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If any are interested in supporting and editing a wiki that is about fan-made Naruto, please show your support here at the Naruto Fanon request page. --Dubtiger 22:08, 6 June 2007 (UTC)

It's been accepted!

Thank you people for your support! The wiki has now been made! Please submit your Naruto work and help make this a fun Naruto Fanon site! --Dubtiger 00:40, 10 June 2007 (UTC)

I thought it was supposed to be something like a repository for Naruto OCs, and I could've migrated one of my own wikis (PBwiki based now with 100+ articles) content there, but you basically killed the idea by adding the rules on the front page.
The first rule already says that characters cannot clash with one another. That's the heaviest limitation for a fanon wikia that I can ever imagine! There are thousands and thousands people drawing fanart, writing fanfiction a<option></option>nd role-playing in and about Naruto world, and they all are potential contributors to your Wikia. How many do you think are able to describe their OC so that they are consistent with one another and completely independent? One? Two? I'd say ten at most. Ten in the world.
The second rule states that some of the characters are reserved for admins. I didn't understand which exactly (you say "canonic kages, including akatsuki and jinchuuriki" which is most probably not what you meant), but it makes the whole Wikia somewhat of a private property with big NO TRESSPASSING sign all over it. For example, how can I describe my OC if he's from 40 years after the current manga events if I can't say which character is hokage at the moment? Asking explicit permission from the admin every time you want to contribute sucks.
Given this, I can't even think of what can fill up that Wikia (except for your own content, but then again you state "do not expect many articles in the first months", meaning you are no planning to contribute). I'm really disappointed. --Radaghast 14:05, 13 July 2007 (UTC)
Okay. First, owner of the wikia is allowed to make whatever rules they want. I wasn't too happy about the change from Japanese syle names to the English style names here but that's not why I left, I just became too busy for the wikia and didn't think that my few contrubutions were worth much. I still work as The Greeting Team but otherwise I don't do much here. But that's not what I'm here to talk about. Second, it makes sence. You don't want to be role playing as the daughter of Naruto and Hinata and then incounter a son of Naruto and Sakura. That would be a problem. I have a few (4) of my charecters and whille only one has the chance to be excepted, I don't mind. That's his rules.
Third, I have my own RP site and it makes sence to be excepted because otherwise there might be a bunch of Hokages running about. Maybe Dubitiger is being strict but it works.
Fourth, I have my own [1]charecter that I'm contributing information about. I've changed some of the information about her to fit the rules of the wikia but I don't mind. Also, in the first few months only the creator of the wikia contributes. For example, my [2] wikia, Astrology Wiki] bearly has lots of information and I'm the only main contributer. I don't know why I'm telling you all this but I think that I should at least give you MY opion on what you said. I'm not telling you to go contribute...I'm just telling you what I think. LoneWolf 5 20:49, 15 July 2007 (UTC)LoneWolf 5
Duude, don't take it too personally! And for God's sake, it's "contrIbutions", "Encounter", "charActer", "opiNIon", "while" (one L), "ACcepted" (not EXcepted), "bAREly" (not bEARly)... I'm not a native English speaker myself, but there're limits when it gets hard to understand what you are saying at all. Use a spellchecker! All right, in numbers then, as you wish:
First, is it really a Wikia for role-playing? I thought it is for Naruto Fanon. If it's for role-playing, it is breaking the rules for creating a Wikia, and when Angela or any other staff member finds it out, it will be closed and deleted. One of the main ideas behind a Wikia is a community, and a wiki for one RP game does not have that, and will never have. Believe me, I have almost a decade experience in rpg, I know how many people you can combine into one project, and that won't make a community big enough for a Wikia. You can go to Wikidot or PBwiki, they don't have that limitation.
Second, I wasn't talking about what the Wikia owner can or cannot do, I was talking about the project not being viable with the rules Dubtiger set. But if we touch that topic, there are certain limitations on the rules (like having a community, not degrading to a list of links, correct license status, etc) that even the owner cannot break --- we all are, in fact, just using the service provided by the Wikia, Inc. And I'm not sure they will be happy to hear that NF Wikia requires pre-moderating of submitted content. After all, as you have said it yourself, one man cannot make up a wiki. Besides, it contradicts the original proposal ("this wiki pretty much lets users add whatever fan-made information they want, as long as it makes sense").
Third, I already know how hard it is to maintain a Wikia with not enough contributors: I'm a sysop and the only major contributor at two Wikias here and four wikis elsewhere, not mentioning my hundreds of edits for Dragon Ball Wikia, Wikipedia and similar projects. But that only proves my point: without a community and with rules explicitly stopping a community from forming that Wikia is as good as dead.
There are a lot of dead Wikias out there, either born dead or deteriorated to be put for adoption, but the reason I'm saying all this about NF is because I care. I could've used it myself, and I can see tons of possibilities for it to grow and prosper. That's not gonna happen, and that's what makes me sad about it. --Radaghast 21:45, 15 July 2007 (UTC)
Sorry...I didn't mean to sound rude and I'm sorry that I'm a horrible speller that doesn't take the time to check my mistakes despite the fact that I know that I will make them. I'm just lazy like that. That is also why I don't know alot about wikia. So I didn't know the think about not being able to RP. Sorry about that. I understand your views, I was just giving my own opinion to the topic. Apparently, my opinion was not fully developed and therefore, I'll back off. LoneWolf 5 19:08, 16 July 2007 (UTC)LoneWolf 5

Hey, Radaghast. I know that some stuff is really harsh on your hopes on the wikia. Remember it is a NEW wikia, so the rules are not 100% refined and put to stone. I'm trying to bend my own rules to make it more flexable for those who want to make a page for a character, just to show him/her to the world, and one who wants to introduce a character and have it interact with others. I'll have your thoughts in mind as I continue to fix up the holes in the fanon. If you talk to me about a major problem between yourself and the rules, I will definitely look into it and try to help you around my own rules, as long as they are reasonable. I'll answer some of your complaints here.
  1. The clashing of characters rule is so that people would not start arguing with each other about their page being better, and soon catching the notice of the wikia staff. Then the fanon can be at risk of closure for its point being lost. I can add a portion to make that rule more flexable to your own benefit.
  2. The whole "characters you cannot have" are stuff like the Hokage, Akatsuki Leader, Kazekage, etc. That is so that people would not frequently have same kages, such as two Hokages. That would not work out smoothly. Everyone tossing in jinchuuriki would not be fun, since then people would be using outrageously powerful techniques and having excuses to commit actions other people would hate a lot. This rule is the shakiest I have, and I am working on revisions of it right now. I probably did not make this clear, but characters that are to be used in role plays have to be acknowledged by an administrator.
  3. "Do not expect many articles in the first few months" means that I do not expect the wikia to be filled up with 100+ articles for a couple months, given the exposure it is getting to the outside world. Even if I add every single OC and custom technique, weaponry, etc... to the wikia, I would have only about 20 articles. For an encyclopedia, that is not a lot.
Hopefully I answered the reasoning I have for the rules I put. Tell your friends about the fanon, and have them critique my rules, and then I can make revisions to my rules to make it more community friendly. I hope you understand my method of thinking for the fanon. Thank you for speaking out about the flaws of my fanon rules. I hope you will contribute to Naruto Fanon in the future. --Dubtiger 12:10, 21 July 2007 (UTC)
Thanks for joining the conversation! I've already replied at my talk page, since that was the place where I saw it first and also a place where I can easily notice updates.
PS: I added colons to your text so that it's clear what is said by whom, sorry about editing your stuff... --Radaghast 11:14, 23 July 2007 (UTC)