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after Naruto seals the nine tails with the new seal similar to the sage of six paths' seal and separates the chakra from the body of the kyubi does that mean that Naruto now can fully control all of the nine-tails power without the drawback of not being able to control it and have to worry about the kyubi breaking its seal and breaking free of Naruto? and if so doea that mean he can go sage mode full nine-tails and become a ninja so powerfull that even madara uchiha would be shaking in his boots? -- (talk) 10:54, June 18, 2010 (UTC)

  • That kinda was the whole point of this training. So, I say yes. Shock Dragoon 7:25am Jun-18-10

doesn't he not have all it's power i'm fairly certain minato split the chakra in two then made half of it accessible to naruto through the four elements seal and then sealed the rest away with the dead demon consuming seal.

Minato did split the kyubis chakra into 2.I am not sure about him controlling it seems that he would need some of Killer Bees help on controlling it.

It is true that Naruto, Sora, and Minato all control peices of the Nine-Tails power. Duiring the "Invasion of Pain" Arc, Minato took that power with him to his grave and it hints that Minato also took one eighth of the Nine-Tails energy from Naruto. Sora has one eighth of the Nine-Tails power too. So by the end of the "Invasion of Pain" Arc, Naruto officially has a mere two eighths of the Nine-Tails total power. Even so, he still had enough Nine-Tails chakra in him to create the "Nine-Tails Chakra Form" which is powerful, yet inferior to Killer Bee's "Full Eight-Tails". Just to give you an idea of how powerful the Nine-Tails REALLY is...well the 4-Tailed "Uncontrolled" form was slighty less powerful than Killer Bee's "Fully Controlled Eight-Tails", yet only slighty. The 6-Tailed "Uncontrolled" is far superior to Killer-Bee's "Fully Controlled Eight-Tails" in all ways but one. Killer Bee could defend from eight sides, while Six-Tails "Uncontrolled" can only defend 6 sides. —This unsigned comment was made by Allemater (talkcontribs) .

Minato took part of the Nine-Tails' chakra with him when he sealed the Yin part of it with the Dead Demon Consuming Seal, during the Nine-Tails' attack to Konoha, twelve years before the start of the series. For all canon purposes, Sora is nothing, being an anime-only character. All the "eighths" talk you just put in here is bs, because other than the known canon Yin half being unaccessible, no one knows how much of the Nine-Tails' chakra Naruto uses for each transformation, so your comparison with Bee's transformations is also bs, as is the defend from sides talk. Omnibender - Talk - Contributions 04:02, January 12, 2011 (UTC)


Cuurently Naruto has tamed the fox and has fully transformed into it.Undominanthybrid (talk) 21:26, May 2, 2012 (UTC)