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Forums: Index Help desk Can we add topics discussing Naruto characters/plots instead of discussing just the site?
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for example adding a topic about people's favorite Akatsuki member. Are we aloud to do that? —This unsigned comment was made by Xeeb (talkcontribs) on 10:07, March 2, 2009.

Please see Forum:Forums considered harmfull. We used to permit non-wiki related discussions on the wiki, however we ended up with piles of users who never contributed to the wiki, and on top of that acted hostly to the people that were actually trying to help out. Because all that junk on the wiki was causing to much trouble, we've prohibited anything non-wiki related from being put up on the wiki. It's the same base reason we delete unnecessary userpages, fanart, and don't let random users upload images for their own use. So the verdict on that "If you want to help the wiki, then help the wiki. If you want to post a forum topic not related to improving the wiki, go to one of the dozens of naruto forums already on the internet." ~NOTASTAFF Daniel Friesen (DanTMan, Nadir Seen Fire) (talk) Mar 2, 2009 @ 17:29 (UTC)