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i just want to point out how stupid it is to have the whole "in the 7th opening sequence (person) fights with (person) however in the manga they do not fight" I find it plainly annoying since there have been several openings when a character was shown fighting another character while they did not even have a meeting in the manga or anime. this is even relevent in the very first naruto opening when naruto and team 7 fight some goons who dont even appear in the series at all, so what makes opening 7 of shippuden so special that it has to be on the trivia of every character who appeared in it? it just seems to me that there is a fanboy or girl out there who is just wants to have as much of his work on this wiki as possible, even going so far as to add stuff that is completely irrelevant to the character, anime or manga. i request that all these kinds of trivia be removed, cause they dont do any real justice to narutopedia or the article they appear on, they are just there to make more space for one persons satisfaction.

congratulations you are narutopedia's first flamer--Cmcwiki (talk) 19:52, September 13, 2010 (UTC)

Whatever man, you know im right. hell, certain trivia simular to this has been on characters trivia before, but they got removed and were never seen again, like the character battles from the 3 tails arc that never happened in the anime. what makes the recent opening so special? it just dosent make much sence that that kind of trivia gets to stay but not the rest, especially since its not related to the story in any way. Besides, if you gona keep trivia related to openings, why not make a new title instead of keeping it in trivia? that way, you can talk about all the opening battles that never took place (fortunetly, not alot) .

And FYI, if im Narutopeidas first flamer (highly, highly doubtfull) then you would be second for flaming against me :P

okay now i get you man, the openings should have there own pages with trivia regarding the characters in them, i misunderstood you earlier--Cmcwiki (talk) 18:49, September 15, 2010 (UTC)