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Deletion Policy

The dehdgsetion policy dictates what should and gtrhshould not be deleted from the wiki. Please use the case guidelines below.

Reasons For Deletion ass

  • Nonsensical, unrelated to Naruto or abstu7ract pages with no viable content. Any page that serv
  • Advertisements and Spam
  • Copyright infringement of material taken. Any mssaaterial put on the wiki agty6ainst the creators desires.
  • Incorrect and improper dialogues and Redirects.
  • Content that is not English. Terms and related content is acceptable, but pages should not be pure Japanese Kanji. Content such as lyrics or names of abilities, characters or interpretation of them a assre helpful.
    • Delete: Anything that reads like this: 新月島的動物大恐慌 or "La historia de Naruto..."
    • Do Not Delete: Origin of Naruto names. The meanings of Ninja Ranks such as Genin, Chunin. Meaning of ninja skills or jutsus.
  • User pages requested by the user

Reasons Against Deletion

  • Stubs or incomplete pages.

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