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In Naruto Episode #10 - The Forest of Chakra

Kakashi tells his team, they haven't mastered their chakra, they've barely scratched the surface. He reminds them of what Sakura had said, that they must incorporate both chakra energies. A proportion must also be created for the certain amount of chakra needed for each specific jutsu. They have been merely guessing those proportions, and they must master their chakra control or their jutsus will be a complete waste of energy. This mix of physical and spiritual energy can even be difficult for advanced ninja.

As he is telling them this, A Image of five scrolls shows up behind him.

I haven't found anything on how many Combinations there are of physical and spiritual energies, and how they are different. Also, what are the different Combinations of Chakra that are needed to perform any jutsu like Shadow Clones. So, if any one knows something about this. Drop a line.

On another note, Do the Elemental jutsus have a hand sign that has to be use for that Elemental, (like Lighting Elemental jutsus need to have a tiger hand sign in them to work)?