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Fire Temple

The Fire Temple.

The Fire Temple (火ノ寺, Hi no Tera) was a large ninja temple or shinobi monastery in the Land of Fire that strongly resembled the Shaolin Monastery except that it only housed ninja monks. It was particularly famous among ninja temples.

The monks were led by former Twelve Guardian Ninja member, Chiriku. The Temple was located in an area surrounded by forests and was said to overflow with nature. In the anime, the temple was surrounded on three sides by mountains and a large field to the south. The graves of four of the Twelve Guardian Ninja lie in each of the cardinal directions with the temple in the centre.

There were many statues and images of both Karasu and Yamabushi Tengu, including two statues on either side of the front gates. This was significant as in legend Tengu and Yamabushi taught humans the arts of ninjutsu. The monks had access to a special ability known as the Gift of the Hermit Group.

The grounds of the monastery were surrounded by, under normal circumstances, impenetrable Sealed Iron Walls that had only been breached twice. The first was when Sora unleashed the Nine-Tails' chakra after it was first sealed into him as a child. The second was when Akatsuki members Hidan and Kakuzu launched an assault on the temple to collect the head of Chiriku. Chiriku and most of the monks were killed in the latter attack, and the temple itself was destroyed.[1]

The only known monk survivors in the great monk purge are Bansai, Sentoki, and Zenza. In the anime, Sora is also considered a survivor in the said eradication due to his journey outside the temple borders to have a profound search for himself.[2]


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