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in resent issues naruto was able to be in both sage and kyubi mode at the same time

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this was original thought impossible as the kyubi rejected joining with fukasaku, hinting that the two opposing forces (nature and destruction) could never be used at the same time

no it was saying that fukasaku and his chakra cannot fuse with naruto and the fox because the demon foxs will reject any chakra other than narutos

when did Naruto get the title of SAGE????

naruto has mastered sen'nin mode something even jiraiya couldn't do...

From what volume 46 says that the demon cast out Fukasaku probably because of his small size or because of his age since he is old.But what I think is because the fox demons chakra is more powerful.

Kyubi and Sage

The reason why Naruto cannot get Fukasaku to gather natural energy into his body is because the Kyubi won't allow another entity other than itself to provide Naruto with strong chakra. With Naruto drawing upon the chakra of the Kyubi, the seal the Fourth Hokage placed on Naruto will weaken, increasing the chance of Kyubi breaking free from inside of Naruto.

The only reason it makes it seem impossible because it's stated that he'll lose control with the kuybi but he can controll the kyubi to a certin point with he did in that chapter. Also The old toad(i forgot his name) wasn't strong enough to fuse with naruto, if he's in sage mode himself he can use a certin amount of the kybui's chakra without loseing controll. REMEMBER he can control just the clock and 1 tails.(NOTE: the clock was JUST the red arua when he first used it on haku in land of waves arc.) (NOTE 2: Jirya noted he can some-what control it on 2 and 3 tails so this means he still can control the 1 tail) (LAST NOTE: he just used an influance of sage and nine tail form MEANING HE DIDN'T REALLY FUSE THE TWO)


| the pervius post was me also)
 ALSO NARUTO EARNED THE TITLE SAGE WHEN HE FULLY LEARNED SAGE MODE. I don't know that much HOW jirya could't master it and Naruto did. My guess is that he was really detirmined to get stronger and save saskue? or like kakish said the new genration will serpass the previos

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Actually, i think it's because Naruto used his shadow clones. If you read in his article, he learns things way faster than other shinobi cuz ALL his clones are learning and transferring their knowledge to the central brain, i.e., Naruto himself. Thus, what normally takes years to learn he can learn in a few days. --BlazeUchiha 15:35, April 8, 2010 (UTC)