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I love this site, but the information needs to be less speculative. About half of the pages list assumptions as facts. For example, the Kisame page lists him as dead, even though it wasn't confirmed that he was.

Perhaps the staff could take some time to purge articles of falsely presumed information, to make this site more of a factual information source and less of an opinionated one? Again, love the site, but I feel this is a major shortcoming, it severely affects the image of this place, so much so that I've seen people on many forums informing others to take info from this site with a grain of salt. It would be nice to rid it of that criticism... don't you think?

Seeing as we have no reason to believe he's alive, it would be more speculative say anything other than deceased. From what I've seen of forums, this wiki is criticized when a) some piece of information conflicts with someone's theory (Minato > Nagato > Madara) or b) it has some piece of information that is found in supplementary material (databooks, fanbooks, etc.), and thus is not common knowledge. We do not strive to please the masses, only to inform them. ~SnapperTo 00:18, March 16, 2010 (UTC)
To expand on the Kisame point, which is preferable:
  1. Kisame is dead.
  2. Kisame was decapitated. But this doesn't mean he's dead. First, there's that jutsu he started using. Just because "Great Shark Missile" doesn't seem like a way to avoid decapitation doesn't mean it isn't. You shouldn't take Kishimoto so literally. Also, Hidan was decapitated twice and still isn't dead. Kisame could secretly be a Jashin follower. Or, I read somewhere that sharks, much like your average chicken, can survive without their heads for a few minutes. Kisame could still be alive for several seconds more! Then there's the whole fact that he said something after his head parted from his body. You should take Kishimoto more literally and conclude he's alive. And let's not forget that he might just be revived with Hax no Jutsu, so there's really no point is thinking anyone is deceased 'cause they could come back later.
Bizarro-me is partial to option #2. ~SnapperTo 00:30, March 16, 2010 (UTC)
If you've read the manga, it says that the "Kisame" who was killed was a Zetsu clone and that the REAL Kisame is hidden inside Samehada. So Kisame is well and truly alive. BlazeUchiha (talk) 15:39, March 20, 2010 (UTC)

Kisame is alive Zetsu provided him with a clone when kisame and killer bee was fighting in the water< kisame is hiding in salamander his sword that killer bee took, it was planed so that kisame could sneak into killer bees village