Bizarre coincidences between Kurama and the Ten-Tails

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I know this will bring up a lot of speculation on and theories about what the current Manga just dropped on the readers, so I won't post anything that would give any suggestion to either. The potentially coincidental links between Kurama (the nine-tailed beast) and the original Ten-tails have been increased with the appearance of Naruto's new form. He now bears an even stronger resemblance to the Sage of Six Paths silhouette that we've already seen. We've already seen that the original Ten-tails form, is strongly shown in Kurama. I know that this will sound like fanonical speculation, but I want to be clear when I state that I do not want people to use anything I say out of context, alright? The one thing people may go crazy about, is the suggestion that the Sage could have placed a great deal of consideration to creating each of the tailed beasts' forms. We've seen that they each possess their own unique names, so it could be speculated that their forms could also have been deliberately chosen. If that were the case, there may have been a lot more care taken into creating Kurama's form, and that there's a potential connection between him and the Ten-tails. Again, I do not put any backing to these thoughts. What we will find out will either confirm what was said here, or, as I feel will likely happen, refute any validity to them.Lokker G (talk) 01:26, January 26, 2012 (UTC)

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