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Well, I don't know if many of you know what userboxes are, or even do anything with your userpage. But I've been setting up a new userbox system (ie: one with better standards in how to setup the userboxes) and sometime later I'll devise a bot which will copy all the userboxes over to all the Wikia Anime Project wiki. You can find the information about userboxes at Anime:Project:Userboxes, there is also a link to a listing of all currently existant userboxes (Currently 3, with enough options to count up over 15). Dantman (Talk) 19:37, 24 February 2007 (UTC)

I tried it...but it didn't work. I'm not sure what I did wrong.-LoneWolf 5
Well there are 2 things wrong. First you used {{User Anime|<N>|<all>|mode=<Mode>}}, you should read the explanation instead of just copying the usage. that box would have said something like This user is an Otaku for the Anime all. You only specify an anime parameter when you want the template to refer to a specific anime. And the mode= parameter shouldn't be there, it's part of the usage to show that it exists, you don't always use all the options available, mode is passed to another template which allows for extra special options, currently just fill-horiz, fill-vert, or fill-both which allow the userbox to expand to fill up a area instead of being at a fixed size. You only needed {{User Anime|<N>}}, Anime:Project:Userboxes/listing gives a good listing with examples, you only really need to copy what's on the left for what you want to do. Secondly as I said, I'm going to devise a bot to copy all the userboxes to all the wikia in the project. That is all on the Animepedia, none of those templates are here yet. Once the bot is finished userboxes can be used here, as long as I run the bot whenever the userboxes are updated there. Dantman (Talk) 01:30, 25 February 2007 (UTC)

The Bot is now done. It dosen't have functionality to delete pages when they shouldn't be in the categorys but it is planned for the future, so all userboxes should be created on the Animepedia only. But userboxes can be used here now. Though since the ImageMirrorBot isn't complete yet some images may be missing in userboxes. Dantman (Talk) 20:39, 25 February 2007 (UTC)

And now I feel ever so stupid.-LoneWolf 5
Oh ya, forgot the notice. ImageMirror bot is completed, userboxes and images work now. Also, check the listing of userboxes on the Animepedia for some new ones. I also redid all the color clases, now instead of a basic set which gives a color in the info box and a darker one in the id box, and a blackback and whiteback set which sets the info box as black or white and the id box as a specified color we instead have a set of color clases, id- and info- meaning that the combination possibilitys is only limited by what colors are listed. Which gives a lot of choices, I also added a id-text- set which works similar to text- but only affects the color of the text in the id box. Also, check the forum here for another page, I've setup something else. Dantman (Talk) 00:19, 27 February 2007 (UTC)

Userboxes have been upgraded and changed. Userboxes now categorize users into usercategories. Nicely enough, I built the system so that it will only do that if the userbox is included into a userpage. So even if I use this here:

^_^ This user watches the Anime Negima!?.
Because this is not a userpage this page is not sorted into the Users who like Anime category. I've also built a specialized Babel system. Basicly that means that you can use your userpages to note what languages you can use at certain levels. If you want to specify a certain language on your userpage which is not setup in the Babel template, ask me to, and I'll set it up to work with another language.
It is created, but not really ready to be used till the discussion on the new levels of Administration Titles are set, but I have made a userbox which specifys levels for that.
They aren't completed, but I have a few plans for other Userboxes to be added. {{User Babel/0 is Like}} will be a special userbox which can go along with {{User Babel}} userboxes. It basicly states that you like to use 0 level babelboxes (languages which you can't use) to list out languages which you don't know but would like to learn. (Like how I have ja-0 on my userpage because I have never taken a japanese course, but I still would love to learn it sometime). Another one goes by the outcome of the Forum:Names discussion. Just for some fun I'll create a userbox with 2 modes. The first one being for, meaning that it states that you are for the standard of using english western format. And the second mode is opposed, meaning it states that you'd preffer romanized names, but you begrudgingly accept standards and edit articles according to them (repeatedly cursing below your breath). Dantman (Talk) 09:36, 3 March 2007 (UTC)

The listing has been updated and the {{User Babel/0 is Like}} and User Wiki/Narutopedia/Name Standards userboxes have been created. Dantman (Talk) 02:58, 6 March 2007 (UTC)

I made an update to the Editcount userbox. Now, if you omit both the parameters and just use {{User Editcount}} It will bring your editcount right from the specialpage into the userbox. So it will always have your exact editcount. Dantman (Talk) 05:22, 6 March 2007 (UTC)
I tried it out and it works! I also *cough* did it to Random's page *cough*. *cough* I'm very compeditive. *cough*LoneWolf 5 21:04, 6 March 2007 (UTC)LoneWolf 5
Tsk, tsk... You do know editing another user's userpage without a good reason (e.g. Fixing important formatting (like a extra </div> which would break the page.) is frowned uppon, and is not good etiquette. That was just an update. Some users might actualy like to use a clean approximation of their editcount. Btw, take a look at my Animepedia Userpage if you want something to stare at. Other than the fact that I have a stress meter (inspired by and created because of the incident with Oven), and the Status meter I already have (Which can tell you if I'm online, busy, or whatever), I also have editcount of over 1000. Dantman (Talk) 01:32, 7 March 2007 (UTC)
Kwaaah. Please don't ban me. I'll be a good girl. And I'm not going to even TRY to get close to your edit count. I'm just trying to keep things in prospective and your's is WAY to far ahead of mine. LoneWolf 5 19:06, 7 March 2007 (UTC)LoneWolf 5
Blech, blocks are for repeat vandals. If I blocked every person who even acted like a pest I wouldn't be an admin anywhere. What I mean is communitys generaly don't react to well to users who edit other userpages. It's just that when you do something like that it can make other users lose respect for you and preffer other editors. Dantman (Talk) 23:38, 7 March 2007 (UTC)
Off topic. But what do you think of the new Animepedia logo? I used Wikipedia's Anime and Manga Project mascot inside the logo because she is under the GFDL, which basicly means that there is no issues with taking excerpts of copyrighted images. So as long as I state that that's where the image came from, it's just about the most legal logo made from other work you can make. Dantman (Talk) 23:41, 7 March 2007 (UTC)


Yep...I saw that and I recongized it. Oh and about the above comment... It really doesn't matter much with me as I have no respect for my self but I don't want to be banned. So everyone on this site could hate me but as long as I could edit I'd be happy. LoneWolf 5 00:11, 8 March 2007 (UTC)LoneWolf 5