Former Leader of Nadeshiko Village

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editFormer Leader of Nadeshiko Village Browse icon
Shizuka's mother
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #235
Appears in Anime
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Gender Gender Female Female
Status Presumed Deceased
  • Leader of Nadeshiko Village

She was the former leader of the Nadeshiko Village and Shizuka's mentor.


Decades ago, she encountered Jiraiya who has entered her village to do "research" for his next novel. After he escaped, she pursued him and challenged him to a duel for his hand in marriage. This match was however postponed, as neither party was making headway against the other. Jiraiya promised that their students instead should one day seek each other out and fight if the two never met again. This promise fell to her student Shizuka and Jiraiya's last pupil Naruto Uzumaki.


Shizuka's Mother Youth

The former village head in her youth.

She had green eyes and brown, chin-length hair that covered her ears and framed her face. In her youth, she was a fairly tall woman of curvaceous built. She wore a form-fitting outfit with a long-sleeve on her left side and sleeveless on the right. In her old age, her hair had greyed and she wore a loose fitting kimono.


Little is known about her abilities, but in her youth, she was undoubtedly a powerful combatant, proven from how she was able to fight against a younger Jiraiya in battle that ended in a stalemate. She was able to track Jiraiya quite some distance away from her village, something the Sannin praised her for. She also appears to be skilled in kenjutsu.

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