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hi there, im new to the forums.

i have recently been caught up with the anime and manga. From my understanding, handseals are used to focus chakra to a certain part of the body. Once experienced with a certain jutsu, less or none handseals are needed to perform the certain jutsu. So why is it in episode 84 sasuke performs chidori with no handseals, yet in around episode 134, before naruto and sasuke have a rasengan vs chidori, sasuke performs handseals to create chidori.

Furthermore, ive never seen itachi perform handseals to create the shadow clone jutsu, yet in manga chapter 387 page 08, sasuke says 'fuck, how did he have time to perform the handseals for the shadow clone jutsu'.

im a bit confused now. can any1 help me? and refer to episodes/ manga chapters. many thanks


With the exception of a couple basic jutsu, some hand seals are always required. Whether or not they're actually shown is a different story. The manga rarely shows hand seals (or at least all of them) and, although I haven't seen the anime, Sasuke probably just did the hand seals offscreen in episode 84. ~SnapperTo 18:45, 3 August 2009 (UTC)
Both manga and anime cuts out the handseal on a regular basis. I guess the real world reason is to save some time, while in the series it might is possible that the seals just help the user keep his mind focused. Real life ninja was known for using kuji-in to keep focus, so they might do the same in Naruto. Jacce | Talk 18:48, 3 August 2009 (UTC)

it just doesnt fit then, in the anime, sasuke starts talking to itachi, then 2 secs l8er his left hand fills with chidori and sauske says a few more words, then attacks. there was also a really long jutsu called water style water dragon jutsu done by zabuza which i think has 44 seals. so im thinking why didnt they cut that out?

also which other basic techniques dont always require handseals? im gettin a lil confused, they are done to focus/guide chakra right?

I've never seen hand seals used for the Body Flicker Technique, but that's the only example I can remember. Hand seals were more common at the start of the series, hence why there was the one 44-seal jutsu. They see a dramatic drop in use after the Land of Waves. ~SnapperTo 21:16, 3 August 2009 (UTC)

hey ive asked on other sites and some think that they make it easier for the jutsu to be performed. If they are in actual battle, then to perform a jutsu with concentration of controlling chakra to a certain point, and fighting an enemy will be difficult at the same time. So hhandsigns may help focus the chakra better,even though the person has enough experience and perform the jutsu without handseals on their own, it may not mean that they are fully experience with this jutsu to do it in battle with no handsigns. i dunno what do you think? Are there any chapters which can support this?

remember, Itachi had one of his hands in his akatsuki cloak. Herhaps he could do one handed seals, like haku.

This isn't the place for speculation. ~NOTASTAFF Daniel Friesen (DanTMan, Nadir Seen Fire) (talk) Aug 12, 2009 @ 18:31 (UTC)