Welcome, and thanks for taking this survey. The Narutopedia would like to have a strong understanding on the opinions of it's readers and community on Wikia's new look and the idea of where the Narutopedia should be hosted.

When taking the survey please consider a few things:

  • Wikia is free to change the look and features of the Narutopedia all they want, there's no guarantee the new look won't get worse, better, or that Wikia won't decide to create "yet another" look next year —They've been through Quartz, Monaco, and now Oasis/Wikia already, and it's no lie to state that they regularly release new features that cause problems on the wiki where we have to explicitly request staff to disable the feature, if they'll allow us to disable it that is.
  • Self hosting the wiki has a cost — we are a very popular wiki — to self host we'll need an organized company to back the hosting and balance the cost of servers, maintain them, add new features, and implement and experiment with methods of making money from the wiki that can be used to pay for those costs.
  • Self hosting however gives us more freedom in the wiki, we have much more control over what kinds of features are on the wiki, we can change the layout to what we find works best for the wiki based on ideas from the community, we can implement ideas that we couldn't convince Wikia to implement, we could even do things like moving the infobox and TOC into sidebars opening up the content area for more content.
  • If we moved whatever company was handling the hosting would likely desire at least a small bit of profit from the wiki. After all there is no incentive for a business to manage a large wiki like ours without some small gain to them. We can likely keep this to a reasonable level though, and it is important to note that besides direct server costs the company hosting the wiki also has indirect costs like the salaries of the employees it has to pay who end up working on stuff and maintenance for the Narutopedia instead of working on projects that actively make the company money. To be fair keep in mind that Wikia does, or hopes to make money from the advertisements on the wiki already, so whether we stay or move there will always be someone profiting slightly from hosting the wiki. The primary differences are of course who makes the money, how much influence we have over the people making the money, and the variations in how they make that money.

Now that that's out of the way, have at the survey ^_^. add title=Survey on the new look and hosting Survey look user

Are you a reader or an editor?
What is your general opinion on the new look?
Do you think the Narutopedia should re-include the social elements like blogs, allowing random discussions in the forums, fan theories, and fan art?
What do you think about the idea of moving the Narutopedia off Wikia and it becoming an independent wiki?
If the Narutopedia moved, what kinds of methods would you be fine with for making up the money needed for hosting costs.
What do you think are good locations for advertisements? (Assuming a Monaco style layout, not Wikia's new skin; needless to say we won't be showing ads for logged in users, or in non-content areas such as discussion pages, special pages, and editing)
If the Narutopedia moved and offered small cheap advertising blocks using, would you advertise your own websites in them?
Do you have any other ides on how the wiki could recoup the high cost of hosting?
Feel free to leave any other comments, suggestions, or notes here:

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