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How come you don't have Ranks of some characters (in the Bingo Book sense?).Like for instance Neji's rank is Jonin which is true but would he be considered an A-Rank or B-Rank Shinobi?. I know that Rogue Ninja usually have a Class but it would be interesting to know people who aren't Missing-Nins Rank.Do you guys have any plans to do this?or is there not enough info for most characters?anyway thanks for hearing me out. (This is my first time writing here so if I wrote this already sorry for the waste of time).



Hmmm... I don't know. But I badly to want to know Itachi's rank and Kisame's but they would probably be considered Jonin I guess. Kabuto as a Special Jonin makes a lot sense. They would all be considered S-Rank or Rogue or as Akatsuki, both! I would consider all Rogue Ninjas as Special Jonin though. But it is done by which missions they are assigned.

  • Genin: D - C Rank
  • Chuunin: C- B Rank
  • ANBU and Jonin: A - S Rank

Originally S Rank would only be a rank for Kages and Sannin and a class for criminals. This is same with Rogue Ninja. Kakashi Namikaze 22:37, 20 March 2008 (UTC)

Ranking system

The ranking system is simple, top being the highest rank.

  • Kage (for the Five Great Shinobi Nations only)
  • Jonin
  • Special Jonin
  • Chunin
  • Genin

Although we have the Legendary Sannin, they are merely titles: Jiraiya, Tsunade (at the time), and Orochimaru would be officially considered as Jonin. The Hokage, Mizukage, Raikage, Tsuchikage, and Kazekage are the only other ranks higher than that of Jonin. The Hoshikage does not count, because the Star Village is not recognized as the village of a "great nation."

ANBU and the like are an organization, not a rank (although many say otherwise). They are handpicked by their village leader, I would presume, so they are probably prominent Jonin in strength.

this is sorta on the subject,but what are ninja counterparts.Ninja that your named after in the naruto series?please explain.Haru Mclean Namikaze (talk), Kanji: ナミカゼ ハ ル マクリーン, Romaji: Namikaze Haru Makurīn 11:13, 29 March 2008 (UTC)


Narutois in Genin.

These are them

Kage Tokubetsu Jonin(Special Jonin) Jonin Chunin Genin Academy Student

These are the ones that ae not ranks:

ANBU Sannin

  • Wrong, Jonin are higher than Special Jonin. Doesn't make any sense, but that's the way it is. But who cares? The Genin weren't sent on only C-D missions, they were sent on a lot of A-B missions.

And Naruto still is a Genin, however I consider him as a Chunin. UmbrellaxD 10:25, 2 May 2008 (UTC)


Itachi's an ANBU Chunin as Sasuke only mentioned that he became Chunin at 10 and never mentioned if he was a Jonin. Also, S-Rank is probably used for Akatsuki Members or Internationally Wanted Criminals (Eg:- Kisame, as mentioned by Kurenai and Sasuke) —This unsigned comment was made by Arceus The God of Pokemon (talkcontribs) .

There are no distinction between chūnin and jōnin once you become an ANBU. Omnibender - Talk - Contributions 16:20, March 12, 2011 (UTC)


Nothing actually depends on Ranks... Naruto's a Genin, but after he unlocks Sage Mode, he's stronger than Jiraiya (as Naruto beat Pain who defeated Jiraiya), who is equivalent to Tsunade, a Kage. Sasuke's a Genin too, but he defeated an army of Sound Jonin and killed Danzou, a Hokage. Kabuto Yakushi's official rank is Genin but he's very strong, about as much as Kakashi Hatake and his strength increased once he absorbed Orochimaru! —This unsigned comment was made by Arceus The God of Pokemon (talkcontribs) .

Your point being? Why did you necromanced such an old forum? The last non-useless edit to it happen in May 2008. Omnibender - Talk - Contributions 16:20, March 12, 2011 (UTC)