Flight of the Obliterating Water

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editFlight of the Obliterating Water
Messatsu suishou
Kanji 滅殺水翔
Rōmaji Messatsu Suishō
English games Secret Art: Flying Needles of Death and Destruction
Alternative names Secret Technique: Flight of the Obliterating Water (秘術・滅殺水翔, Hijutsu: Messatsu Suishō)
Game Naruto: Ultimate Ninja
Appears in Game
Classification Yuki Symbol Hiden, Ninjutsu
Class Offensive
Range Short to Mid range
Hand seals Technique specific hand seals
Other jutsu
Parent jutsu

Haku gathers a larger amount of water from the air and surrounding environment into more than a thousand needles. He then directs the needles to a specific opponent, and leaps back to avoid damage to himself.

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