"Follow My Lead! The Great Survival Challenge" (みんなオレについて来い!汗と涙のタクラミ大サバイバル, Minna Ore ni Tsuite Koi! Ase to Namida no Takurami Dai Sabaibaru) is episode 158 of the original Naruto anime.


With no missions currently available, each of Konoha's genin have been assigned to lead a squad of three Academy students in a survival exercise. Naruto Uzumaki is teamed up with Konohamaru, Moegi, and Udon. The three find out that Naruto's leadership, navigation, and foraging skills leave much to be desired and they end up lost in the mountains during a thunderstorm. They learn to pull their strengths to survive the mountains long enough for help to arrive. Then they blame Naruto for getting them into the disaster. Suddenly, a rock falls on Naruto. Naruto uses his shadow clones to hold the rock, but it is too heavy. Konohamaru and his friends help Naruto out, but then Iruka and Shikamaru arrive. They bring Naruto back where he is scolded by Tsunade for taking such a dangerous risk.


Leader Student Japanese
Lee Chen チェン
Samo サモ
En エン
Tenten Hajiki ハジキ
Ayato アヤト
Mari マリ
Neji Kōji コウジ
Jin ジン
Futaba フタバ
Naruto Konohamaru 木葉丸
Moegi モエギ
Udon ウドン
Choji Dango ダンゴ
Ame アメ
Choco チョゴ
Ino ソウ
Kiri キリ
Shimo シモ
Shino Kogane コガネ
Hotaru ホタル
Suzu スズ
Kiba Taiga タイガ
Rai ライ
Yamane ヤマネ
Hinata Nobori ノボリ
Daichi ダイチ
Matsuri マツリ