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Fire Release Team
Fire Team

Fire Release Team (火遁班, Katonhan)

  • Fire Style Squad
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #270
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The Fire Release Team was a subdivision of the First Division of the Allied Shinobi Forces. Lead by a Konohagakure shinobi, it consisted of skilled Fire Release users, seen when they used fire streams simultaneously, strong enough to bother Kinkaku in his six-tailed form for a short time.

The team was defeated during the Fourth Shinobi World War by Kinkaku while trying to defeat the pseudo-jinchūriki with their captain Darui together.

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Appears inAnime +
Debut anime490 +
English nameFire Release Team +
Kanji name火遁班 +
LoyaltyAllied Shinobi Forces +
NamesFire Release Team +, 火遁班 +, Katonhan +, Fire Style Squad + and Fire_Release_Team +
PictureFire Team +
Romaji nameKatonhan +

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