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Hey guys So listen up, we've all been wondering how the power levels of the Bijuu are divided. I have come up with a theory of my own (at least I hope no one else has brought this up before). So my theory is this: With every tail the power doubles. So the Matatabi is twice as strong as Shukaku, Isobu is twice as strong as Matatabi, Son Gokuu is twice as strong as Isobu, and so on. That way it makes sense that with the tenth tail, the Juubi is as strong as all Bijuu combined, as well as how Kurama manages to kick the consecutive butts of his five brethren.

...Sooo expand or comment? :D

I don't think the forums are to be used for this, but discussions about how to improve the site or questions. :O Skitts (talk) 22:01, February 2, 2012 (UTC)

Eh... Interesting theory there. so 2 tails+3 tails+5 tails+6 tails+7 tails= 9 tails power? Yeah I don't think it's twice as much...

I don't think that the tails is true. As Gyuki said: "You shouldn't judge someone's strength by the number of their tails!" Meaning that it is not depending on the amount of tails, although it's already been proven otherwise:

Killer B, using Gyuki, was able to stand up against Sasuke Uchiha, back when he had only the Mangekyo Sharingan. This shows that Gyuki's chakra is massive, yet all Naruto/Gamabunta had to do to defeat Shukaku is simply to transform into Kurama, with none of it's chakra.

Another example is that Kisame said fighting Son Goku was difficult, being the Four-Tails. However, he was only defeated once Guy went into his Seventh Gate. This means that there must be a connection between the tails and the power, but i'm not sure if it's 2 times as much. I think that the Ten-Tails is simply Kurama's chakra, but with a bit more chakra, and much more dense/dark. Conclusion: I think that the connections are different, and that Kurama was only able to annihilate the others because of the huge connection in power. Nami-Chan! Talk to me... 13:54, February 3, 2012 (UTC)

While I personally couldn't care less about the exact differential in the power of the tailed beasts, there are some considerations to be made.

1. Naruto has an adverse reaction on his enviroment when Kurama's chakra is loose. That is to say, Kurama's chakra became visible, could act independantly and destroyed anything it touched. Shukaku when fully manifested in a body of sand seemed to have no direct chakra effect and didn't cause nearly as much Damage as Naruto at higher tail levels. This would at least imply that Shukaku doesn't have the same vast destructive chakra of the others, instead possessing sand control without the chakra shroud.

2. Naruto gets stronger the more tails are present. This is at least an indicator of tails = power in Naruto's case as the more he has, the stronger he gets, though this could also be said to be purely more of Kurama's full power manifesting and the lower levels are in fact weaker than other Bijuu. Given previous statement of Shukaku, this seems unlikely, but Shukaku could just be insecure about sucking for all we know and Naruto in 2-6 tails mode is weaker than the other bijuu (Seems true compared to full power Gyuki at any rate)

3. Naruto's Chakra cloak starts to do damage to him at four tails. Killer Bee's chakra cloak didn't damage him until all eight had been manifested. As a pure subject of math this would mean Kurama's chakra is twice as potent. In that same train of thought Naruto only has Kurama's Yang chakra, only half of his over all being, which would in theory mean that Kurama's chakra is four times as potent. However, Killer Bee has shown the ability to readily swap between Version 1 Chakra Cloak, Version Two, bone manifestation and Full Tailed Beast mode easily, so it is more likely that it was simply Bee chosing to adopt the Version two at Eight tails and he may in fact be capable of doing it with less.

4. Bee's fight with Kisame. This is the first indisputible proof that the number of tails is linked to chakra value. When Kisame attacked Bee in Version Two chakra cloak mode, Bee not only lost his cloak, but several tails of his shroud. Being a fully in control host with Gyuki actually helping Bee willingly, it was not a lapse in control that caused the change but the draining in chakra which directly resulted in the reduction of tail number. Thus proving that number of tails is directly linked to chakra capacity. Further more highlighting that Bee does need to reach a certain number of tails in value before he can enter Version two, much like Naruto, though Bee seemed to change back after losing only one chakra tail. This is not coclusive however as when he first enters Version two he has Seven tails, he is then depicted with eight, then in Version One with Eight and then with seven, so it is vague at best, but at the very least implies he cannot achieve it with less than seven tails. This cannont be used as a value for all Tailed beast transformations however as later points will illustrate and only speaks to Gyuki's capacity as the value of each tail may change between beasts and further more Chakra amount is purely an indication of capacity, not strength or potency, as Shikamaru proves regularly.

5. Bijuu battle. In the fight between all the Bijuu and their hosts we got to see several more distinct manifestations, unfortunately given the lacking mental capacity of the opponents, we can't really call anything here as definite indicators of power so much as skill or lack there of. So going purely by what can be said as indisputible facts. Each of the hosts Version Two shrouds destroyed Bee's ink clones. Their Chakra release at that time, all of them, were more powerful than Bee's ink clones, this is a fact. Each of the hosts only showed the ability to manifest Version Two with all the tails of their respective Bijuu. At no point did any of the hosts show fewer tails while in Version Two. This is also a fact, but this can easily be related to fine control, not power as Tobi was manipulating them all by his will, not the Bijuus and Naruto only gained this version at Four Tails against his will, both Yugito and Yagura managed with fewer tails total, adding another point to it being a control and not a potency thing, or if it is, lending a point to there being no difference in over all power between the beasts themselves. Then there is the clash of Bijuu Bombs. Five against one in a stalemate is fairly damning evidence for the power of Kurama, however this is where my own theory kicks in. As previously stated the number of tails for each individual beast is indicative of the chakra they're using at the time, but as we know Kisame did not in fact consume 6/8 of Gyuki's total chakra in one swing, just what he had manifested at the time, it could be said that the tails on display are "Readily Accessible Chakra". Allow me to explain, as we saw when Naruto first used the Bijuu Bomb, the chakra for it was expelled from his body, condensed, consumed and fired. In this case I propose that this is not a clear indicator of Kurama being stronger than Five total of his bretheren, but being more power efficient. With more tails, he can readily access more chakra at a given time, thus can produce a stronger Bijuu Bomb in a shorter time than the others which allowed him and Naruto to match their attack despite starting later and only having one Bijuu to draw from.

Through all this observation, some of which perhaps being true, other parts perhaps not, there are but a handful of facts we can actually derive and these are as follows.

1. Shukaku apparently lacks the chakra abilities of his bretheren, instead replacing them with fine sand and wind control. 2. The amount of tails a Bijuu is displaying is a direct indicator of the amount of chakra they are using. 3. A sudden release of any Bijuu's chakra can easily overwhelm a decent sealing technique. 4. Naruto is the only host who has displayed the ability to enter Version Two with any more than one fewer than his maximum number of tails. 5. From the very start of the Series Kurama has been running on half of his total chakra, only possessing his Yang Chakra, not his Yin.

Now then, all that being said and done, if nothing else Kurama's belief that tails equate to power should be noted in his article. So I'm gonna go check if its there. Bye bye now. --Hawkeye2701 (talk) 23:05, April 6, 2012 (UTC) i think a fight is not only chakra level if you talk about the chakra levels your teory is good (that make sense the 10 tails is the combination of all the bijuu) but i think gyuki and bee vs kurama and naruto wins the fist because they have a better collaboration stronger tecniques of the pair... so in a fight the chakra level is not all there is even the strategy and the collaboration --Nitram86 (talk) 23:11, April 6, 2012 (UTC)

Yin/Yang Chakra

Can we please move on from this idea that the nine tails only has half his chakra? The fourth had to seal him in two goes because of the vastness of Kurama's chakra. Where was it said that this meant Kurama's power had been permanently halved? (talk) 04:21, December 15, 2012 (UTC) Brendo

Where was it ever said it wasn't? Kurama was never said to have regenerated its Yin chakra. Omnibender - Talk - Contributions 04:27, December 15, 2012 (UTC)

Not to mention that when Naruto uses his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, its made of Yang chakra.Umishiru (talk) 23:38, December 23, 2012 (UTC)