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whats been happaning, any magor things done? also noticed new dude called jonnyplaystuba Random123 02:20, 27 April 2007 (UTC)

Wikia is slowly upgrading wiki from 1.9.3 (The most recent release) to 1.10a (The head alpha(Unreleased) version used on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects). They're starting with smaller wiki first, so it won't hit us right away, but the InuYasha Wiki has been upgraded. There will be a few differences when that happends.
  • There are a good deal of bugs and some of the messages on specialpages may break.
  • There are some new skins, but don't fool around with changing them because many of them don't work, and someone already broke their own view.
  • Makesysop is broken for the update, so till that's fixed (Or they install the RightsControl extension I built and have already completed for the WGEP ^_^) it'll take help from the Community Staff to add Kage and Jonin tags.

Now for some positives:

  • New search:
    • The new search is tabbed and can list results on here, on all Wikia, on Wikipedia, and on the web.
    • There is now autocomplete for the search form; Start typing and a short list of existing articles which you may be looking for will show up.
  • Image Tagging: You can tag locations of an image with an article. When you add tags they will be listed below the image on the image page and hovering over one of those links will show the area which you placed the tag at. Kinda useful for identifying individual characters in a picture.
  • There is a new specialpage which gives you a form which you can use to invite someone to the wiki.
  • Another new special page allows for Freely licensed images from Flickr to be imported directly into the wiki.
  • Protection can now have an expiry set, so instead of protecting something and then needing to be asked to unprotect it later, a protection can be set and told to automatically disappear after a certain amount of time.
  • Cascade Protection: When protecting a page if Cascade Protection is turned on all pages which are included into the page with Cascade Protection on will also automatically be protected. So if I cascade protected Jutsu, then Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, and Kekkei Genkai would also become protected (And the protection can't be removed without turning off the Cascade Protection.
Other than those features I've good a good bit of Extension work done. The administration page for the GENetwork has been pretty much done, as well as the Per-anime CSS and auto-protection which would be working on the top-level wiki in the project. But it's only a matter of time before I tune that code up and also create the redirect system which will allow [[Anime: to be used for prefixing links to all anime. If you're wondering what that means, Anime:Naruto:Naruto Uzumaki Will lead to Naruto Uzumaki from anywhere on Wikia. Also Anime:Nanoha:Nanoha Takamichi will lead to Anime:Nanoha/Nanoha Takamichi, even though they use the same simple syntax, the system is set to direct the links depending on if it's told that a wiki in the project for it exists or not.
The MovepageEx extension is also complete, it'll be working on the Animepedia and other top-level wiki. It's a Sysop only extension because of how dangerous I found it to be, but It'll allow me to move A page, it's talk page, it's talk page subpages, and all of the article's subpages all in one go. Which works well with the fact that all of the Articles on the top-level wiki are subpages of a World page. So if fmp was changed to FMP I wouldn't need to move dozens of pages manually. I could move them all in one go.
But as for one which isn't very started, but may prove of use here to. The DataTables extension allows for information to be stored in a Table like form in the database. And a parser function will output that information. Using it we can store a Naruto - Episode List table in the database, and then using a code like this:
{{#datatable:mode=row|sort=ep ASC|params=*|template=Listbox/Episode}}
An entire Episodes page would be outputed. Individual titles could be extracted from the tables also and used in templates such as the {{EpisodeNav}} which would make navigation much easier.
An updage to DynamicPageList is also coming sometime in the future. You remember how I included pages like Ninjutsu into Jutsu. The thing is that since it's done with the normal transclusion method not only do we half to contend with the noinclude tags on that page but we also can't transclude any other information from that page elsewhere, such as lists or anything that's also on those pages. But in DPL there's a new feature, a special type of section transclusion. If I place <section begin=info /> and <section end=info /> around that information on that page using the following code I can transclude that information from Ninjutsu into Jutsu without us needing to content with the noinclude at the top and bottom of the page. Not only that but we can also include other portions of the page, and even add a limitation to how much can be included and have it give a more... link to the page for full information. (We could even use that on the Random Feature to include short starting portions of articles into the Main Page:
title   = Jutsu
include = info
And of course aside from all that I also am slowly working on the Character infobox templates, I'll probably build some for Jutsu to sometime, and I'll have it automatically categorize things. ~Dantman(talk) current discussion Apr 27, 2007 @ 04:20 (UTC)