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To get straight to the point; Wikipedia is obviously changing. With that many more articles met the axe, and were merged together. The problem, is that reletively minor characters may also get the boot, which is very very bad for what we are trying to do here. However it was their own idea that they move the extreamly minor characters here to the Wikia. The problem: The amount of characters that need to be transfered is high. With that I come with a favor.

Here are the archives of the articles which either have or will meet the axe on Wikipedia. I included the List of Konoha Ninja page mainly because it has a few characters that need articles here but don't got one. Our mission is simple: Cut and gut those entries, use the proper {{Wikipedia} heading and get all the templates in the right order. This is a really really big task and one I hope I don't have to go at alone.--TheUltimate3 23:00, 23 November 2007 (UTC)