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Chapter 486
(, Kobushi)
Chapter Info
Volume Everyone of Team 7!! (#52)
Previous "Near… Far…"
Chapter Naruto #486
Next "The Beginning of the Battle…!!"
Arc Fourth Shinobi World War: Countdown
Anime Naruto Shippūden #216
"Fists" (, Kobushi) is chapter 486 of the original Naruto manga.

Summary Edit

Naruto and Sasuke are flung apart. Kakashi catches Naruto and Zetsu cushions Sasuke. Zetsu recalls Tobi, who advises Sasuke to retreat. Sasuke refuses until he can hear Naruto's answer about their fates. Naruto claims that they have reached a point where they are the only ones capable of fighting the other. If and when that happens, they will both die. Since they are friends, Naruto will bear Sasuke's hatred until then and eventually die for it. Sasuke accepts his conclusion, but promises that Naruto will be the only one to die when that day comes.

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