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Hallo people who take the time to read this. On here, I go by the name MischifMaker.

What I wanted to ask is who would I talk to about possibly adding a section or a page or something like that in which to promote a Naruto based game so that anyone who has ever wondered: "Where can I go to play my own Naruto themed ninja?!"

Briefly touching on what it is, it's a MUSH, a text based environment. Think of it like a Forum RP group, but live and on a fancy chat room like thing with rooms that have descriptions and such. We even have a combat system. Though RP'd combat can also be done if all parties agree and are responsible(hopefully XD) Other than that, I'll save the extra info for if I can go about setting up a little ad type deal. :)

Who knows, maybe there are other Naruto RP communities looking for an outlet! Somewhere a little faster! Than waiting for your buddy who left minutes after their last post to go hang out at the mall, leaving you hanging. .___.!?

So yeah! I'm not sure how this strange forum works, but if someone wants to contact me directly, I'll leave some methods below.

- - reikikitazawa (AIM)

My nickname for the game I'm alluding to is Widget. XD

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