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I've added a small bit of show/hide functionality. simply placing [show-###] or [hide-###] onto a page where ### is the id of an element on the page will convert that into a show or hide button. If you're using show then you should also add showHide_hide to the class in the element being pointed at.

Examples below:

Hidesection, Default: Shown. [hide-hidebox1]
This is shown by default, but can be hidden.
Showsection, Default: Hidden. [show-hidebox2]
This is hidden by default, but can be shown.

If you'll notice the pages at wikipedia such as Wikipedia:Naruto have a other publishers section with a show link beside it in the infobox. It would be possible for me to copy the js used for that, but I scripted this show/hide myself because I felt that it gave more options to how things are done if we give the ability to pick where we want the show/hide button to show up. When I continue work on the infobox setup on the Animepedia I will also add a section like that in the wikipedia infobox which is showable. Though do note that I'm working some of the bugs out of the system. Dantman (Talk) 00:33, 27 February 2007 (UTC)

Sorry, I just can't fix the glitch that causes the show/hide stuff in the editbox to be ruined. I guess we'll just half to use one of the already existent show/hide scripts for MediaWiki. Dantman (Talk) 01:10, 27 February 2007 (UTC)