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edit"Formation! The Sasuke Recovery Team"
Formation! The Sasuke Retrieval Squad
(結成!鉄壁のフォーメーション, Kessei! Teppeki Fōmēshon)
Episode data
Previous "Oto's Invitation"
Episode Naruto #110
Next "Sound vs. Leaf"
Arc Sasuke Recovery Mission
Manga Naruto Chapter #182, Naruto Chapter #183
Japanese November 24, 2004
English October 27, 2007
"Formation! The Sasuke Recovery Team" (結成!鉄壁のフォーメーション, Kessei! Teppeki Fōmēshon) is episode 110 of the original Naruto anime.


When Sakura wakes up, Izumo and Kotetsu find her lying on the bench. She tells them of Sasuke's defection, and the two inform Tsunade. Tsunade orders them to summon Shikamaru, a newly promoted Chūnin. Unable to send higher ranking ninja after Sasuke, Tsunade orders Shikamaru to assemble a team of genin under his lead to go after Sasuke. He selects Naruto, Chōji and Kiba, and invites Neji Hyūga, who is out with Rock Lee, to join as well. He quickly devises the optimal formation for the group. Before they leave, Sakura comes and pleads Naruto to make sure to bring Sasuke back. Naruto promises to do so, and the group sets out. Meanwhile, after well passing Konoha's borders, Sakon along with the rest of the Sound Four tells Sasuke of an important task Orochimaru had given them: Sasuke must die just this once.

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