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*<s>Chapter 227</s>
*<s>Chapter 227</s>
*<s>Chapter 271</s>
*<s>Chapter 271</s>
*Chapter 350
*<s>Chapter 350</s>
*Chapter 365
*<s>Chapter 365</s>
*Chapter 411
*<s>Chapter 411</s>
*<s>Chapter 457</s>
*<s>Chapter 457</s>
*<s>Chapter 467</s>
*<s>Chapter 467</s>

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With an article for all 502 manga chapters created, there are only a couple things left to do:


The following color splash pages were not in any art book and I don't have a strong desire to go looking for RAWs.

  • Chapter 227
  • Chapter 271
  • Chapter 350
  • Chapter 365
  • Chapter 411
  • Chapter 457
  • Chapter 467
  • Chapter 476

Splash pages from chapter 484 and onwards, both color and black and white, also need to be found. Again, I do not want to go looking for RAWs. Volume 52 will be released next month, so good quality RAWs for chapters 484 through 494 should be available some time after that.


I have no interest in writing summaries for chapters that have yet to be reprinted (or, at least, will not be reprinted in the near future). Assuming nobody wants to wait until October or November for that, someone needs to do summaries for chapters 495 and onwards. ~SnapperTo 04:09, July 20, 2010 (UTC)

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