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Flying Swallow [1]
Extended Chakra Blade
Kanji 飛燕
Rōmaji Hien
Literal English Flying Swallow
English TV Flying Swallow
Manga Chapter #141
Anime Naruto Episode #81
Game Naruto: Ultimate Ninja
Appears in Anime, Manga and Game
Classification Taijutsu, Chakra Flow
Rank B-rank
Class Offensive
Range Short-range
Derived jutsu

An addition-line ninjutsu that augments the killing power of a blade — like a kunai or sword — by flowing chakra into it. The materialised chakra is shaped like a blade, that cuts up everything it touches. The density of the chakra is so high it becomes visible. It is possible to alter the attack range of the weapon by adjusting the amount of chakra put into the blade. Seeing through the movements of this technique is a difficult task.

The chakra-enhanced blades are strong and sharp enough to strike through solid rock or cut through iron. This technique works best with elemental chakra, especially with wind chakra for offensive cutting power.


  • The Flying Swallow is a shōgi piece used in a large-board variant called taikyoku shōgi, which is possibly the most challenging chess-like game in existence, with over 400 pieces of more than 200 types on either side.
  • There may have been a mistake with this techniques classification as the second databook calls it a ninjutsu in its description, but classifies it as a taijutsu.


  1. Second Databook, page 265

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