (飛影昇撃, Hien Shōgeki)
Clone Crown of the Head ??? Split (分身脳天カチ割り, Bunshin Nōtenkachiwari) Clone Jutsu: Head Split
Whirlwind Kick Attack (旋風蹴撃, Senpū Shūgeki) Whirlwind Kick
Ninja Way Attack (忍道アタック, Nindō Atakku) Nindo Attack
Wind Demon Pursuit (風魔追撃, Fūma Tsuigeki)
Leaping Express (跳特急, Chōtokkyū) Jumping Express
Instant Hand Bullet (瞬手弾, Shuntedan)
Climbing Windmill (昇り風車, Nobori Fūsha) Rising Windmill
Flying Shadow Attack (飛影撃, Hieigeki)
Clone Leaping Explosion Strike (分身跳爆打, Bunshin Chōbakuda) Clone Jumping Explosion Hit
Extra-Large Rasengan (特大螺旋丸, Tokudai Rasengan) Charging Rasengan
Uncontrollable Power (抑えきれない力, Osaekirenai Chikara)

Nine-Tails Naruto:

Ninth Beast Claw Rising (九獣爪昇, Kyūjū Sōshō)
Ninth Claw Blow (九爪一撃, Kyūsō Ichigeki)
Ninth Beast Falling Attack (九獣降撃, Kyūjū Kōgeki)
Ninth Claw Wild Dance (九爪乱襲, Kyūsō Ranshū)
Uzumaki Clawing Rising Dragon (うずまき爪昇竜, Uzumaki Sōshōryū)
Uzumaki Collision Kick (うずまき追突蹴り, Uzumaki Tsuitotsu Keri)
Ninth Claw Combo Attack (九爪連撃, Kyūsō Rengeki)
Ninth Claw Attack (九爪撃, Kyūsōgeki)
Ninth Beast Attack (九獣撃, Kyūjūgeki)
Vortex? (うずまき, Uzumaki)
Ninth Beast Wild Collision (九獣乱衝, Kyūjū Ranshō)
Ninth Beast Severing Claw (九獣絶爪, Kyūjū Zessō)
Uzumaki Clawing Beast Attack (うずまき爪獣撃, Uzumaki Sōjūgeki)
Nine-Parts Claw Attack (九連爪撃, Kyūren Sōgeki)
Vermilion Sphere Rasengan (朱玉螺旋丸, Shudama Rasengan)

Might Guy:

Special Training Kick (特訓キック, Tokkun Kikku)
Love Heel (愛情カカト, Aijō Kakato) Affectionate Heel
Invincible Chop (無敵チョップ, Muteki Choppu)
Youth Upper (青春アッパー, Seishun Appā) Youthful Uppercut
Beheading Iron Chop (斬鉄チョップ, Zantetsu Choppu) Iron Chop
Certain-Kill Kick (必殺キック, Hissatsu Kikku) Deadly Kick
Rage Nunchaku (激怒ヌンチャク, Gekido Nunchaku) Raging Nunchaku
Burning Love Throw (熱愛スロー, Netsuai Surō) Ardent Love Throw
Guts Kick (根性キック, Konjō Kikku)
Endeavour Smash (努力スマッシュ, Doryoku Sumasshu)
Manly? Combo (漢コンボ, Otoko Konbo) Masculine Combo
Oneself's Rule Youth Compilation? (自分ルール青春編, Jibun Rūru Seishunhen)
Oneself's Rule Rock-Paper-Scissors Compilation? (自分ルールじゃんけん編, Jibun Rūru Jankenhen)

Eight Gates Guy:

Passion Kick (情熱キック, Jōnetsu Kikku)
Soul Rush (魂ラッシュ, Tamashī Rasshu)
Fighting Spirit Attack (気合アタック, Kiai Atakku)
Friendship Lariat (友情ラリアット, Yūjō Rariatto) Friendship Lasso


Deer Foot (鹿脚, Kakyaku)
Deer Attack (鹿討, Shikauchi) Deer Elbow
Scattering Shadow (散影, Sanei) Scattered Shadow
Shadow Pillow (影枕, Kage Makura)
Stabbing Shadow (刺影, Shiei) Piercing Shadow
Exploding Style Shadow Concealment: Improvement (爆式影潜・改, Bakushiki Eisen: Kai) Explosive Style Shadow Conceal: Improvement

Awakened Shikamaru:

Shadow Sewing Double-Woven Obi (影縫い袋帯, Kage Nui Fukoroobi) Shadow Sewing: Belt
Shadow Sewing Thread ??? (影縫い糸裏, Kage Nui Itoura) Shadow Sewing: String
Shadow Sewing Thread Pouch (影縫い糸巾着, Kage Nui Ito Kinchaku) Shadow Sewing: Pouch

Rock Lee:

Great Exploding Heel (大爆踵, Daibakushō) Explosive Heel
Twin Rotating Strike (双回打, Sōkaida) Double Spin Strike
Low Attack Kick (下撃蹴, Kagekishū) Down Attack Kick
Combo Attack Floating Foot (連撃浮足, Rengeki Fusoku) Floating Leg Barrage
Rising Wind Instant Foot (昇風瞬脚, Shōfūshunkyaku) Rising Wind Kick
Falling Wind Instant Foot (降風瞬脚, Kōfūshunkyaku) Downward Wind Kick
Four Attacking Kicks (四撃蹴, Shigekishū?) Quadruple Kick Attack
Roaring Rotation ??? (咆哮転漢, Hōkōtenkan?) Howling Conversion
Triple Knock Down? (三連打落, Sanren Daraku) Triple Flurry Drop
Ceiling Breaking (天井破り, Tenjōyaburi) Ceiling Break
Kicking Revolving Flower (蹴旋華, Shūsenka) Flower Spin Kick
Violent Low Bullet (烈下弾, Rekkadan?/Retsukadan?) Fierce Drop Bullet
Leaf Revolving Light (木ノ葉旋光, Konoha Senkō)

Eight Gates Lee:

Combo Attack Rising Flower (Sublimation) (連撃昇華, Rengeki Shōka) Rising Flower Barrage
Strong Fierce Breakthrough (剛猛突破, Gōmōtoppa) Doughty Run Through
Fierce Combo Kick (猛連蹴, Mōrenshū) Fierce Kick Combo

Hiruko Sasori:

Heavenly Illusion (天幻, Tengen)
Rakshasa (羅刹, Rasetsu) (evil Hindu spirit)
Baekje (百済, Kudara) (old kingdom in Korea)
Nothingness (虚無, Kyomu)
(Sentient Beings) (有情, Ujō) Existing Sentiment (Buddhist term)
Hidden Hand (潜手, Senju) Submerged Hand
Silla (新羅, Shiragi) (old kingdom in Korea)
Ruffian (無頼, Burai)
Horizon/Skyline (天涯, Tengai) Heaven's End
White Robe (白衣, Byakue)
Goryeo (高麗, Kōrai) (old kingdom in Korea)
Tathāgata (如来, Nyorai) Tathagata (term Buddha used to refer to himself)
Twin Saying (双云, Sōun) Double Saying


Concealed Weapon Summoning: All Bullets Shot (暗器口寄せ・全弾発射, Anki Kuchiyose: Zendanhassha) Concealed Summoning: Bullet Launch
Tonfā Combo (トンファーコンボ, Tonfākonbo) Tonfa Combo
Concealed Weapon Summoning: Blade Thrust (暗器口寄せ・刃突, Anki Kuchiyose: Hatotsu) Concealed Summoning: Blade Thrust
Concealed Weapon Technique: Pulverisation/Shattering (暗器術・粉砕, Ankijutsu: Funsai) Concealed Jutsu: Subside Clash
Concealed Weapon Technique: Kusarigama (暗器術・鎖鎌, Ankijutsu: Kusarigama) Concealed Jutsu: Chain-sickle
Concealed Weapon Technique: Iron Ball Erupting Core (暗器術・鉄球噴芯, Ankijutsu: Tekkyū Funshin) Concealed Jutsu: Iron Ball Core
Concealed Weapon Technique: Gordian Knot (Cut) (暗器術・快刀乱麻, Ankijutsu: Kaitōranma) Concealed Jutsu: Gordian Knot Cut
Concealed Weapon: Exploding Flash Kunai Ball (暗器・爆閃クナイ玉, Anki: Bakusen Kunaidama) Concealed Kunai Blast
Concealed Weapon Technique: Flying Stride (暗器術・飛歩, Ankijutsu: Tonho) Concealed Jutsu: Flying Walk


Lotus Flowing Fan (蓮流扇, Renryūsen)
Hurricane Fan Dance (疾風扇舞, Shippū Senbu) Gale Force Fan Dance
Vacuum Wind (真空の風, Shinkū no Kaze)
Fan Storm Attack (扇嵐撃, Senrangeki)
Swallow Return (燕返し, Tsubamegaeshi) Swallow Counter
Great Fan Demolition (大扇壊, Taisenkai) Giant Fan Destruction
Sky Dragon Fan (空龍扇, Kūryūsen)
Splendorous Dance (華踊, Kayō) Spectacular Dance
Chaos Dance (乱れ舞踊, Midare Buyō) Dance of Chaos
Dance of the Asura/Carnage (修羅の舞, Shura no Mai) Carnage Dance
Fan Attacking Capital? (扇襲洛, Senshūraku) Fan Raid
Gale Fan Flower (烈風扇華, Reppū Senka) Whirlwind Fan Flower

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Ultimate Ninja 5

Most of the names taken from the same link from the above section.


Bubbling Insects (沫泡蟲, Mahhōchū)
Mimetic Insects: Crawl (擬態蟲・這, Gitaichū: Sha) Mimic Bugs: Crawl
Scattering Insects (拡散蟲, Kakusanchū) Falling Bugs
Rising Vortex Insects (昇渦蟲, Shōkachū) Whirling Bugs
Dispersing Insects (分散蟲, Bunsanchū) Spreading Bugs
Capturing Insects (捕縛蟲, Hobakuchū) Catch Bugs
Falling Strike Insects (落叩蟲, Rakkōchū) Pounding Bugs
??? Insects (??蟲, ??chū) Speeding Bugs
Parasitic? Insects (寄生?蟲, Kiseichū?) Parasitic Bugs (this one, I sort of have to guess, since all sources are missing moves that showed up in videos)
Floating? Insects (浮遊?蟲, Fuyū?chū) Floating Bugs (same as above)
Mimetic Insects: Flight (擬態蟲・飛, Gitaichū: Hi) Mimic Bugs: Fly
Embracing Insects (包容蟲, Hōyōchū) Encircling Bugs
Strange Collection Insects (奇集蟲, Kishūchū) Gathering Bugs


Great Leaping Foot (大跳脚, Daichōkyaku) Huge Jump
Great Journey Fist (大行拳, Daikōken) Huge Strike
Great ??? (大厳乞?, Daigenkotsu?) Huge Wish
Great ??? Palm (大狭掌, Daikyōshō) Huge Clap
Great Rising Foot (大昇脚, Daishōkyaku) Huge Kick
Great Striking Hammer (大叩槌, Daikōtsui) Huge Hammer
Drive (怒来武, Doraibu, Literally meaning: Angry Arriving Warrior) Raging Attack
Carrier Discharging Shoot? (かつぎ発放, Katsugi Hatushō) Carrying Burat
Mawashi Discharging Shoot? (まわし発放, Mawashi Hatushō) Spinning Burat
Great Rotating Foot (大回脚, Daikaikyaku) Huge Spin Kick
Great Twin Feet (大双脚, Daisōkyaku) Huge Dual Kick
Sudden Sphere Bullet (急球弾, Kyūkyūdan) Quick Shot
Multi-Size Raging Billows (倍化怒涛, Baika Dōtō) Rage Explosion
Super: Spiked Human Bullet Tank (超・肉弾針戦車, Chō: Nikudan Hari Sensha)?

Multi-Size Chōji:

Super Rush (超ラッシュ, Chō Rasshu)
Super Stomp (超スタンプ(ストンプ?), Chō Sutanpu(Sutonpu?))
Super Shoot (超シュート, Chō Shūto)
Super Spike (超スパイク, Chō Supaiku)
Super Throw (超スロー, Chō Surō)
Super Upper (超アッパー, Chō Appā)
Super Diving (超ダイビング, Chō Daibingu)
Super Breast (超ブレスト, Chō Buresuto)

Puppet Chiyo:

Homecoming Mother Rising Blade Father (帰母昇刃父, Kiboshōjinfu) Returning Upper Blade
Homecoming Mother Advancing Blade Father (帰母進刃父, Kiboshinjinfu) Returning Thrust Blade
Double Umbrella Blade (二連傘刃, Niren Sanjin)
Supporting Father Flowing Blade Mother (支父流刃母, Shifuryūjinbo) Flowing Blade
Double Dropping Blade (二連堕刃, Niren Dajin) Double Drop
Swallow Blade Mother Lion Blade Father (燕刃母獅刃父, Enjinbo Shijinfu) Swallow Lion Blade
Double Advancing Blade (二連進刃, Niren Shinjin) Double Thrust
Performance All Direction (?) Blades (演劇八方対刃, Engeki Happō Taijin) Performance Multi-Directional Blade
Supporting Mother Flowing Blade Father (支母流刃父, Shiboryūjinfu) Flowing Blade Reverse
Flowing Throw Mother Neglecting Father (流投母怠父, Ryūtōbotaifu) Slack Throw
Double Rising Blade (二連昇刃, Niren Shōjin) Double Back Kick
Family Single Point? (氏族一点, Shizoku Itten) Ancestry
Double Rotating Blade (二連転刃, Niren Tenjin) Double Spin
Two Parents (Embrace?) (二親按包, Nishin Anhō) Parental Love
Puppet: Father and Mother (傀儡・父と母, Kugutsu: Chichi to Haha)

Four-Tails Naruto:

Fierce Claw Hand (猛爪手, Mōsōshu) Raging Claw
Scarlet Spear (緋色槍, Hishokusō) Crimson Spear
Unknown Fire Strike (不知火打, Shiranui Uchi) Unknowing Flame
Vermilion Dew (朱露, Akeno Tsuyu) Ibis
Crying Shot Claw (射鳴爪, Inarizume) Crying Claw
??? Mow Down (付喪薙, Tsukumonagi) Mow Down
White Mask Bombardment (白面砲撃, Hakumen Hōgeki) White Mask Cannon
Tearing Tail Waste (裂尾荒, Retsu Bikō) Tearing Tail
??? (飯綱束, Izunazuka) Fox Witch?
??? (玉藻前, Tamamonomae) Rope Bind?
Falling Wrapping Thrust (降纏突, Kōten Tsuki) Dropping Thrust
??? (空狐繰, Kūkokuri) Fox Manipulation?
Scarlet Stain Splash (緋染絣, Hizonogakuri) Crimson Splash


Back Through Palm (通背掌, Tsūhaishō) Back Piercing Palm
Open Crumbling Palm (開崩掌, Kaihōshō) Open Crushing Palm
Heaven Crumbling Combo Tearing (天崩連破, Tenhō Renpa) Sky Crushing Rapid Attack
Throwing Fan Palm (投扇掌, Tōsenshō) Fan Throw Palm
Revolving Heavenly Palm (旋天掌, Sentenshō) Sky Spin Palm
Triple Dance (三舞, Mitsumai) Sambu
Tile Cannon (瓦砲, Gahō)
Heavenly Back Palm (天背掌, Tenhaishō) Sky Bearing Palm

Awakened Hinata:

Whirlwind (旋風, Senpū)
White Treasure Ring (白宝輪, Haku Hōrin)
Dapeng (大鵬, Taihō) (Garuda-like bird in Chinese mythology)
Far Flowing Palm (遥流掌, Yōryūshō)
Radiant Combo Thrust (発輝連突, Hakkirentotsu) Shining Thrust


Round Moon Claw (円月爪, Engetsusō) Circle Claws
Twin Wolf Flash (双狼閃, Sōrōsen) Dual Shining Wolf
Hollow Wolf Piercing? (虚狼貫, Korōkan) False Tiger Tear (pun 虎狼)
Pack of Wolves Whip (群狼鞭, Gunrōben) Wolf Whip
Confronting Fang Sword (抗牙刀, Kōgatō) Resisting Fang
Running Wolf Twin Halbert? (駆狼双戟, Karō Sōgeki) Dual Wolf Spear
Single Rider Flash Run (単騎閃走, Tanki Sensō) Speed Dash
Arresting Wolf Jaw (拘狼顎, Kōrōgaku) Wolf Brow
Flying Blade Wolf Fang (飛刃狼牙, Hijin Rōga) Flying Wolf Fang
Heavenly Wolf (Sirius) Style (天狼流, Tenrōryū) Sky Wolf Style
Emperor Wolf Fall (皇狼落, Kōrōraku) Lord Wolf Drop
Swift Wolf Heavenly Run (迅狼天走, Jinrō Tensō) Sky Speeding Wolf
Violent Twin Smashing Fang (暴双砕牙, Bakusō Saiga) Dual Raging Fang

Awakened Kiba:

One Rider Riding Fang (一騎搭穿, Ikkitōsen) Riding Fang
Mounted Punishing Claw (騎乗伐爪, Kijō Bassō) Wolf Rider Pierce
Throwing Wolf Blade (投狼刃, Tōrōjin) Wolf Fang Throw


Curtain Revenge? (幕之討ち, Maku no Uchi) Act Break
Beating Foot (足拍子, Ashibyōshi) Beat Stomp
??? (壱番大誇, Ichiban Daiko) Act Call
Flying ??? Bullet (飛拿弾, Hinadan) Flying Palm Strike
Summoning: Food Cart Drop (口寄せ・屋台落とし, Kuchiyose: Yatai Otoshi) Summoning: Body Slam
Fire Release Technique (火遁の術, Katon no Jutsu) Fire Style Jutsu


Striking Snake (襲蛇, Shūja) Snake Attack
??? (筋?, Kinsho) Beauty Snake (Beauty rat snake, Orthriophis taeniurus, couldn't find a kanji name for it)
Rat Snake (青大将, Aōdaishō)
??? (平朽, Hirakuchi) Pit Viper
Red Banded Snake (赤斑, Akamadara)
Tiger Keelback (山渦牙肢, Yamakagashi, Literally meaning: Mountain Whirlpool Fanged Limb) (pun: 山棟蛇)
Earth Submerged (地潜, not Jisen, Jimoguru?) Burrow
Blade Dance (刃舞, Habu) Sword Dance
Many Hidden Shadow Snake Hands: Follower (潜影多蛇手・仰, Sen'ei Tajashu: Gyō) Multiple Hidden Shadow Snake Hands: Sky
??? (霸畏, Hai) Cobra
Flying Blade Hunt (飛刃狩, Hijinkari) Flying Hunter
??? (陀演呂迦, Daenroka)
Evil Snake Meandering (邪蛇蜿蜒, Jada En’en) Slithering Snakes
??? (蟒蛇, Uwabami)


Triumphant Dragon (見返龍, Mikaeshiryū) Returning Dragon (pun, endbook)
Small Birds (燕雀, Enjaku) Swallow
Tomoe Lion (巴獅子, Tomoe Shishi) Unyielding Lion
Opening Phoenix (開鳳凰, Hirakihōō) Open Phoenix
Ascending Small Birds (登燕雀, Tōenjaku) Climbing Sparrow
Combo Lion and Combo Mouse (連獅子連鼠, Renshishi Renso) Lions and Rats
Combo Small Birds (連燕雀, Renenjaku) Repeating Sparrow
Breaking Root (破根, Hane) Root Breaker
Exorcism Robe (祓衣, Harai) Mourning Garb
Flying Phoenix (飛鳳凰, Hihōō)
Shrike (百舌, Mozu) Hundred Tongues
Skylark (雲雀, Hibari)
Super Beast Imitating Drawing: Lion-Dogs (超獣偽画・狛犬, Chōjū Giga: Komainu) Ninja Art: Beast Scroll Replica "Wild Dogs"


Mountain Air (青嵐, Aoarashi) Blue Storm
Eastern Wind (東風, Kochi) Eastern Storm
??? (?, ???n) Fall Wind
Skanda Typhoon (韋駄天台風, Idaten Taifū)
Early Autumn Northern Wind (雁渡, Kariwatashi) Migrating Goose
Mountain Descending Cold Wind (山背, Yamase) Yamashiro
Cold Wintry Wind (木枯し, Kogarashi) Autumn Wind
Blast Wave Style (爆風粋, Bakufūsui)
Rainy Southern Wind (黒南風, Kurohae) Black Southern Wind
Sudden Gust (天狗風, Tengukaze) Tengu Wind
Strong Night Wind? (小夜嵐, Sayoarashi) Little Night Wind
Wind Rolling (風巻, Shimaki) Rolling Wind
Hira (比良, Hira)


Strange Blade Laid Hidden (奇刃隱臥, Kijin Inga) Mysterious Hidden Blade
Floating Blade Laid Hidden (浮刃隱臥, Fujin Inga) Floating Hidden Blade
False Person Thousand Hands: Earth (偽人千手・地, Gijin Senju: Chi) Thousand Handed Marionette: Earth
Purple Smoke Laid Hidden (紫煙隱臥, Shien Inga) Purple Hidden Smoke
Iron Sand Chain World (砂鉄鎖界, Satetsu Sakai) Iron Sand Chain
Iron Sand Mass (砂鉄塊, Satetsukai)
Iron Sand Spear (砂鉄槍, Satetsusō)
Trifling Manipulation Play (弄玩操戯, Rōgan Sōgi) Puppet Play
Iron Sand Thorn Scattering (砂鉄刺散, Satetsu Shisan) Iron Sand Spray
False Person Thousand Hands: Heaven (偽人千手・天, Gijin Senju: Ten) Thousand Handed Marionette: Sky
Dancing Swing Manipulation Play (舞振操戯, Bushin Sōgi) Puppet Dance
Iron Sand Mountain Range (砂鉄連山, Satetsu Renzan)

Puppet Sasori:

Manipulated Self Rising Foot (操己昇脚, Sōko Shōkyaku) Self Manipulate: Raise Leg
Manipulated Self Deep Advance (操己深進, Sōko Shinshin) Self Manipulate: Deep Thrust
Manipulated Self Fluttering Blade (操己翻刃, Sōko Ho/anjin?) Self Manipulate: Blade Wave
Manipulated Self Flaming Disappointment (操己炎憮, Sōko Enbu) Self Manipulate: Blaze
Flaming Dragon Rising Blade (炎龍昇刃, Enryū Shōjin) Rising Dragon Blade
Assault Floating Blade (強襲浮刃, Kyōshū Fujin) Strong Floating Blade
Flaming Prison Disappointment Formation (炎獄憮陣, Engoku Bujin) Flaming Inferno Ring
Drawing Back Kick (寄人背蹴, Kijin Haishū) Close Back Kick
Self Journey Back Kick (行自背蹴, Anji Seshū) Self Back Kick
Assault Rising Blade (強襲昇刃, Kyōshū Shōjin) Powerful Rising Blade
Assault Crashing Play (強襲墜劇, Kyōshū Tsuigeki) Strong Drop
Assault Stabbing Blade (強襲刺刃, Kyōshū Shijin) Strong Stab
Assault Tearing Blade (強襲裂刃, Kyōshū Retsujin) Powerful Blade


Thrusting Needles (突針, Tosshin)
Senbon (千本, Senbon)
Floating Blade (浮刃, Fujin)
Prepared Senbon: Sting Scattering (仕込み千本・刺散, Shikomi Senbon: Shisan) Hidden Sunbon Spray


Wild Goose (雁金, Karigane) Golden Goose
Phoenix Paulownia (鳳桐, ???) Paulownia Phoenix
Violent Boar (暴猪, Bōcho) Unruly Boar
Rabbit-ear Iris (杜若, Kakitsubata)
Moon Deer (月鹿, Gekka) Deer of the Moon
Bamboo Sparrow (竹雀, Chikujaku)
??? (花柳, Hanayagi) Flower Willow
Heavenly Foot of Pain: Heavenly King (痛天脚・天帝, Tsūtenkyaku: Tentei) Heaven Kick of Pain: Lord of Hosts
Earth Flow (地流, Chinagare) Mudslide


Glowing/Iridescent Cloud (彩雲, Saiun) Colorful Clouds
Brocken Spectre (御来迎, Goraigō) Solar Glory
Lion Combo: Rumble (獅子連弾・鳴動, Shishi Rendan: Meidō) Lion's Barrage: Rumble
Heavenly Gathering Clouds (天叢雲, Ama no Murakumo) Susanoo's Blade (different name for Kusanagi sword)
Anticrepuscular Ray (裏御光, Uragokō) Reverse Halo
Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique: Falling Flower Scattering (火遁・鳯仙火の術•落花散, Katon: Hōsenka no Jutsu: Rakkasan) Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu "Petal Shower"
Parhelion (幻日, Genjitsu) False Sun
Umbrella Cloud (莢雲, Sayagumo) Heavenly Cloud
Daybreak (東雲, Shinonome) Dawnbreak
Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique: Divine (火遁・豪火球の術・天来, Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu: Tenrai) Fire Stye: Fireball Jutsu "Divinity"


Wind Demon Pursuit (風魔追撃, Fūma Tsuigeki) Demon Wind Assault
Leaking Power (漏れ出す力, Moredasu Chikara)


Chakra Dissection Blade: Cruelty (チャクラ解剖刀・惨, Chakura Kaibōtō: Zan) Chakra Dissection Blade: Three
Chakra Scalpel: ? (チャクラメス・?, Chakura Mesu: Kai)


Colouring of Lavender (彩のラベンダー, Irodo no Rabendā) Colorful Lavender
Chest Stabbing Aloe (胸を刺すアロエ, Murewo Sasu Aroe) Aloe Chest Stab
Begonia Pressure (ベゴニアの重圧, Begonia no Jūatsu) Begonia Crush
Lilac Grief (嘆きのライラック, Nageki no Rairakku) Weeping Lilac
Clematis Joy (喜びのクレマチス, Yorokobi no Kuremachisu) Joyful Clematis
Heart Floating Poppy (心浮くポピー, Kokorouku Popī) Excited Poppy
Statice Picking? (スターチスの一突き, Sutāchisu no Hitotsuki) Statice Strike
Pink Dancing in the Sky (空に舞うナデシコ, Sora ni Mau Nadeshiko) Sky Dancing Dianthus
??? Four Seasons Colouring (華憐四季彩, Karen Shikisai) Beautiful Seasons


Triple Giant Tree Pillars (三連巨木柱, Sanren Kyobokuchū) Three Giant Pillars
Wood Combo Attack Pillars (木連撃柱, Mokurengekichū) Repeating Wooden Pillars
Flashing Tear Beheading (閃裂斬, Senretsuzan) Bright Cutter
Wood Pillar Rising Wall (木柱昇壁, Mokuchū Shōheki) Climbing Pillar
Needle Combo Wood Pillar (針連木柱, Shinren Mokuchū) Wooden Needle Pillar
Violent Tear Beheading (激裂斬, Gekiretsuzan) Fierce Cutter
Wood Thrust Rising Palm (木突昇掌, Mokutotsu Shōshō) Climbing Thrust Fist
Falling Tear Beheading (落裂斬, Rakuretsuzan) Falling Cutter
Wood Thrust Sideways Palm (木突横掌, Mokutotsu Yokoshō) Side Thrust Fist
Wood Release: Complete Capture (木遁・完拿, Mokuton: Kanna) Wood Style: Total Capture

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